Gold Fraud

As one of the fastest growing Gold companies in Europe and the Worlds largest Gold fraud /scam resource we get 80 to 100 offers a DAY. We’ve had every gold scam tried on us time and time again. We have lists of over twenty thousand fraudulent companies and individuals, we couldn’t hope to list them all here.

The service we provide is to act as a secure intermediary between buyers and sellers, to transact your deal safely negates all these risks and brings our wealth of knowledge into your deal. The small charge for our services outweighs the risk a thousand times over.

  • We will do a preliminary $99 check on any company or person to determine if they are listed on any of the fraud databases. Just send us the relevant information and you can pay via Paypal using our email address. Contact us now with the information.
  • Should you wish to proceed , then this can be followed by a $999 report. Which will then check out the authenticity of the deal, the validity of any paperwork, do a background check on those involved and ensure your procedures are following safe guidelines.
  • Should they pass these checks then you can proceed to our buyers or sellers pages.

5 Most common types of fraud:

1) The most common is sellers asking you to pay upfront costs. This can be shipping which can be many 1000’s of dollars. You are unlikely to receive your parcel and don’t expect to find much Gold in it if you do. Asking for a ticket to escort the Gold to you (aka free holiday) or asking for a letter of introduction to the business. If a seller wishes to escort the Gold product and needs a letter for customs. Basically using your company to support their visa application, so unless you want to be dragged into a case for illegal immigration, do NOT send the letter.

2) A lot of the larger deals will ask YOU to send proofs. Names of buyers, proof of funds, passport copies etc. Do NOT send anything to anyone who you aren’t 100% sure of. These proofs are then used to run scams in your name, especially passports!

3) More detailed scams will ask for a buyer to create a payment / financial instrument. Some form of bank MT103, SBLC, BG or escrowed funds. These funds are not to be paid out until completion of the deal, giving the buyer security. These CAN be monetised or used as proof of funds to go out and purchase Gold to sell to the buyer. A rapidly growing scam. This can even be done with an MT799.

4) Fake Documentation! With so many gold offers around scammers reuse documentation, photo shopping signatures from one to another, changing dates, etc.

5) The inheritance scam seems to becoming more popular. Example: My father died and left me 40 kilos and I just need so many dollars to release it. These are often backed up by equally corrupt lawyers or advocates in Africa. A variation on this theme is the girlfriend or boyfriend befriending you and then promising to come visit / marry and just needs a few thousand dollars to release gold to sell to cover their trip. Then a bit more and a bit more, etc.

There are many variations on the scams listed and of course every one will claim that they are the real thing and have had problems with fake buyers before and dont want to get caught again.

We have established that for every deal we see 99.9% of ALL deals are fraudulent. Can you afford to lose 999 out of every 1000 deals you do?

FOR SELLERS : There is as high a percentage of fake buyers out there as fake sellers. Buyers using trumped up companies and documents pretending to be large multi billion dollar conglomerates when in truth its a dealer looking to flip the deal using his range of contacts in social networking sites.

The ways to avoid these scams are to thoroughly do your research, ignore anything on a social network site. Check the longevitiy of the company, size, website, directors, previous dealings in the industry, etc. Or alternatively get us to do it for you.

Most common scams

A non exhaustive list of the main culprits / scams we get time and time again. Look for variation on the names, its still the same people, trust our vast experience.

