Gold Fraud

As one of the fastest growing Gold companies in Europe and the Worlds largest Gold fraud /scam resource we get 80 to 100 offers a DAY. We’ve had every gold scam tried on us time and time again. We have lists of over twenty thousand fraudulent companies and individuals, we couldn’t hope to list them all here.

The service we provide is to act as a secure intermediary between buyers and sellers, to transact your deal safely negates all these risks and brings our wealth of knowledge into your deal. The small charge for our services outweighs the risk a thousand times over.

  • We will do a preliminary $99 check on any company or person to determine if they are listed on any of the fraud databases. Just send us the relevant information and you can pay via Paypal using our email address. Contact us now with the information.
  • Should you wish to proceed , then this can be followed by a $999 report. Which will then check out the authenticity of the deal, the validity of any paperwork, do a background check on those involved and ensure your procedures are following safe guidelines.
  • Should they pass these checks then you can proceed to our buyers or sellers pages.

5 Most common types of fraud:

1) The most common is sellers asking you to pay upfront costs. This can be shipping which can be many 1000’s of dollars. You are unlikely to receive your parcel and don’t expect to find much Gold in it if you do. Asking for a ticket to escort the Gold to you (aka free holiday) or asking for a letter of introduction to the business. If a seller wishes to escort the Gold product and needs a letter for customs. Basically using your company to support their visa application, so unless you want to be dragged into a case for illegal immigration, do NOT send the letter.

2) A lot of the larger deals will ask YOU to send proofs. Names of buyers, proof of funds, passport copies etc. Do NOT send anything to anyone who you aren’t 100% sure of. These proofs are then used to run scams in your name, especially passports!

3) More detailed scams will ask for a buyer to create a payment / financial instrument. Some form of bank MT103, SBLC, BG or escrowed funds. These funds are not to be paid out until completion of the deal, giving the buyer security. These CAN be monetised or used as proof of funds to go out and purchase Gold to sell to the buyer. A rapidly growing scam. This can even be done with an MT799.

4) Fake Documentation! With so many gold offers around scammers reuse documentation, photo shopping signatures from one to another, changing dates, etc.

5) The inheritance scam seems to becoming more popular. Example: My father died and left me 40 kilos and I just need so many dollars to release it. These are often backed up by equally corrupt lawyers or advocates in Africa. A variation on this theme is the girlfriend or boyfriend befriending you and then promising to come visit / marry and just needs a few thousand dollars to release gold to sell to cover their trip. Then a bit more and a bit more, etc.

There are many variations on the scams listed and of course every one will claim that they are the real thing and have had problems with fake buyers before and dont want to get caught again.

We have established that for every deal we see 99.9% of ALL deals are fraudulent. Can you afford to lose 999 out of every 1000 deals you do?

FOR SELLERS : There is as high a percentage of fake buyers out there as fake sellers. Buyers using trumped up companies and documents pretending to be large multi billion dollar conglomerates when in truth its a dealer looking to flip the deal using his range of contacts in social networking sites.

The ways to avoid these scams are to thoroughly do your research, ignore anything on a social network site. Check the longevitiy of the company, size, website, directors, previous dealings in the industry, etc. Or alternatively get us to do it for you.

Most common scams

A non exhaustive list of the main culprits / scams we get time and time again. Look for variation on the names, its still the same people, trust our vast experience.

