Brokers in Gold – Jokers or Justified?

All the seller brokers out there please take this as advice from the other side of the equation. Brokers are essential (well… some anyway) as they put remote miners in touch with real buyers. With around 15 people writing to me on a daily basis about gold sales you tend to get some repeating patterns and to save me and you some time in the long run, lets narrow it down.

Firstly you’ve got those trying to break into the industry looking for advice, no problem, ill give it where I can. Trust me this is a big money game, if you’ve not got the backing don’t try, you need money and you need close friends who’ll trust you with their gold. (1 in 15)

Secondly you have those on the ground with contacts looking to develop bigger better deals, in touch with the sellers direct, been there done that, excellent! (1 in 15)

Lastly you have email joker brokers. Ive received some photos and a contract and I can be a millionaire overnight from commissions. They don’t live in Africa, have never been. No idea how a real contract is done, never seen a kilo of dore. Swearing blind their seller is the real deal if I’d just spend a week of my precious time and tens of thousands of dollars visiting them. Having received well over 10,000 gold contracts I know that its not just probably a scam, its so close to 100% you might as well just call it what it is. (13 of 15)

Yes there are real seller deals out there and NO they aren’t received via email or EVER sent to someone they don’t know. If you got a deal via email, unless you know that person REALLY well, like a brother, its a scam, 100%.

If you’re not in the first 2 categories please don’t contact me, Ive been doing it for well over a decade, Ill be fine without your email offer thanks. There’s 1000s of people on LinkedIn that’d be happy to receive it and will immediately send you their Whatsapp number or yahoo email address, stick with them.