  • Thailand Gold – often associated with the Royal Family, sometimes exported to Hong Kong already in ‘secure warehouse’ with HSBC, entices people in with good discounts.
  • Gaddafi Gold / Libyan Gold – normally with a story of life or death, sometimes oil too
  • Gold from Cameroon. CEMAC buyers permit. Does not exist!
  • Robert Cohen – QVR Industries Corp, BVI Jones Wyatt, Crown Gold Reserves (Hong Kong), Sovereign Capital (Hong Kong) International, Summit Global Investments Group, I get more complaints about this man than anyone, now believed to be hiding in Ireland
  • Abraham Luzzi, Gulf Gate General Trading LLC, Dubai. Now deported to Uganda, very bad scammer.
  • Optim Gold, Kampala, Uganda (now Southern Minerals) – Many complaints about fake SKRs, to disappearing shipments
  • Genco Africa Logistics, Nairobi, Fake Shipping company with offices in airport, fake updating web tracking page.
  • Adamawa Investments Ltd, Adam Mugga, Kampala, Uganda. Fake websites, gold always gets “lost” in transit.
  • Mr Tegani, Silk Route Cargo Nairobi, and Mr Victor Onyango Juma, Kundelungu Mines LLC. David Bujiku.
  • Ngoe & Associates Legal Consultants, Chemines Ltd, Haco clearance and Forwarders, Ordiamex Mining, Olipro Trading Co ltd, Veolia, Patrick Tusiime, Blue Sky Express and Inter Cargo, Delacore and Acro Metals in Tanzania, Nashon Jeffrey Otieno, Hi Speed Freight Services, Afromines, Globalshipexfl, Relix Minerals, Global Shipex, Savannah Logistics, Dotline Pacific. Stanza Trading Worldwide Company Inc, Nairobi. Rockfield Mines Ltd, Brian Kizza. Elumbe Sanza Junior, Manila, courier,, fake UN tracking website. Joint mining and Minerals, Guinea. Novonikmetals limited, Vladivostok, Russia. Jean Pierre Mulumbu, DRC, Masisi Local Diggers, and Masisi Precious Stones, Uganda. Attah Mensah, Ghana, Superior Mines / Superior Mining Ventures Co Ltd. Baidekun Limited, Hong Kong. Camara Johnson, Joint Mining and Minerals, Conakry, Guinea. James Kamya, Kamya James Exports, Kampala, Uganda. Trade Panel International Limited, Uganda. Akem Oben Roberto, Kouriri Kevin, Aali Foncha Dadje, Cameroon Gold Mining Ltd. Anet, Mavinzo Vinzo De Minerale Societe, DRC. Tengrela Gold Mines Inc, Eagle Elephant Security SARL, Chief Koulibaly Bamory, Cote d’Ivoire. Ibrahim Conte, Refinery Guinea SARL, Conakry, Guinee. Shield Resources Ghana Limited, Robert Williams, Owen Ben, Dr Benjamin, AF Logistics Mining & Petroleum, Ghana. Ramon Morales, Barbudo Exportaciones S.L.U, Spain.
  • LINKEDIN SCAMMERS: Jason Richardson, Foundry Thirty-Three Limited. Man Local Miners – CI (MLMCI) Cote d’Ivoire. Mr Abel Konan, Nitesh Saxena of Visva Enterprise. Xtoceebude Limited, Lagos, Nigeria, Christopher Chukwunwike, Christopher Ikebude. Andrew Gregson, Bertoua Local Miners, Congo. CIPInvest Incorporation, Dominique Bouadou. John Chiramba, London, Diamond dealer. Agim XHELILAJ, Official Global Director, Above the Standard LLC. Sessay Abdulahe. Mostapha Aziz, Bafaka Local Gold Miners, Cameroon. Rockie Tradera, Rocky Trading, Cameroon. Otakah O James, Ste. Rojo Groupe SARL, Benin. Arman Bahri, Ananda Bachri, Indonesia. Austin Wright, JSC United Insustrial Corporation, C&K Mining Cameroon, Ray Robert. Bush Carvendish, Franchise Ltd, Cameroon. Imexun Guinea, Bah Mohamed, Antonio Gomes Castanho, Unimex SARL, Moha Gold Diamond Ltd. Hassan Fadil, Atlantic Diamond & Gold Limited, Cameroon. Port Commerce Global, Kuwait. Jean Jaures Kouadio, Empire Kouadio Groupe, Ivory Coast. Luis Canas Esteban, Burdinola Promozioak. Otakah O James, Ste. Rojo Grouoe sarl, Cooperate Grouos Inter Benin. Olga Lawson, UNDPAP, UK. Anand Chopra, A&L International, Singapore. Siguiri