  • Thailand Gold – often associated with the Royal Family, sometimes exported to Hong Kong already in ‘secure warehouse’ with HSBC, entices people in with good discounts.
  • Gaddafi Gold / Libyan Gold – normally with a story of life or death, sometimes oil too
  • Gold from Cameroon. CEMAC buyers permit. Does not exist!
  • Robert Cohen – QVR Industries Corp, BVI Jones Wyatt, Crown Gold Reserves (Hong Kong), Sovereign Capital (Hong Kong) International, Summit Global Investments Group, I get more complaints about this man than anyone, now believed to be hiding in Ireland
  • Abraham Luzzi, Gulf Gate General Trading LLC, Dubai. Now deported to Uganda, very bad scammer.
  • Optim Gold, Kampala, Uganda (now Southern Minerals) – Many complaints about fake SKRs, to disappearing shipments
  • Genco Africa Logistics, Nairobi, Fake Shipping company with offices in airport, fake updating web tracking page.
  • Adamawa Investments Ltd, Adam Mugga, Kampala, Uganda. Fake websites, gold always gets “lost” in transit.
  • Mr Tegani, Silk Route Cargo Nairobi, and Mr Victor Onyango Juma, Kundelungu Mines LLC. David Bujiku.
  • Ngoe & Associates Legal Consultants, Chemines Ltd, Haco clearance and Forwarders, Ordiamex Mining, Olipro Trading Co ltd, Veolia, Patrick Tusiime, Blue Sky Express and Inter Cargo, Delacore and Acro Metals in Tanzania, Nashon Jeffrey Otieno, Hi Speed Freight Services, Afromines, Globalshipexfl, Relix Minerals, Global Shipex, Savannah Logistics, Dotline Pacific. Stanza Trading Worldwide Company Inc, Nairobi. Rockfield Mines Ltd, Brian Kizza. Elumbe Sanza Junior, Manila, courier,, fake UN tracking website. Joint mining and Minerals, Guinea. Novonikmetals limited, Vladivostok, Russia. Jean Pierre Mulumbu, DRC, Masisi Local Diggers, and Masisi Precious Stones, Uganda. Attah Mensah, Ghana, Superior Mines / Superior Mining Ventures Co Ltd. Baidekun Limited, Hong Kong. Camara Johnson, Joint Mining and Minerals, Conakry, Guinea. James Kamya, Kamya James Exports, Kampala, Uganda. Trade Panel International Limited, Uganda. Akem Oben Roberto, Kouriri Kevin, Aali Foncha Dadje, Cameroon Gold Mining Ltd. Anet, Mavinzo Vinzo De Minerale Societe, DRC. Tengrela Gold Mines Inc, Eagle Elephant Security SARL, Chief Koulibaly Bamory, Cote d’Ivoire. Ibrahim Conte, Refinery Guinea SARL, Conakry, Guinee. Shield Resources Ghana Limited, Robert Williams, Owen Ben, Dr Benjamin, AF Logistics Mining & Petroleum, Ghana. Ramon Morales, Barbudo Exportaciones S.L.U, Spain.
  • LINKEDIN SCAMMERS: Jason Richardson, Foundry Thirty-Three Limited. Man Local Miners – CI (MLMCI) Cote d’Ivoire. Mr Abel Konan, Nitesh Saxena of Visva Enterprise. Xtoceebude Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, Christopher Chukwunwike, Christopher Ikebude. Andrew Gregson, Bertoua Local Miners, Congo. CIPInvest Incorporation, Dominique Bouadou. John Chiramba, London, Diamond dealer. Agim XHELILAJ, Official Global Director, Above the Standard LLC. Sessay Abdulahe. Mostapha Aziz, Bafaka Local Gold Miners, Cameroon. Rockie Tradera, Rocky Trading, Cameroon. Otakah O James, Ste. Rojo Groupe SARL, Benin. Arman Bahri, Ananda Bachri, Indonesia. Austin Wright, JSC United Insustrial Corporation, C&K Mining Cameroon, Ray Robert. Bush Carvendish, Franchise Ltd, Cameroon. Imexun Guinea, Bah Mohamed, Antonio Gomes Castanho, Unimex SARL, Moha Gold Diamond Ltd. Hassan Fadil, Atlantic Diamond & Gold Limited, Cameroon. Port Commerce Global, Kuwait. Jean Jaures Kouadio, Empire Kouadio Groupe, Ivory Coast. Luis Canas Esteban, Burdinola Promozioak. Otakah O James, Ste. Rojo Grouoe sarl, Cooperate Grouos Inter Benin. Olga Lawson, UNDPAP, UK. Anand Chopra, A&L International, Singapore. Siguiri Mining Community Company, Mamady Konate, Guinee. Nik Odhiambo, Congo. Peter Olajide, Global Resources LLC, Florida. Pierre Herrmann, Fairweather Capital Ltd, Montreal. Don Diego Adri, Pebbles Energy Limited, Ghana. Evans Lucas, Mining Minerals, Nairobi, Kenya. Bonas Gold Ltd, Bonas Gold Miners, Cameroon. Ousmane Camara, Gold Star Shipping S A, Guinea. Roberto Simao, Portugal. Best Metal Trade, Kenya, Lawrence Jamia. Peter Sumo Garnette, Liberia. Reda Ennaciri, Canada. Dr Kevin Obeng-Marhu, Ghana. Johnny Blackstone, J&B Int LLC. Hakim Toure, Mali Local Miners Cooperative Union, Cooperatifs des Minieres du Mali. Stefano Bertoncello, Spain. Anila Ahmed Din, Dubai. Jean Jacques Mohammed, Adamaoua Local Miners, Cameroon. Yunusual Mohammed, Africa General Gulf Company, Ghana. Hyder Sheikh. Gold Mining Invest GMI Ltd, Mohamed Sheriff, Sierra Leone. Steven W, Summer. Jeremy Nono, Osmose Corporate, Cameroon. Africa Division Affairs LLC & Consulting Services, Prince Kouoh Raphael, Benin & Nigeria. Lords Real Estate, Australia, Holly Owen. Norman Group Ltd, William Acha. International Commodity, MikeMiller Financial, NewYork, US. Keni Oyeyinka, Bonas Gold, Kaydeezee Global Ventures, Nigeria. Khalil Hussein, Heritage Group of Companies, Precious Mineral Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand. Reonanje James, Amac Gold Ltd, Cameroon. Bulwark Capital Advisors, Bulwark Mandate Services, Ney York. Cameroon Rural Miners Corp, Menser Fon, Rahmat Ali Mohommad,, Cameroon. Mojtaba Vaghef Vahdat, Pishahang Company, Iran. Alluvia Inc, Ghana, Joseph Gold. Dan Ojowa,, Kenya. Thomas Marie, T&A Capital LLC, Florida. Daniel Perez Alvarez, works in Dakar in Oil. Melva Warner, Gol Mond Investments, Adu Enterprises, Melvsells, Greater Atlanta Area. Golden Section Company Limited, Cameroon, Olivier Jeanpaul, Denmark. N’Faly Soumaoro, Mory Diane, Mali Sport, Mali Foot. Condor Gold Minerals, Peru, Cesar Augusto Lengua Majluf. Dennis Pfeiffer, B2C Consulting and Management Ltd, Dublin. Agoldmind, Agold Mind, Charles and Amina in Australia,, Uganda. Burnham Mohamed, Quarry Mining LLC, United Arab Emirates, Vijayendra Kamble, SKSGTC.COM. Roberto Fontana, F R Rappresentanze Industriali, Italy, Oluseyi Bammeke, Frbon Ventures International, Nigeria. Wilhelmina Ford, Australia. Skelokuhle Nkabinds, Umnotho Group, S Africa. TLCM Global Holdings PTE Ltd, Mike, Perth, Australia. Dr Mamudou Diarra Sidibe, Anchor Gold Miners & Metals SARL, Mali. Edwin M Christopher, Unique Gold Ventures Ghana Limited. Khal Haj, Alhaji Khalil Mining Group, China. Mukete Tahle Itoe, Africa Gold Source Inc, Cameroon. Fabrice Mayona, SBM Global Logistics, America 2030 Capital LLC, UK Luton, New Addington, Croydon. Elumbe Sanza Junior, STWC Inc, Sanza Trading Worldwide Company, Philippines. Prince Sunny, Atuna Baatia Mining Company Ltd, Accra, Ghana. Summer Ice (pty) ltd, Steven W. John Bethanis, A Gold General Trading, Dubai, Lyrix Gold mining Sarl, Aliou Dicko, Mali. Gilbert Guimbaolibot, Philippines. Nevada Mining Resources, Hong Kong, Jimmy Trikeriotis. Johnnie Osei-Djan, Oak Logistics Commodities Ghana Limited, M&C Logistics and Trading Limited, Ghana and MNCSB Trading DMCC, Dubai. Roberto J. S, R J Trade & Titulos, Brazil. Berg Pasttora, Kaddish Invest and G7 Max, Brazil. Zdravko Milushev, олимп еоод, Bulgaria. Morteza Rahnavard, SPS Trading Company, Iran and GPT LLC, USA. Emmi Emraan, Khalifa Trading LLC, United Arab Emirates. Khaled Hassan, Assouty Group, Egypt. Andrew James and Kariba Jane Mohamed, Twilight Property Investments Ltd, Bert Denkers, Sophia Gold and Gems, Maurizio Polverini, Teseo Trade Italy, Gorizia Italy. Roman Lakhymets, R&M Exclusive Hospitality Services, Poland. Jesus Baloto, Interglobal PTE Ltd, Interglobal Private Ltd, British Indian Ocean Territory, Philippines. Fotabe Forsah, Copper Cameroon Ltd, Cameroon. Abednego Jusu, Good Miners Investment SL Ltd, Sierra Leone. Ahmed Shamsi, Gold Canyon International LLC, Canadian Gold Resources Ltd, Dubai and Ndimamadou Gold Group Ltd, Cameroon. Lindst Fabio, James Inoni, Ishagold Consulting Ltd, Cameroon. Ernest Annor, Nestval Ventures, Nesval Ventures, Nigeria. Carlos Martin Toribio, Pristinus Corporacion, Santiago Garcia Rojo, Rosan General Investments SL, Madrid, Pablo Rios Francis, Restaurados Europa SL, Guadalajara. Koffi Cesaire Kouame, 2k Trading, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Aubin Charles Atsain, Ambito Servicios, Ambito Group, Spain. Anita Kurian, Phoenix Multinational, India. Thulasizwe Gova, Wece Trading (Pty) Ltd, Wece Business Solutions, South Africa. Etyang Clement, Adrois Group Ltd, Kampala, Uganda. Mike Hurst, FE Source, Chicago. Nnamdi O Esimai, G T Infinites Solutions Ltd, Mauema Integrated Services Ltd, Cle-parinna International Ltd, Infinite Solution Nig Ltd,, Nigeria. Yaron Cody Lines, Bionik Group, Hong Kong. Albert Aggrey-fynn, OCFS Limited, Ghana. Felix Brako, Helvent Investment Limited, Ghana. Abey K Joseph, Al Musaned International Company, Saudi Arabia. Marc Azongnide, Wanignilo Sarl, Benin. Leonard Deferm, Bonas Gold, Bonas Group, Cameroon. Krystalflux Mines, Cameroon. Chris Williams, Independent Consultant, Texas. Daniel Chata, Polo Green Palace, Nigerian Association of small scale Industrialists, Nigeria. Wyatt Patterson, Local gold mining, Ghana. Hazec Inc, Ontario, Canada. Ashok Sharma, Ecofuel Saver India, India. Fulvio Tutone, Noor Teknoloji Ltd, Italy. Gisela Melo, Elanur Gida, Biel Switzerland. Quantico Security Limited and Bravo Minerals, Kampala, Uganda. Osmond Jones, West African Minerals (SL) Ltd, Sierra Leone. KoKo (a) Michael Ko, GreatLink Group Limited, Myanmar. Babs K, K4 Distributions, UAE. Laban Delamour, Negoce ML Group, Mali. Victor Shaba, VIK Gold Ventures, Victdiamond Global Ventures Limited, Nigeria. Francois Mono, Astaria, Cameroon. Farid Ahmedov, Ukraine, Alfa Trading Nederlands. Howard H J Lee, South Korea. Mark Allsworth, International Facilitators Ltd, Stoke on Trent, UK. Lawal Ibraheem Olalekan, Rich Peace International, LIO Foundation, Nigeria. Sunrise General Trading, Algeria, Bahrain. Kwo J Michael S, Liberty Consultium, Brussels, Belgium. Emmanuel A, Jordan Nig Ltd, Ghana. Rowland Chimeze, Flourishing Oil and Minerals Pty Ltd, South Africa. Gafou Konte of Groupment Des Cooperatives Miniers De Kayes Mali and Afrique Negoce Sarl, Mali. Jonathan Pillay, Corpbrand Index Traders (PTY) Ltd, South Africa. Nicola Vettorato and Virginia Zaghi, Counselor Service Holding, London and Italy. Fabian Ogola / Fabian Ochieng, DSI Mining and Logistics, DSI Export and Cargo Company, DSI Mining Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Redoin El Bouchikhi, PDG Africa Travaux Ferroviaire, France. Youssou Tidiane Kante, KMD Group Sarl, Mali. Benphila Ghana Limited, Philip Mustapha Morka, Abdullah Sufyan, Ghana. O-Group Africa Limited,, Ogroupeltdke, Gertrude Marrlyne, Nairobi, Kenya. Vaani Bullions, Sierra Leone, India., Emmanuel CEO, Obuasi Gold MIne, Ghana. Sandra Dempsey, Zedgold, California.
  • Our fraud list is now many, many TENS OF THOUSANDS of companies and people. If you have a query please just use the Paypal link to pay the $99 fee and send an email with the company / person details for our fraud team to check for you. A small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience.


