Safe Deal or Scam Deal. There’s no in between.

You will all have noticed my increased presence on social media lately, (Due to the fact Ive stopped being lazy) which has I’m (sort of) glad to say, led to an increase in the amount of offers being received.

Within the interminable dross that passes for my inbox I will say there’s been some glitter, which may even turn out to be gold if I’m lucky, but as always a majority is your standard BS. Just like 99.9% of the gold posts on LinkedIn. So lets just lay down a golden (dealer) rule for all you lovely buyers / sellers out there

Safe Deal or Scam Deal, there’s no in between! This small saying (that I made up) could not be more true and it applies to both sides of the equation. Buyers don’t ask the seller for CIF unless you’re offering something they really need in return, its a two way street. Sellers don’t ask the buyers to ‘come for a TTM’ along with photos of gold we know you don’t own, any real buyer gets these on a hourly basis (I know I do) and its just not possible to travel that much, nor financially viable.

A real deal is about give and take so both parties win, ONLY ever go into business with a company you trust 100% or you’ll only waste your own time. Find a real buyer/seller and you’ll see straight away that it all makes sense and is done in a way where no one stands to lose. Its really not that hard if you’re willing to go the extra mile and do it properly!