Mining Community Company, Mamady Konate, Guinee. Nik Odhiambo, Congo. Peter Olajide, Global Resources LLC, Florida. Pierre Herrmann, Fairweather Capital Ltd, Montreal. Don Diego Adri, Pebbles Energy Limited, Ghana. Evans Lucas, Mining Minerals, Nairobi, Kenya. Bonas Gold Ltd, Bonas Gold Miners, Cameroon. Ousmane Camara, Gold Star Shipping S A, Guinea. Roberto Simao, Portugal. Best Metal Trade, Kenya, Lawrence Jamia. Peter Sumo Garnette, Liberia. Reda Ennaciri, Canada. Dr Kevin Obeng-Marhu, Ghana. Johnny Blackstone, J&B Int LLC. Hakim Toure, Mali Local Miners Cooperative Union, Cooperatifs des Minieres du Mali. Stefano Bertoncello, Spain. Anila Ahmed Din, Dubai. Jean Jacques Mohammed, Adamaoua Local Miners, Cameroon. Yunusual Mohammed, Africa General Gulf Company, Ghana. Hyder Sheikh. Gold Mining Invest GMI Ltd, Mohamed Sheriff, Sierra Leone. Steven W, Summer. Jeremy Nono, Osmose Corporate, Cameroon. Africa Division Affairs LLC & Consulting Services, Prince Kouoh Raphael, Benin & Nigeria. Lords Real Estate, Australia, Holly Owen. Norman Group Ltd, William Acha. International Commodity, MikeMiller Financial, NewYork, US. Keni Oyeyinka, Bonas Gold, Kaydeezee Global Ventures, Nigeria. Khalil Hussein, Heritage Group of Companies, Precious Mineral Company Limited, Bangkok, Thailand. Reonanje James, Amac Gold Ltd, Cameroon. Bulwark Capital Advisors, Bulwark Mandate Services, Ney York. Cameroon Rural Miners Corp, Menser Fon, Rahmat Ali Mohommad,, Cameroon. Mojtaba Vaghef Vahdat, Pishahang Company, Iran. Alluvia Inc, Ghana, Joseph Gold. Dan Ojowa,, Kenya. Thomas Marie, T&A Capital LLC, Florida. Daniel Perez Alvarez, works in Dakar in Oil. Melva Warner, Gol Mond Investments, Adu Enterprises, Melvsells, Greater Atlanta Area. Golden Section Company Limited, Cameroon, Olivier Jeanpaul, Denmark. N’Faly Soumaoro, Mory Diane, Mali Sport, Mali Foot. Condor Gold Minerals, Peru, Cesar Augusto Lengua Majluf. Dennis Pfeiffer, B2C Consulting and Management Ltd, Dublin. Agoldmind, Agold Mind, Charles and Amina in Australia,, Uganda. Burnham Mohamed, Quarry Mining LLC, United Arab Emirates, Vijayendra Kamble, SKSGTC.COM. Roberto Fontana, F R Rappresentanze Industriali, Italy, Oluseyi Bammeke, Frbon Ventures International, Nigeria. Wilhelmina Ford, Australia. Skelokuhle Nkabinds, Umnotho Group, S Africa. TLCM Global Holdings PTE Ltd, Mike, Perth, Australia. Dr Mamudou Diarra Sidibe, Anchor Gold Miners & Metals SARL, Mali. Edwin M Christopher, Unique Gold Ventures Ghana Limited. Khal Haj, Alhaji Khalil Mining Group, China. Mukete Tahle Itoe, Africa Gold Source Inc, Cameroon. Fabrice Mayona, SBM Global Logistics, America 2030 Capital LLC, UK Luton, New Addington, Croydon. Elumbe Sanza Junior, STWC Inc, Sanza Trading Worldwide Company, Philippines. Prince Sunny, Atuna Baatia Mining Company Ltd, Accra, Ghana. Summer Ice (pty) ltd, Steven W. John Bethanis, A Gold General Trading, Dubai, Lyrix Gold mining Sarl, Aliou Dicko, Mali. Gilbert Guimbaolibot, Philippines. Nevada Mining Resources, Hong Kong, Jimmy Trikeriotis. Johnnie Osei-Djan, Oak Logistics Commodities Ghana Limited, M&C Logistics and Trading Limited, Ghana and MNCSB Trading DMCC, Dubai. Roberto J. S, R J Trade & Titulos, Brazil. Berg Pasttora, Kaddish Invest and G7 Max, Brazil. Zdravko Milushev, олимп еоод, Bulgaria. Morteza Rahnavard, SPS Trading Company, Iran and GPT LLC, USA. Emmi Emraan, Khalifa Trading LLC, United Arab Emirates. Khaled Hassan, Assouty Group, Egypt. Andrew James and Kariba Jane Mohamed, Twilight Property Investments Ltd, Bert Denkers, Sophia Gold and Gems, Maurizio Polverini, Teseo Trade Italy, Gorizia Italy. Roman Lakhymets, R&M