We are always looking for new clients, just as each seller is different, so is each contract and each new buyer. Our job is to find the perfect match for you and start a long lasting profitable relationship.

There are many forms in which you can purchase gold on the market using paper gold, ETFs, GLDs, etc but our speciality is focused on private off market international physical gold transactions, we do not deal with ‘paper’ gold.

If you are looking to purchase a one off “spot” deal or to obtain a rolling contract with a monthly supply then we have sellers that meet your requirements.

Buyers fall into two categories, those looking for bank to bank transactions of bullion and those looking to import dore gold.

Firstly bank to bank gold bullion transactions. (As banks do not transact in dore or unrefined gold). These transactions are rare, mainly due to two factors. Firstly UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and others have cornered the market on these transactions and secondly these transactions start at around $400 million and go up into the billions and trillions. We do occasionally get offers but these are very high volume, low margin transactions which require detailed KYC checks and POFs up front. If you are interested you can contact us using the link.

Secondly and more commonly are buyers wishing to buy dore / unrefined gold. This predominantly comes from Africa and ranges in purity from 92% to 96% depending upon where it came from. Prices also vary significantly depending upon its country of origin, purity, quantity and the terms and procedures of sale. With our knowledge we already know which figures would be reasonable under different circumstances. Most gold at the moment comes from Eastern Africa and quantities will vary from 50kgs up to 1000kgs. If this is of interest to you, spot transactions and longer term contracts can be negotiated, please click on the Procedures link below for more information

I would just like to point out that you will NOT get anyone to ship you gold CIF. It just doesn’t happen. Its obvious really, why would a seller pay all the costs for taxes, insurance, shipping, paperwork, etc to sell to you at a discounted price? If he is going to pay all that up front himself, he will just sell to the refinery direct, who will pay more than you and have a better reputation than you.

So… how do you do it? Well thats our job and we are very good at it. At the end of the day you have to pay for your gold or you arent going to get it. Your options are :

  • Fly out to Africa yourself and find a seller, negotiate a price with him, assay the product, complete all the necessary paperwork¬† (eg, in Uganda you require 13 documents for gold export) and then find a shipper with the correct licences to export. Then find a safe way to transact swapping the money for the product. Also ensure you have all the import paperwork for your destination as it will be different to the country of origin.

PROS : Cheapest method.

CONS: Incredibly dangerous, >99% risk of failure, long time scale, high kidnap and murder risk (yes really! many examples)

  • Accept one of the 100’s of emails you’ve been sent at face value and send the seller the required funds, normally against a BG or LC, for the transportation of the goods. The seller then does all the necessary paperwork and transportation and meets you at your destination with the goods.

PROS: Easiest method.

CONS: 100% risk of failure, monetisation and loss of your financial instrument

  • Use a trusted third party as your intermediary between you and the seller, select a reputable company who have been around a while. Sign a contract with them to agree to do all the work for you in return for partial payment to complete the contract correctly.

PROS : High rate of success, short timescale for return on investment.

CONS: Not the cheapest method.

We have invested millions trying many variations and have seen over 10,000 deals land on our desk over more than a decade in the business. This has enabled us to work out the most efficient and safest method of transacting that suits both our buyers and sellers. Our procedures are designed to minimise all risks on capital, time and third parties. They have been honed over many years and we now ONLY accept buyers and sellers who agree to our safe procedures. Our reputation is worth more to us than doing a deal for profit that we know is doomed for failure.

Please see our Buyers Procedure for a more detailed view of the rates to hire our company and the services we can offer you.