ZENITHGOLDS this website is claiming to be associated with us. It is NOT! Theres no registered company and its website is in Panama, its just a scam, don’t fall for it. pretending to be us advertising an IPO for a cryptocurrency, do not be fooled a total scam out of China. or .com is a fake company offering SBLC issuance and pretending to be the World Gold Council. Mr Terence Heymann is the director of the World Gold Council, a very reputable organisation and has nothing to do with sending these emails.

FAKE WEBSITES: advertising a new scam called the “Authorisation of Spot Shipment Procedure” a new variation on the CEMAC permit scam.

584 thoughts on “Gold Fraud”

    1. SCAM ALERT!! Lusaka Zambia’s WHITELINE GOLD REFINERY LIMITED whose website is:

      The scammers are the 2 so-called Russian Managers: ELENA MEDVEDEVA & her sister Ekaterina.
      The Company Directors are:
      1. DOUGLAS NJOBVU his alias is DUNCAN.

      DO NOT Work with any of these Scammers they have cases against them.

    2. BLAZE METALS FZE is a Dubai based Free Zone company which has scammed people in Dubai & Ghana over USD 120 million. Their Ghana Company is called BLAZE METALS RESOURCES LIMITED. Oheneba (Prince) Opoku is the main Scammer behind these companies and his accomplish is the Ugandan Office Manager in Dubai by the name of DANIEL ERIKITAI… The Company websites are:

      Check the Google Reviews.

    3. Western Mining Limited is an absolute scamming company. The so called owner Kojo Bonsu has even faked his death. He is front ended by two horrible guys called David Cooper and Denise Godfred. Dont trust them one bit.

    4. SCAM ALLERT – Mr Musa Malador Jalloh

      Musa is Sierra Leone citizen, member of large scammer network around west Africa, operating in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Ghana. Nice presentation, lot of sweet words but result of all is very simple: all fake company documents, fake photos of sealed parcel, fake export documents … money paid, never received a single gram.

      +224 663 27 38 19
      +232 30 813173
      +232 31 853583
      +232 78 026241

      Mr Bapathe
      +232 76 744326

      Mr Alfred Jones
      +232 99 847947

      Mr Ibrahim
      +232 99 847947

      Mr Amadu Kamara
      +232 76 962450

      Mr Adams
      +31 6 87571791

      Mr Cisse
      +224 626 06 57 78

      Mr Paul
      +44 7380 398065

      Mr Daboh
      +232 79 369206

  1. A group of 4 to 5 people scamming people on diamond in Kenya. They use Elvis Aduda-+254726878564, Patrick – +254718293606, Steve – +254 774337301 and Baraza -+254707730129. They have samples and that they do have a white man working for UN who buys from you at a profit. They took $10k from me. Very bad people, Steve pretends that he is from Bostwana and he wants to invest his money.

    1. How can Chris Obure a known scammer talk about scammers, he used his fraudulent Jet company known as Glo Jet, situated in Senteu Plaza, 1st floor, having scammed his clients with this company, he now changed to Meriton Group, another scamming joint, he works with Jeff Birundu. Chris Obure is not only a scammer but also murderer of one of his boys on a deal gone wrong, Kevin Omwenga was killed in his apartment in 2020 and the sleuth would later confirm that the firearm that was used to silence Kevin indeed belongs to Chris Obure. Chris Obure the only man that drive a Bentley with a customised plate number yet still rent an apartment on Riara Road which he pays Kshs. 110,000 equivalent to USD 1,000.
      Just Google the name Chris Obure and see for yourself a scammer disguising himself as a Saint.