Exclusive Hospitality Services, Poland. Jesus Baloto, Interglobal PTE Ltd, Interglobal Private Ltd, British Indian Ocean Territory, Philippines. Fotabe Forsah, Copper Cameroon Ltd, Cameroon. Abednego Jusu, Good Miners Investment SL Ltd, Sierra Leone. Ahmed Shamsi, Gold Canyon International LLC, Canadian Gold Resources Ltd, Dubai and Ndimamadou Gold Group Ltd, Cameroon. Lindst Fabio, James Inoni, Ishagold Consulting Ltd, Cameroon. Ernest Annor, Nestval Ventures, Nesval Ventures, Nigeria. Carlos Martin Toribio, Pristinus Corporacion, Santiago Garcia Rojo, Rosan General Investments SL, Madrid, Pablo Rios Francis, Restaurados Europa SL, Guadalajara. Koffi Cesaire Kouame, 2k Trading, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Aubin Charles Atsain, Ambito Servicios, Ambito Group, Spain. Anita Kurian, Phoenix Multinational, India. Thulasizwe Gova, Wece Trading (Pty) Ltd, Wece Business Solutions, South Africa. Etyang Clement, Adrois Group Ltd, Kampala, Uganda. Mike Hurst, FE Source, Chicago. Nnamdi O Esimai, G T Infinites Solutions Ltd, Mauema Integrated Services Ltd, Cle-parinna International Ltd, Infinite Solution Nig Ltd,, Nigeria. Yaron Cody Lines, Bionik Group, Hong Kong. Albert Aggrey-fynn, OCFS Limited, Ghana. Felix Brako, Helvent Investment Limited, Ghana. Abey K Joseph, Al Musaned International Company, Saudi Arabia. Marc Azongnide, Wanignilo Sarl, Benin. Leonard Deferm, Bonas Gold, Bonas Group, Cameroon. Krystalflux Mines, Cameroon. Chris Williams, Independent Consultant, Texas. Daniel Chata, Polo Green Palace, Nigerian Association of small scale Industrialists, Nigeria. Wyatt Patterson, Local gold mining, Ghana. Hazec Inc, Ontario, Canada. Ashok Sharma, Ecofuel Saver India, India. Fulvio Tutone, Noor Teknoloji Ltd, Italy. Gisela Melo, Elanur Gida, Biel Switzerland. Quantico Security Limited and Bravo Minerals, Kampala, Uganda. Osmond Jones, West African Minerals (SL) Ltd, Sierra Leone. KoKo (a) Michael Ko, GreatLink Group Limited, Myanmar. Babs K, K4 Distributions, UAE. Laban Delamour, Negoce ML Group, Mali. Victor Shaba, VIK Gold Ventures, Victdiamond Global Ventures Limited, Nigeria. Francois Mono, Astaria, Cameroon. Farid Ahmedov, Ukraine, Alfa Trading Nederlands. Howard H J Lee, South Korea. Mark Allsworth, International Facilitators Ltd, Stoke on Trent, UK. Lawal Ibraheem Olalekan, Rich Peace International, LIO Foundation, Nigeria. Sunrise General Trading, Algeria, Bahrain. Kwo J Michael S, Liberty Consultium, Brussels, Belgium. Emmanuel A, Jordan Nig Ltd, Ghana. Rowland Chimeze, Flourishing Oil and Minerals Pty Ltd, South Africa. Gafou Konte of Groupment Des Cooperatives Miniers De Kayes Mali and Afrique Negoce Sarl, Mali. Jonathan Pillay, Corpbrand Index Traders (PTY) Ltd, South Africa. Nicola Vettorato and Virginia Zaghi, Counselor Service Holding, London and Italy. Fabian Ogola / Fabian Ochieng, DSI Mining and Logistics, DSI Export and Cargo Company, DSI Mining Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Redoin El Bouchikhi, PDG Africa Travaux Ferroviaire, France. Youssou Tidiane Kante, KMD Group Sarl, Mali. Benphila Ghana Limited, Philip Mustapha Morka, Abdullah Sufyan, Ghana. O-Group Africa Limited,, Ogroupeltdke, Gertrude Marrlyne, Nairobi, Kenya. Vaani Bullions, Sierra Leone, India., Emmanuel CEO, Obuasi Gold MIne, Ghana. Sandra Dempsey, Zedgold, California.
  • Our fraud list is now many, many TENS OF THOUSANDS of companies and people. If you have a query please just use the Paypal link to pay the $99 fee and send an email with the company / person details for our fraud team to check for you. A small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience.


