Gold Escrow

Zen Gold offer an escrow facility for sellers to safely deposit their gold whilst waiting for funds from a buyer, gold is guaranteed not to be released until funds are paid in full.

For sellers that do not have a history it is difficult to get anyone to pay money in advance to transport the goods and even more difficult for the seller to have trust that the buyer will pay once the goods have arrived as agreed.

This problem can be solved using the Gold Escrow service. This service acts as a secure go between for both the seller and the buyer, giving an extra level of security for both parties.

For our sellers this service provides a well known and reputable laboratory in Dubai which can assay the gold and store it securely whilst payment is being made. Gold cannot be released from our custody until payment has been made in full.

As this is done through Zen Golds own account you have the assurance of a company that has been in the business for more than a decade, along with the added benefit that Dubai is a tax free zone with incredibly strict laws. We can even arrange for secure and insured transportation of the product from Dubai customs with G4S or Transguard using an armoured vehicle.

This service is provided with no upfront fee to our sellers as we will have the gold in our custody, so no extra charges are incurred at the beginning of the transaction. Payment of the taxes and shipping is often very difficult to raise and more than enough for a seller to part with, without an added burden of an extra cost.

Gold is assayed and can be refined in advance so that once payment is cleared the product and the payment can be released immediately upon confirmation. This also means that the buyer can be assured of purity and quantity in advance of payment.

A nominal fee to cover storage, insurance and assay is charged but only upon sale and it can be deducted directly from the buyers payment so that no funds are ever needed from the seller in advance.

Please contact us for any more information about using this service or if you have any further questions.