  2. Fake gold testers in Nairobi
    1. George Mwanthi
    4. MAINA

    1. are you saying this with no actual proof and just spreading accusations. Boniface Muli and George Mwanthi are both licensed testers , and thats it they are just testers. and hired by both legit dealers and scammers alike.
      Afriswiss refinery is completely above board and we have used them a few times. only refinery not operating in secret and out in the open actually at the airport. doesn’t mean deals do not go wrong. most sellers even legit one do not honor any contract written or otherwise.

      1. Ronald Kania from USA is a fake gold buyer.
        You just take testing charges and share it with George Mwanthi, Boniface Muli and John Maina. These are not genuine gold buyers. Everyone knows what you have been upto and I can even attach evidence. SHAME ON YOU!

        1. I have never charged a seller even a dime for testing. Daniel you have never once produced a gram of gold for testing. And have tried many schemes trying to lure buyers into a trap with fake collateral and fake jet companies and changing your name and number constantly. My identity remains constant.

          1. Bonaface Muli, George Mwanthi ,Maina and Afriswis are now working with scammers in Nairobi. They are now working for Jared otieno kiasa office (Big fake Gold Cartel in Nairobi) , Bruno (Jared’s inlaw) Abas (Ugandan),Amimo(5th avenue), Kenneth (Gigigiri), Leone (kitusuru),Philip Aroko (Runda) They share what they scam on a 50-50% basis, we will share there photos soon with evidence.

      1. Big Gold scammers in Kenya .

        Scam zones in Nairobi:
        1. Global Logistics – Karen
        3. Wu Yi Plaza – Kilimani
        4. Bravie Group – Dennis Pritt
        5. Mount Zion – Ngong road & Hurlingham
        6. DSI – Lavington on Olenguruone Road
        7. NewLine Logistics – Lavington
        8. Black Scorpion – Lavington
        9. Blu Afrique – Lavington
        10. Trenze wood – Lavington
        11. O-Group Africa – Kileleshwa
        12. White House – Riverside lane.
        13. Blue Greg – Zen Garden
        And 2 more name less office in Kitisuru, (one off Hill View)
        14. Abisai Global, Loiyangalaani Road,
        15. ASA Natural Resource Group
        16. Perazim Consultant Ltd. – Off Muthangari
        Road, Lavington
        17. 29 school lane refinery Westland
        18. Afriswiss Refinery Wilson Airport
        19. Asa Natural Resources.

  3. Does anyone know if there is fake shipping companies in dubai? i’ve been getting the run around and not sure if its a scam or not.

  4. Savanna Global Freight Forwarders EA Co Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya. Henry George Kamau & Ralf Nickel, fake German office. Allamano & Associates, Aijia General Trading LLC, Elamin Mohamed Ali Elamin Ali. Five Star Trading FZCO, Dubai. All working together in a monetisable instrument gold scam. Savanna are long term well known scammers anyway.

    1. Savannah has a Charles Kamau (Obviously Henry George at other times) and a Boniface. Avoid like the plague. They attempted a scam on us.

    Niwagaba Muhammed
    Precious Metals Logistics
    Plot 1034 Najjanakumbi
    Box 9546
    MDL no: 20221572
    PP: B0660032

    Contact me if you get an offer from this scammer/fraudster.

    He is posting globally through agents

    He has posted my company, personal name, Id and address as a scammer.


  6. With reference to my Post in July on Niwagaba Muhammed – representing Precious Metals Logistics UGANDA. Please be alert! Misusing insurance policy for his own benefit. He is advertising globally he can deliver gold to your buyer. Condition is the buyer is to pay insurance (GIT) Once the insurance policy is paid Niwagaba Muhammed delivers to his own buyer (he is getting a much better price than he offer it to your buyer at a discount from LBMA. He confirmed this to me in person. Please please be careful not to fall for this scam. He is referring the insurance company M&B Insurance Uganda. He is operating with a few mobile numbers.
    You are welcome to contact me on +2778 084 2523

    I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank Zengold for this outstanding platform. Since my first post in July on this scammer: Niwagaba Muhammed (PML) I have received a lot of enquiries and I am sure I have stopped some of the transactions with PML, where buyer/s are duped.

    Since I posted him on Zengold he has placed me on the scamlist Zengold using the name of my partner.


  8. Timothy Justin Robert Mayhew
    Justin Mayhew, a gold thief of English nationality, is presently hiding in Uganda (Jinja) after stealing gold from Kenya
    +256 752646057

    Timothy Justin Robert Mayhew poses as the owner of a gold refinery and has scammed several individuals with his squad of gold scammers.

    He claims to defend gold buyers from being duped, and he organizes gangs of scammers and fraudsters taking sellers’ gold samples.


    1. Mr Mugume , I suggest that you have this post down, as you well know it’s all rubbish , except for the FACT that I do try to stop people from getting scammed. African Minerals was bought by Gebal Minerals which is clearly stated on our website. It is a fully operational company in Jinja and complaint to all company regulations including URSB and the URA .

      This post is liables and will be subject to a suit against yourself , as you are fully aware that it is complete rubbish and I am able to prove it.

  9. Be careful with this scammer, fraud star in Uganda
    Scam alert
    Justin Mayhew (scammer)
    Mayhew Justin (scammer)
    Gold scammer
    Copper scammer, copper scrap scammer
    Gebal Minerals Limited (scam) C687+GGJ, Nyanza Rd, Jinja, Uganda
    African Minerals Ltd ( scam)
    East African Geological Services ( scam)
    +256 751 796283 scammer
    +256751796283 scammer
    +256 751 796 283 scammer
    +256 751796283 scammer
    I lost USD 30,000 with this scammer called Justin Mayhew leaving in Uganda ( Jinja) in 2019 scammers
    Justin Mayhew he will scam all your money when You trust him to led you to buy gold in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

    Address: Nyanza Rd, Jinja, Uganda
    (+256) 751796283 (+256)
    Gebal Minerals Limited. Plot 7/9 Nyanza Rd, Jinja, Uganda (East Africa).
    P.O.BOX 631-Jinja-UGANDA.