ZENITHGOLDS this website is claiming to be associated with us. It is NOT! Theres no registered company and its website is in Panama, its just a scam, don’t fall for it. pretending to be us advertising an IPO for a cryptocurrency, do not be fooled a total scam out of China. or .com is a fake company offering SBLC issuance and pretending to be the World Gold Council. Mr Terence Heymann is the director of the World Gold Council, a very reputable organisation and has nothing to do with sending these emails.

FAKE WEBSITES: advertising a new scam called the “Authorisation of Spot Shipment Procedure” a new variation on the CEMAC permit scam.

584 thoughts on “Gold Fraud”

  1. Has anyone done any business with Jude Walikall Mineral Est? Chap named Robert Agoyo?

    I have an FCO from them for a CIF purchase from Uganda.

    Any one know if this is a scammer?


  2. Received offer from premier precious metals mining company, any body knows about this company, M. Pascal emmanuel adjovi MD, from TOGO

    1. Is a scam, he send us fake pictures, poorly photoshoped, even a child would notice it, and he agrees to everything, then at the last minute changes the procedure, and ask for 250$ per kilo for the freight, in this case he wanted 1250$ for 5 kg, he never answered the video call. PLEASE BE AWARE AND LOOK THOROUGHLY THE PICTURES

      1. Luis, go far away from ROBERT BUKENDA and his his director Kiyingy Badry they are big scamers, they stolen from my Cines Buyer 25.000$. I shame of my client . When my client asking from Badry money back, he asking more money to send 10kg.Sombody must put this two scamers in jail.I have theirs passports if you need.


      2. i met them personally – all scammers
        Robert – kiyingy Badry – and Joseph Magelo
        they stole more than a million dollars from an English buyer

  3. Dr Ken Roberts from Diamgold in S Africa contacted me in Sierra Leone in Nov 2017 to come to Uganda for a 15kg gold transaction. He introduced me to Patrick Tusiime and Kenwell Kanwagi who I paid $44,000 for export taxes and documentation. Dr Ken said I had to as he knew them and had worked with them before. After they demanded $20000 for a UN clearance certificate. I reported it to the police and they arrested Kenwell Kanwagi, Patrick Tusiime is on the run and Dr Ken Roberts fled to S Africa.

  4. Francis John, DBA Tongo Mining Company LTD our of Sierra Leone, +232 30 329994 along with his shipping company BK Logistics. Claimed he shipped 10 Kg thru the shipping company but it got held up in customs so the gold had to come back. Then he claimed he tried a hand carry mission but got attacked by other Africans. Since then he has made numerous requests for an extra $100-$300 to give pocket money to an American who would hand carry to US. I would love to prosecute him and is BK Logistics.

  5. Hi , we are an investment group (860 people) and invested in a gold backed crypto called $dig Dignity.

    Their gold provider Sion Trading FZE from Dubai should have locked down billions of gold bullion to back the token at $1 stable.

    We are waiting for 2 years on gold verification but every time another delay. Token trades at less than a half penny at the moment. We are scared we got scammed for > 30 Million USD

    We had Kent Swig from NY as leader for the investment opportunity.

    If you have any information for us we would be very grateful. This could be one of the biggest scams in history.

  6. Hi everyone,

    Have someone heard about Avaals Metals Ltd in Kenya ? In touch with them since a while..but feels something is wrong.


    Represented by : Mr Edwin Amimoh Opiyo (CEO)

    Address : Avenue House, Ngong Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

    Phone : +254704721504,+254204406050

    Email :

  7. Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with a Nana Edo from Ghana? He harasses and misleads, gets phony people to call you and sends fake letters from your government endorsing him as the only honest gold seller in Ghana. The usual stuff about money up front, then come the barrage of calls, insults, stalking.

  8. Patrick Mugisha based in Nairobi is a scammer also. He says he has a General Bosco in Drc who gives him gold in Nairobi but wants 5% upfront for papers. He never delivers, always makes excuses and also he uses fake warehouse ‘Savannah’ gold. His number is+254705789696. He takes the 5% upfront then dissappears, watch out for him. I have his passport details and also Savannah Cargo/Logistics is also part of this scam. Be carefull!!

  9. I was conned 75,000USD by a company called DSI, this company is owned by Jared Otieno Kiasa and Nicolas Otieno who sometimes changes his name to ( Ndolo) these are thieves. They have guns and once they scam you they can kilos you .If Nikolas comes infront of you please run

  10. I know of a company going by the name Great freight forwaders located in Kilimani areas operated by one patrick ngare to be a SCAM.Recently they relocate to denis pritt on a different name Lunar freight forwaders.

