Here at Zen Gold we offer a range of services for buyers, sellers and investors, right through to novices new to the industry.

Whilst all the information on the website is free for everyone to learn from, our paid services are detailed below:


Fraud Checking / Reporting Service – – – from $99 up to $999

One of our most popular services for those new to Zen Gold is our Fraud Check Service. From a staring price of only $99 we can check the name of an individual or company to see if they are legitimate. We check the worlds largest precious metals fraud database (ours) along with several others we have access to. We also check many other important factors relevant to anyone considering engaging in a gold deal. From information available this can include company registration, longevity and history. All for only $99 that can be paid directly through the PayPal link on this page. This is normally completed within a few working hours.

Should this initial check prove favourable you can proceed to get a full report on the deal for only $999. This is far more comprehensive and will go into detail on the company, its history, licencing, mineral licence, customs licence, export licence, background checks on individuals within the company, even accounts if available. PLUS within this cost we include an assessment of any documentation received from your client. This can be verification of SKRs for buyers or checking SBLCs for sellers, for example. This report will take a few working days to compile as information is often needed from outside agencies.

Our final option for those SERIOUSLY investing into the gold trade is our monthly membership package. It can take a lot of time to find that right seller / buyer and you dont want to put all your eggs in one basket. If you find yourself getting barraged with offers and need to check them all you can sign up for our fraud checking membership service. By ticking the “Make this a monthly donation” box on the Paypal link and entering $299 a month you can get up to 5 fraud checks a month or for $499 you can get up to 10 full fraud checks every month, plus a 25% discount on any full reports ordered whilst a member.

See our Fraud Page for some of the most common scams perpetrated.

Contracting & Lecturing Services – – – $250 / hour

As a Level 4 Qualified Fraud Investigator with over a decade of knowledge in the industry, Mr Milbourn can be contracted out to assist on projects where an innate understanding and extensive experience of the mechanics behind a gold transaction is needed but the client does not need the whole Zen Gold Team behind them, possibly due to already having that infrastructure in place on the ground. Mr Milbourn’s Hourly rate is $250. This can also include lecturing and public speaking as has been used by clients in the past for training. Contact Us for more information.


Full ‘On Ground’ Services – – – from $2500 a day

For this service we require a limited amount of paperwork from our clients including proof of funds. Our procedures are simple and effective and we start with a meeting where we would exchange paperwork and sign contracts to agree terms and costs.

The first part of our job is to spend time negotiating prior to travel, so that basic terms of a supply or purchase agreement with seller or buyer are settled before any expenses are incurred in flights and accommodation.

Contracts are always signed face to face on the ground. Where our various teams in different countries come into play. Correct paperwork, licencing and shipping can then be obtained using the Zen Gold team or trusted partners.

Payment for our services covers the whole team and include the fraud team, web team and on ground personnel. There are 2 options available, which are a day rate of $5000 (weekly rates can also be negotiated), with all reasonable expenses paid. (ie, flights, accommodation, meals) or a day rate of $2500, with all reasonable expenses paid and a percentage of the profit on the completion of a successful deal.

As each contract is different so is each client, please contact us for more information and see the Buyers Procedure Page for more detailed information.


Gold Escrow for Sellers – – – from 1% of value

Zen Gold offer an escrow facility for sellers to safely deposit their gold whilst waiting for funds from a buyer, gold is guaranteed not to be released until funds are paid in full. This service acts as a secure go between for both the seller and the buyer, giving an extra level of security for both parties.

This service provides a well known and reputable laboratory in Dubai which can assay the gold and store it securely whilst payment is being made. Gold cannot be released from our custody until payment has been made in full. We also have smelt and assay facilities in Nairobi, Kenya

This service is provided with no upfront fee to our sellers as we will have the gold in our custody, so no extra charges are incurred at the beginning of the transaction.

Gold is assayed and can be refined in advance so that once payment is cleared the product and the payment can be released immediately upon confirmation. This also means that the buyer can be assured of purity and quantity in advance of payment.

A nominal fee to cover storage, insurance and assay is charged but only upon sale or return and it can be deducted directly from the buyers payment so that no funds are ever needed from the seller. See our Gold Escrow page for more information

Please contact us for any more information about using this service or if you have any further questions.

Mining Machinery for Gold – – – from 2% of cost

Our latest product offering is that we have now partnered with a Mining Machinery Supplier (American not Chinese machines made of thin steel) that can supply everything from Excavators, Diggers and Shovels down to Generators, Shakers and Conveyors. Almost any Agricultural or Mining Equipment can be sourced. PLUS it all comes with Warranties / Guarantees as well as Service packages AND on the ground Operator Training where needed from a top class company.

This can all be delivered FOB to any Sea Port crated and ready to go within the agreed Invoice price.

All Equipment sales require part payment in advance to our supplier before shipping commences. We accept Gold at any of our refineries as payment against these Machines and where needed we have an account facility that allows you to build up your savings over time if you are not able to afford the equipment you want with the Gold you currently have available.

This has proved to be our most popular product to date and we currently have orders of over $40 million within the first month! Please contact us with your requirements.