    1. Never do gold business with Uganda. If the deal should be ok and correct it can happen that the customs block or steel Your consignment. Keep out of Uganda. Even Tanzania is not to be trusted for the same reasons

    Reg. 80020000418843 -Uganda
    +256 750531978, +256750531978
    +254777381569 +254 777381569
    +254112548758 +254 112548758
    #goldscam #gold
    BRAVO MINERALS gold scam
    We have been scammed by this company 39,000 in Kenya so gold buyers be careful

  11. ALERT:
    Anyone dealt with Dirk Johannes van Dyk Redelinghuys – Namibia
    Monetizing of bank instruments
    Contact me urgently: +27 72 827 4535 (whatsapp)

    Precious Metals Logistics
    Plot 1034 Najjanakumbi
    Box 9546 Kampala
    Also use the name: Madada Patrick Mbaku
    Contact numbers: +256 757553 982/701957 058/701242 306
    MDL no: 20221572

    1. Hi Gerda, how does these guys scam go, I just got referred to them so I am worried I might have given them my personal information, though I have not shared that of my buyer

  13. On 28 June 2021, I entered a 45-day Investment Trading Agreement with:

    1) GOLDEN ORYX FZ LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
    2) SAI MALATHY, its owner, Indian Passport No. Z3721406
    3) RAVI SHANKAR MANGIPUDY, her husband, Indian Passport No. U0813543

    RAVI negotiated the agreement, representing SAI and GOLDEN ORYX FZ LLC and represented a successful trading history in hand-carry gold from Africa and transactions in Dubai.
    After Passport proof, IDs, corporate documentation, COLLATERAL PLEDGES, and contracting, $21000 was wired with an agreement for repayment in no more than 45 days of $50000 with a successful trade or, if the trade failed, for $35000.
    A YEAR LATER – SAI, her company, and RAVI managed one wire for $7500, hundreds excuses and delays, two more wires are claimed in addition to $7.5K USD but never materialized, and claims of “investigating and need time to work with the bank” continue for months.
    They reneged and refuse to honor pledged collateral nor repay the lower $35K USD amount.
    The $7500 repayment substantiates the obligation and prior to pursuing solutions in Dubai (and attendant penalties for failed obligations), this post is a last-ditch step encourage the pledge for collateralized repayment to which SAI and RAVI agreed.
    Despite my assistance to them over a year ago and for having delayed collections, Ravi frequently attacks and maligns in his correspondence for my having had the temerity to expect the agreed repayment after assisting them. Somehow he thinks the problem is my fault. A telling test.

    1. 1. The statement of Charles Muszynski that there was an agreement and he invested US$ 21000 with us is correct. Also, it is correct we agreed to pay US$ 50000 including the investment for a successful trade or US$ 35500 including the investment for an unsuccessful trade.
      2. We invested a further US$ 79000 of our own funds, together with Charles’ 21000, total US$ 100000 with a trader in Liberia. The trader scammed us and decamped. Not the fault of Charles nor our fault.
      3. We did our best to return the funds to Charles. Two remittances of US$ 3000 and US$ 12000 were made on 4th November, 2021 and 11th May, 2022 were made – both got stuck in the banking system due to a technical error from the bank in the routing of the funds through a wrong intermediary bank. Not our fault.
      4. We remitted US$ 7500 on 25th May, 2022 and US$ 7500 on 22nd July, 2022, total of US$ 15000, both of which Charles has acknowledged receipt of.
      5. We have committed to return of the balance of investment, US$ 6000 and the agreed profit of US$ 14500.
      We have responded to every email, every text message and have been paying – if the two remittances had not got stuck in the banking system, we would have almost been done by now. Which scammer responds or returns money?
      Charles has made needless accusations despite receiving back money and we urge one and all to ignore the accusatory words of a frustrated man.

  14. Fake Jet companies owned /working with Gold scammers in kenya.
    1 . Posh Jet company (
    2.Royal Jet Airways Company (
    3.Billionaire Concierege Jet (
    4.Eagle Jet
    5.Movers private jets
    6.Hawk Jet International
    7.Plumet Jet Company
    8.Vesta Fly charters

  15. Posh jet .(scammers)
    A scam jet company in Nairobi owned by one gold scammer Jared otieno kiasa in Gigiri office Nairobi Kenya. Company is operated by Kenneth and Martin , They stole from us over 100k$ and gave us fake colleteral.
    Posh jet is fake!! Most of fake gold sellers in Jared 7 offices will introduce you to this jet company. They will scam you and share your money .Run!!!

  16. I must confess you are doing a great job that n eeds more of your website’s writeup be published more on the the viable social media critics platform. Pls expose these bastards more often they even connive with whites to dupe innocent buyers also.

  17. Anyone dealt with Precious Metals Logistics Uganda please
    Mr Nigwaba Muhammed
    Please contact me +27780842523
    Urgent Please

      1. the problem is the following. An L/C, SBL/C, DL/C are non – negotiable documents but it is common knowledge that only African banks negotiate them and when at the end of the transaction you present Your L/C at their bank counters there is no more money, this due to the fact that the assistant bank manager received matabish

  18. Hi all,

    Anyone familiar with the company and person stated below?


    Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  19. Hi! I would just like to ask if anyone has heard of a company in Cameroon called golden section company ltd based in Cameroon. Thanks

  20. Another day another SCAM:

    Trans Equator Miners (U) limited – Uganda
    Kevin – +256 709 117822

    My associate met with a senator from parliament in Uganda and through him we put in contact with a gold selling company: Trans Equator miners (U) Limited. My associate entered Uganda to facilitate the gold transaction and to ensure the gold arrives in Dubai.

    We paid $50,000 for smelting, Taxes and logistics. We were sent company documents, Licenses and all other relevant documents to believe this was real WHICH WAS ALL FAKE.

    Furthermore, The seller transported the gold to Kenya from Uganda for inter shipping and wouldve arrived in Dubai that same day, Yesterday. The seller informed us United Nations has stopped the goods at Kenya and would require another $50,000 for a certificate to release the AU from Kenya to Dubai. AS PER THE OFFICIAL UN WEBSITE – The UN does not ask a fee to release a package. This was another attempt to extort another $50,000 from us.

    Our initial $50,000 has now been lost and NO gold has arrived in Dubai.

    If anyone has knowledge about this company OR if you know someone at Interpol who can investigate this matter we would appreciate that. IF THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT STOPPED MORE PEOPLE WILL BE SCAMMED LIKE US.

    1. Hi Dino, i’ve been working with this same company currrently and i’ve been asked to send them 50,000 after i sent them the first one. They keep saying they want more documents that cost more money. I can see by now that this is a scam but can you tell me what’s the name of the person that was helping you from their side? I want to see if we’ve been scammed by same people.

  21. I won’t keep mute and will share my story to save a soul- my story started in 2016 where I met Sgt. Lee on a dating site and I was found in love until one day he said he has come across a box of gold and want to secretly sent to me for upkeep until he returns home I paid all cost but he was always given excuse for a request for money therefore my friend-Dave contacted the Embassy and it was confirmed scam and my case was reported to the Ghana Crime Unit(info.ghanapolice at consultant dot com) as his ip was traced to Ghana and luckily the perpetrators was brought to justice! Beware of scam and if any office asks for money then it’s a scam.

  22. The buyer Mohammed Rasheed Ahmed from Marjan Bullion, a company based in Dubai, is a big SCAMMER, be aware guys! Do not waste time with him and his fraudulent company


    ‘Dave’ David Webster and his son Jake Webster from 79th Group / Seventy Ninth Group.
    Well known scammers in the UK and UAE. Like the old palm oil scams, they say they have mining licenses, take peoples money and then spend it on property in the UK via one of their many companies.
    They have ZERO experience in trading gold or any commodities and zero experience in mining in Guinea, just some pictures of other peoples gold and some very basic mining machinery, from a trip to Africa.
    Ask to see their passport stamps and see how long they have spent in West Africa….feel free to ask who they have done gold trading with and do your due dill! Ask to see their exploitation/industrial mining licenses, and verify with the ministry of mines (easy to do), also ask for videos and pictures of them involved in mining and commodity trading, they will make many excuses, because they don’t have any. Scamming is a family business. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!

