Thank You!

Dear Reader

Wow, what a fantastic year we have had at Zen Gold! Despite the broader UK/Worldwide market issues, such as the world banking and housing recession, GBP/Dollar and inflationary concerns, lack of employment opportunities and poor consumer sentiment, Gold and Silver investments continue to dominate worldwide interest and remain the bedrock of Zen Gold’s short and long term growth and profitability.

Although we have seen Gold and Silver soar to record highs, it has proved to be the driver of our winning business model, with our investors continuing to benefit from rising prices and from our growing distribution network, as we optimize our buying power.

All this further demonstrates why we are continuously striving to keep up with supply and demand from our investor/consumer audience.

Furthermore, we would like to say that we’re very much looking forward to 2011 as we launch into the UK, the “World’s First Gold ATM” which is extremely exciting as we search for Investors and Shareholders.

Further exciting changes are also planned for January next year as we also launch our “Zen Gold Partners” program. This has been in development for six months and will no doubt prove to be an unbeatable addition and an exciting partner for our already winning Gold investment opportunities.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our investors and distributors for their continued support during the year and would like to wish you and your family a fantastic Christmas and a very prosperous 2011.