Gold Sellers

Our company receives many offers a day from sellers based all over the world looking to find reputable buyers. Having been in the business for over 12 years we know what will and wont work for our extensive list of buyers and what the associated costs and pricing are to each party.

There are three main services to anyone offering gold for sale and depending upon your scale we are sure you will fit into one of the categories and be able to make use of our secured services. Being such a long established and reputable company it gives each new client the reassurance of dealing with a large company with the resources, knowledge and history to be able to get you the sale you want.

WHY should you trust our company? Simple, because if you type in our name on the internet you will get 1000’s of pages of information, will see over 12 years of history, you’ll see its run by a world renowned gold expert and it will show masses of advice from previous successful transactions. Try and find that elsewhere!

Most sellers biggest mistake is to trust a buyer based on paperwork, its easily faked, especially BGs or LCs. There’s as many fake buyers as sellers out there and LOTS of fake documentation, you really need to check it out. The easiest check is to look at their website, go to ‘’ on google and see how long they’ve been established and if its not at LEAST several years, forget it.


A lot of artisanal miners and small scale sellers find it very difficult to get buyers to invest money into their companies or to visit them to see the product. Without audited company accounts, transactional history or verifiable sales you will come across this problem from every REAL buyer.

Our Gold Escrow service allows both the buyer and the seller to transact in the safest manner possible with NO extra upfront cost to either party. This allows trust to be built in a completely safe and guaranteed environment where all risks are removed. We guarantee the safety of the product and the payment ourselves. Click on our Gold Escrow Link to find out more.


Where a seller can provide verifiable transactional history, audited company accounts for 3 years and a catalogue of previous sales other options are available.

In this case we can arrange for one of our private buyers (or an authorised representative) to travel to meet you and view the product. We will expect the seller to provide all details of the product and paperwork up front so that time on the ground can be minimised.

Contracts and terms will be agreed before travel. We have very simple procedures that we have used time and again to ensure a successful deal. With level 4 trained Fraud Investigators on the team we can quickly assess a deal and its legitimacy to ensure a smooth transaction. Please contact us with your offer via email, using the link provided.


Our newest and most popular product is that we have now partnered with a Mining Machinery Supplier (American not Chinese machines made of thin steel) that can supply everything from Excavators, Diggers and Shovels down to Generators, Shakers and Conveyors. Almost any Agricultural or Mining Equipment can be sourced. PLUS it all comes with Warranties / Guarantees as well as Service packages AND on the ground Operator Training where needed.

This can all be delivered to any Sea Port crated and ready to go within the agreed Invoice price. (or possibly airport if small and light enough)

All Equipment sales do require FULL payment in advance to our supplier before shipping commences. We accept Gold at any of our refineries as payment against these Machines and where needed we have an account facility that allows you to build up your savings over time if you are not able to afford the equipment you want with the Gold you currently have available.

This has proved to be our most popular product to date and we currently have orders of over $40 million within the first month! Please contact us with your requirements.