  24. Has anyone heard of Emirate Cargo & Safe LTD? 1 Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade CentreTrade Centre 1- Dubai United Arab Emirates Are they a legitimate gold shipping company?

    1. hello, I know Dubai very well and if You have a company with the address Sheik Zayed Road Dubai it is fake.

      1. Do be careful, many companies are fake even in Dubai. This company has been closed already and no they were not legitimate gold shippers.

  25. Anyone with information regarding DSI Mining and Minerals Limited Kenya. Key person Ashely Muchiriri, CEO Nicholas Otieno. Are they legit? Please kindly advise, anticipating a gold deal with them.

    1. I would NOT deal with Nicholas Otieno/DSI. The jury is out on Ashley. He dropped them, having had doubts.

      1. Hello, we just got back from nicholas otieno and dsi minerals, nairobi, we got scammed along with another key person, Paul Njenga, all relevant faces are captured by our phones, i hope its time we get back at them.

  26. Beware of Mohammed Bangura from Sierra Leone! Changed his phone number to;

    +224 629 47 03 70 he tells you he’s from Kono in Sierra Leone, son of a chief and has gold for sale. Please suggest a Facebook page because I have his photograph for people to beware.

  27. Global Diversity Company Kenya, Lyeon Oduor Kowido, Billionaire Concierge Kenya, Ru Sutton, Peter Steenekamp. All involved in a massive gold scam. Took us for over R2million.

  28. To report to the community the name of this company: ICE GOLD- website: established in UK, managed by Ghanians people: Mike and Alma Jackson Davis.
    They are requesting the advance payment of the full amount of the supposed quantity of gold on contract.

    Of course the transaction has been cancelled.

    Same company claim to have also crude oil from Nigeria…


    1. I met these people in Palace Downtown in Dubai, they offered me gold, even bringing a dorè to show they can bring gold in Dubai.
      They requested advance payment for all the quantity, no quantity limit (?)….no previous performance, no company established in UAE.


      Pay attention

      They are very fishy, the man is very arrogant too.

      I cannot understand how Dubai Authorities can legitimate those people to be free on the market, they are scammers.

    2. I remember hearing unicornsls corp out of Cameroon associated with scams , but not 100% sure, anyone know them?

      1. Yes , they are logistics company part of the eastern mining Corporation, a scammer group , ceo is moki derrick ken

  29. To report the name of THOMAS MORGAN AQUAAH – Ghanian citizen – with the company name of Continental Minerals FZC established in Sharjah Airport free zone.

    He signed SPA for a quantity of 400 kg per month requesting BG with trial shipment of 25kg.

    Material never delivered in Dubai, the person disappeared without any communication or advise to the buyer.

    He is claiming to be gold mining owners with a supply capacity of 1000 kg per month.

  30. Bel hab investment ltd nigeria is company being run by several scammers. One company is being used by 3 people at least to run scam. One is named as Bello Abubakar who introduced himself as a supplier but in the end will show his true colors.

  31. Arthi River Mining Limited in Kenya/Nairobi are scammers. Company CEO is Tony M. Deng claiming to be from South Sudan. His older brother too (Deng family) is in the scamming business. Avoid doing business with them

  32. Hassan Bangura Mining ltd is listed on alibaba from Sierra Leone works with mohamad kamara. He is a gold and diamond scammer. Beware.

    1. Hi. Thanks for all the information. It’s been really helpful. Has anyone heard or dealt with a company In drc or Kenya called sunshine minerals ltd. Also has anyone heard of eastern mining Corp in Cameroon? Thanks

  33. You must our a red alert on Albert Ngoyi Mutenga
    He’s a Congolese with a fake passport and is wanted by Interpol for international fraud conning US investors
    He works with his son who goes by Paul Mutenga
    Everything they provide is fraudulent
    They operate out of Ghana and Uganda
    His father claims he was a politician
    He and his son are total fraudsters
    They always show a ton of gold but with no intent of selling it

    1. Yes they are at Maccarthy Hills in Accra. Their office secure but their procedure a little questionable

  34. Please has anyone work with Western mining limited Ghana run by Kojo Bonsu managing director? Their company documents checks out with Ghana company registrar, just need to know if anyone has had a deal with them.

  35. Be warned.
    Osman Jalloh of WEST AFRICA MINING & INVESTMENT MINING SL LIMITED, 50 Koidu Road, Kono, Sierra Leone, passport number ER120264 is a scammer. The usual. Hand carrying 15KG. Gets stuck at airport as West African Transit Certificate out of date. Request to Western Union $2,350 to enable onward travel to Dubai. Fake air tickets. Fake airport video. Fake gold video. All easy to see after the event. Thankfully we stopped any transfers etc. just in time. Be warned.

    1. What experience did you have with them? Their website looks ok, but it is strange that the phone. Number always leads to James???

  36. Can anyone please confirm the authenticity of Sodico Minerals and Metal in Guinea, Conakry with Joshua Camara as owner

  37. Edwin Oduk brother to serial scammer Steve Oduk an Agent to Jared Otieno kiasa office is a scammer . He stole from us 300,000usd .Edwin Oduk is tall ,Brown and stamerer. His RangeRover car is KCM 900T ,Mobile Numbers : +254702610012,+254731155311,+254775202410.

  38. Hi Sie – bullshitters – they pretend to sell copper cathode – when we asked for the documents for the Steinweg account they couldnt produce – they requested a 10% BG which is v high too. Worked via an agent called Raj in India

  39. Hennlich Metals is a scam !!!! They stole 100,000 usd from me . The Agent is Edwin Oduk ( always uses fake names ) .He is tall and brown ,driving unregistered RangeRover from the looking for him.

  40. CHUI BING SUN AND CHIEN are gold scamers from Hongkong, they stole our 200kilos ,they are also sponsoring fighting groups in Africa to distabalise the country’s.

    1. CHUI BING SUN is a well known drug dealer between China and Hongkong, he is doing money laundering in Africa through Lawyers.CHUI BING SUN is a very dangerous character to work with.

    1. Yes stay away. We paid them taxes & smelting money for gold to arrive at our buyer in Dubai and we have not seen our money or gold. Goodluck.

  41. Ciao Barnaby,
    My sincerest and most sound compliments of your company and excellent website. I still wonder why I had not checked it out prior to now. You’re doing a great Job and so much for the industry and not to mention, how many potential Victims you saved from getting scammed. I appreciate and admire your straight down to earth and “direct” whistle blowing and signaling out the fraudsters method on LinkedIn where i eagerly and happily follow you and your important posts!!
    Excellent and Great work!! We are ALL debtors to you and your organization!!

  42. Beware of Mohammed Bangura from Freetown Sierra Leone. He introduces himself like Am Mohamed Bangura from Sierra Leone West Africa son of chief Bangura 1 of kono district and also a local miner in gold and diamonds.

    Phone number; +232 99 449395 have his pictures and passport photographs.

  43. UPDATE ON PREMIER PRECIOUS METALS of TOGO, He offered my company to buy gold . Everything seemed ok until he PASCAL Emmanuel ADJOVI sent his TOGO PASSPORT which was a complete FAKE. Which he denies it. we also agreed that i will conyact Emirates cargo or KLM and arrange to pay for the 20 kg GOLD sample, Emmanuel imnitially agreed to send provided we prepay logistics. In addition was i would purchase a flight ticket non transferable and can only be used to travel from TOGO to Dubai. .As Premier Precious Metals was supposed to send a representative to witness the Gold being assayed at destination. The only issue became when Emmanmuel insisted that I sent him the money direct instead. Which compltely deviated from the agreed procedure.

    1. How do you know Naaduro Gold is 100% real, the deal never closed. Also my buyer checked them out and they were black listed by Interpol 5 years ago according to information that was available to him.

  44. Has anyone here done busy with this company in Burkina Faso: SOCIETE.PATENE. SANNUM.
    Tried to do a CIF with them. Looks like I have lost my money.

  45. Has anyone done business with this company:
    PMSMLTD CRN.07837895

    1. Has anyone here dealt with Eastern mining Corp Cameroon and Unicorn Logistics and Services in Cameroon?Are they genuine?

  46. Dear folks do anyone have experience or running into
    Gold Refiners Sarl from Bamako, Mali
    The front person is calling himself Mr Diallo and in some form of Mohamed or Mamdou as name

  47. Hi Seablu,

    I just received an offer from them the deal should be in Brink’s to Brink’s but it’s from Kenya and Brink’s didn’t operate there. Second thing they asked to pay the taxes before .

    Company No: SL140318GOODM02784
    Ibrahim Conteh is already mentioned in these comments above/below.
    This is another company in Sierra Leone he is posing as
    web: Domain registered in 2020, company says on documents, running from 2018

    1. Hi Jan, we are busy with final arrangements to purchase 50 Kg Gold Dore from “Good Miners Investments (SL) Limited” in Freetown Sierra Leone. Address 79 Fourah Bay Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone (Website has No 229 Fourah Bay Road?).Seller Mr. Sheik S. Sillah (Managing Director). The have asked for 6% payment (based on Au value) to enable export of the Gold Dore. (Will issue Gold Dore as Collateral for the 6% costs paid). If anyone has dealt with them before please advise of their credibility. Barry

      1. They are scammers, I was personally in Sierra Leone and never recieved my gold or my money back.

  49. Has anyone dealt with Ituri Gold Mining? Paluku? Based in Uganda and wanting to do a test shipment of a few kilos and pay (yes i know the risk here) 50% of the taxes and fees up front which is a few thousand dollars, then scale up over time to higher quantities.

  50. Can someone explain exactly how a payment instrument (SBLC/MT series) is used fraudulently once it’s made available to a scammer? If the instrument is marked as callable only upon delivery / bullion officer inspection / conclusion of contract, how is it possible for it to be defrauded?

    1. Hi
      We are planning to work with them but my partners has many doubts about them.
      There is no website and not real oficce.

      We were invited to visit then in Nairobi but we are hesitating to go ahead.
      I don’t know exactly what to do ?

  51. Seller Mohammed Dourou Z”Gold Mining Mali.Fake papers.He uses stolen ID of others Many of foreign nationals stolen ID …says his representative can fly and asks you to book flight but nobody fly then they call you international mobile numbers pretend they stuck in customs even never even board in plane ! demands money ! Although all fake game ! Fake documents fake gold fake video He robbed us all details can be provide , don’t be his next victim please

  52. Please be extremely wary of:
    a Mr. TSANG KWONG PING (Sino Hong Kong Business Agency Limited) allegedly residing in Hong Kong
    a Mr. ANTHONY ATKINSON (Gold Bullion Limited), residing in Bangkok, Thailand

    in connection with an ‘irrevocable declaration of intent’ relating to alleged safekeeping charges of 40kg of gold dore bars with Department of Mines and Geology, Cameroon.
    Residential address – 11/F, Flat A, Whitfield Mansion, 17 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
    Business address – Sino Hong Kong Business Agency Limited, 20/F, Wellable Commercial Building, 513 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Telephone 22875121. Email:,
    Residential address – 32/13 Soi Aree 2, Phaholyothin Sri 5, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
    Business address – Gold Bullion Limited, Central, Hong Kong .
    Telephone (+66) 841489814, Skype: kitisaro,,

    1. Atkinson has taken money from people for many years.Says he can buy Thai gold.
      All talk NO action. Set fire to you money before sending it to Atkinson .You will get smoke and fire.Nothing at all from Atkinson

  53. Paul Joseph Msoka – Tanzania Phone/Whats App +255717300141
    Acts very innocent, very docile – impersonates high officials, forges documents and creates a situation where he projects himself helpless and very genuine. Complete rogue and cheat.
    Has cheated us of USD 170000 and keeps saying that high ranking officials are involved with him. Such a liar. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM – calls himself a true Christian and God’s Man, destroying the reputation of genuine believers.

  54. Hi, Mr. Nana, I know you, you have a gold mine in Ghana, right?
    Mr. Pascal Emmanuel Adjovi, of Premier Precious Metal Mining Company, who says he has a mine in Burkina Faso. This gentleman is a crook. one of our Buyers has contracted a 50Kg first trial contract and then 500Kg per month for three years.
    We have been sending the money for the costs of the first shipment for 45 days already and we have not seen anything, involved with him is the G4S agency and their affiliate agency Yungregor of Lome.
    I am available to send all documents.

  55. I’am an italian lawyer andio inform you that you can add this name to your scammers list:

    Triton Vaulting LTD
    3, Jonhatan Tambo Drive
    Wibelforce, Freetown Sierra Leone
    CEO MR Ian Seasy

    They are able to falsify customs documents and airwaybill
    Thank Yuou
    Daniele Occhini Lawyer

  56. Hi anyone has any information on Fregata Shipping partners managed by Ibrahim Jalloh? Sent him $10,000 and he stopped taking my calls and put off his phone.
    Fregata Shipping partner is a scam company.
    Please beware of them!!

  57. Beware of Fregata Shipping partners from Sierra Leone, Freetown. They are a scam company. Scammed me of over $10,000 belonging to my client.
    Phone number; +232 75003174
    Address; No 121 motor Road Freetown

    Whenever it’s Time to send money, he will be available. After I send the money, he will go MIA, stop taking calls and switch off his phone. Barnaby warned me but Mr. Ali Jalloh was soo smart and acted as though he was legit. I don’t want anyone to fall into the same trauma I’m in because I’ve lost everything I’ve ever worked for.
    They’ve sold everything I have and locked me up just to repay my clients money.
    Some of the names on the document are; Mohamed Sesay as managing director.
    Please if you have any information that can help me, please send me an email because it’s been over 2 months since a business he promised will not take up to 2 weeks is lasting.
    Beware of Fregata Shipping partners in Sierra Leone.

  58. Any one know SSLGHANA.ORG
    They are dealing in gold export and shipping from Ghana Airport.
    WhatsApp me +923345241605

    1. Be very careful. The owner (George Esandoh) is a member of the gold scam syndicate in Accra. He mostly doing CIF scam where working together with fake sellers. After you pay for taxes, “sellers” dissappear and your money is gone. They share it after.


    Please share your experience

    1. Lunar Freight is a scam. Take your money and never ship. Always a reason but never perform. works with various agents that participate in the scam with them. Have a “customs officer” that also participates

    2. Yes I have bad experience with them they have scam me in Kenya the manager name is Julius kariuki ndung he said he has gold from DRC and will asked you to pay for the export charges and he use fake tracking system then tell you your hold is stuck some where he has an assistant from Oganda name Muwanguzzi victor pls stay away from them

  60. Hi everyone,

    Have someone heard about Ojowa Group in Kenya ? In touch with them since a while..but feels something is wrong.



    Address : Kisumu
    Avenue: , Kenya

      1. I have the same doubt about Naaduro Gold Company. I got an offer from them, but their website is down and I am not able to get any information about the Company or Mr. Joshua Magnus Nicol.

  61. is a fake shipping company registered only 46 days ago. They work with so called miners from Kono Community who claim to have gold dust. They offer good deals and i got scammed for smelting charges and shipment that never came. Their website is currently off because i have reported them but they sometimes put the website on. They say they have offices worldwide but are not even registered in Sierra Leone. The case has currently been reported to the CID and Police in Sierra Leone and investigation is pending. They have not availed themselves to police invites to date.

  62. I’d any feedback on AFA-CONSULTATS under Mr Reyad Habboub Bakarat
    They seem to represent huge bullion reserves in Mexico and Switzerland

  63. Does anyone knw Pascal Emmanuel Adjovi owner of premier precious metals mining company of Lome Togo.

  64. Please tell me who knows these companies and how reliable are ASA NATURAL RESOURCE GROUP LTD Mr HASSAN HABASI MUSA NAIROBI KENYA and another company from Nairobi. Ituri Gold Mines Union

  65. Having checked out the company Fregata Shipping Partners of Sierra Leone, run by Ibrahim Jalloh, it does not exist, the fake website only appeared this year. It is a common scam using false tracking information to extort money from buyers pretending their shipments are rerouted or held up.

  66. Is there anyone with information on a gold seller in Ghana called IDDRISU VENTURES GHANA LIMITED? Are they legit?

  67. Anybody has dealt with Collins Sichula in Zambia?
    He promotes Tanganyikan Commerce Ltd. and Kavumbo Metals Ltd.

    1. Very bad experience with the Frovio company owner Michal Tjituka before as regards Diamond concessions in Namibia. Suggest you do not deal with Frovio.

      1. She will not perform. I also believe she has connections with govt people because I have turned in all of my information into the Namibian govt (mining comm., customs, exports…) and nothing comes of it

    2. She is a full scammer. She will not deliver. Lost over $80,000 in pieces trying to get a delivery from her

    1. Yes been discussing a deal , he seems to be acting on behalf of Zambian mines but difficult to conduct correct due dilligence so most likely a scam.

    2. This is a company run by Charles Holland who also ran Hollmec Mining. Both are mentioned on this sight. A Mr Charles Holland is also connected to another Zambian company called Octus Minerals but claims to be the cousin of the Charles Holland of Hollmec.

      1. Hi Apepic, I looked for both HOLLMEC AND CHARLES HOLLAND on this site and did not find, can you share info?

  68. My boyfriend and I got mixed up in a gold dust scam in Nigeria. His friend, Henderson, says it is a quick way to make money. I spent $6k of my own money was to receive $55k. The money I received was fraudulent. My account frozen, had to file with the FBI. Henderson told me the company was Kim’s gold dust in the USA. It isn’t. They have nothing to with it. Huge scam!!!

  69. we were scammed by a group of organised criminals in uganda,we were introduced to Radjab and Desire, their mobile numbers +25678990090 and desire +243970872488 they claimed to be Rwandais soldiers who’s in mission in Congo they claim they have Gold from congo without documents.they will ask you to fly to Africa to inspect their Gold and to help them with payment for the taxes, they will tell you that will be stored in a safe and you will never have access to it because they let as fake customs,radjab then introduced us to Mwesigye a ugandan national, his company is Consolidated service LTD locate at BMk house kampala uganda, mobile number +256750530923, who was the clearing agent, we first paid Radjab 2500$ to ship golds from congo to kampala then we paid USD30,000 for export documents and Mwesigye changed the product while it was with their “customs”
    and they claimed to have smuggled it to kenya for better control where mwesigye connected me with his fellow scam called Fahad a kenyan national his number +254756739056 and i fly to kenya to meet fahad and fahad has company called Mosaic Jadar international Ltd and i paid Fahad Usd64000 fo UN Non criminality certificate and Ownership Certificate
    fahad gave me fake documents with fake air waybill and he promised me that my cargo was sent to Dubai and he gave me the number for his fellow scam in Dubai called Umar a kenyan national his number is +971589541268 and +971501683741 and i fly to Dubai to correct my golds when reach in dubai i called Umar and Umar told me to pay him Usd3000 so he can show me where my golds are when i refused to pay him that 3000$ and Fahd called me when i was Dubai and tell me that my cargo was stuck with Oman customs for documents and they need more money .but was not true. Mwesigye he didn’t sent original golds in kenya what they showed in kenya was just fake gold.
    they never sent gold to Dubai

    1. Uganda they work with a company called Balak global minerals Limited, they use fake websites which’s
      avoid these people at all cost!! we have suffered a loss of over 120.000USD we would not want anyone else to suffer the same.

    2. good afternoon, they are still active, same story : we where contacted by this Desire +243995272498 they send us a video showing some gold ( 500 KGS )in some security warehouse, and send us certificates, who are fake after control, we called the DGSM Uganda, who should have provide those documents , but never heard about them. Same story : we should come to inspect the product in Uganda, and should pay 6 % export taxes in advance ????, we have videos, fake certificates…..

  70. Is there any one knows —- Paul M Martin ( British )—- PMSM limited – RC 07837895—— is this scam company ?

    1. Afternoon , Yes this is a scam.
      Mr Martin can be called on his UK cell phone to confirm.
      Google search the company name PMSM Limited in UK for details.

    2. Look out for his aliases Jack Roy, Corinna Muir, Greg Hall. Why the hell would anyone ask for blocked funds or an SBLC for FOB gold?

      And if you think Paul’s good, he has stiff competition in Robert Cohen.

      1. 1. Is there any one knows Mr. Joel Gaetan Fylla slown —- company name: general biz service — Brazzaville Congo?

        2. Any one knows — Jack Merc Du-Pont — passport: 40159263( SWaziland)——Octus Minerals Limited ?—— phone number —-00260762686529

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