    1. DO NOT deal with the following people, their associates, company or affiliated companies. These are a few of the scammers at large in Kenya;
      Jared Kiasa Otieno – Convicted felon and the gold scamming kingpin of Kenya. He sits at the top of the pile overseeing several fake companies with gold dealing licences. Ask yourself how is it even possible for one person to legitimately obtain these if propers checks are followed?
      Robert Muga Otieno- The marketing manager of DSI in Nairobi. He will show you the gold and fake documents to build your confidence. Short tempered and stammers a lot.
      Nicolas Ndolo Otieno – The managing director of DSI reporting to Jared Otieno. He is polished having refined his malicious act. He hardly shows his face preferring to monitor the meetings through CCTV from his office.
      DSI Exports & Cargo Ltd – One of the fake gold front companies in Kenya all falling under Jared Otieno. Supposedly they are a clearing and forwarding company too. They may have a real licence granted from the Ministry of Mines, but that means nothing. It’s their licence to scam. By the time of this writing DSI is probably closed and another fake company opened to take its pace.

  11. Your website is very helpful in gaining more information about the industry and know scammers, I met a guy by the name of Rasheed from Ivoire Escrow, they say that the company was started by the government to reduce gold fraud and they accept Escrow payments is that a real company

    1. No its complete rubbish, as Im sure you rightly guessed. Thank you for bringing this latest scam to our attention though.

  12. We were scammed by a group of organised criminals in Uganda. We were introduced to Claude Etumba Longomba, mobile number +243995572360 a Congolese national who claimed to have gold for sale. Claude then introduced us to Kevin Mugisha a Ugandan national, his company iis Global Mineral Traders, mobile number +256779448846, who was the clearing agent. We first paid Kevin’s contact (Patrick) 7000 USD for export documents. And another 135,000 USD after the smelting of the product. Kevin and Claude changed the product while it was with their “customs” guy overnight. DO NOT DEAL with these people. We have suffered a huge loss!! Abraham Lauwa mobile number +260763666097 of Walikale mining is part of this scam. Avoid these people at all cost! We have suffered a loss of over 140,000 USD and would not want anyone else to suffer the same.

    1. Balak global minerals are a MAjor scam in Kampala uganda. They have an office in lubowa estates, this is just to con you. Stay away from PHILEMON BAYOMBA (congolese) and JOHN BOSCO NYONDO (ugandan) they work with fake shipping companies with fake tracking sites. Our gold ended up in the Philipines. They will rob you blind stay away

  13. Soy Alejandro Fuentes vivo en Chile, tengan cuidado con una oferta falsa de Oro Bullion de 200 TM que se encuentran supuestamente en el banco HSBC de Hong Kong , el vendedor se llama Robert Cohen y trabaja con mandatarios de Ecuador y Bolivia. Cuidado con esta estafa internacional.

  14. For mineral geologists on Uganda Scammers of the worst kind George, Alex, Mike, Joseph they draw you in to thing that they have tons of gold and try to scam you with payments and upfront payments for customs I nearly lost a lot of money lucky it’s only my travel money lost please take note this company is a professional con / scam company I am warning you to stay away from them.

  15. 419 Gold & Diamonds Scam Alert :

    Chris Bwambale is a scam / con artist acting as a gold seller. Let me explain how he operates. Chris Bwambale will actually really come with a small ” trial” of either 1 or 2 kgs og Gold Bars (HK, Dubai, etc). He will even pay for his own ticket and hotel. After this Chris will tell his buyuers that they need to pay for 50 / 100 / 150 kg of taxes and insurance in order to ship this big quantity of Gold out. This time Chris has no intention of getting Gold exported. His intention is to scam you and once taxes are paid for he will come with excuses : Gold is stuck with customs or More money is needed for additional documents requested by customs or Gold is in transit and we need more money. Gold will never arrive.

    Company: Hatyta Holdings Limited
    Address : Plot 5826 Kironde Rd. Muyenga Kampala Uganda
    Phone: +256392974477 / +256392974466

    Stay away from them please !

    1. Be careful for another new scammer APMEX MINERALS MINING FROM TOGO , This company don’t exist and also the guy who operates this scam is using a Togolese Passport with the name of Komi Luc Chambas.
      Beware he is a smart robber.

    2. Mumbere Katsongo Bradley also works at this company and also a con artist…..he promised to deliver 500kg to us and turns out we lost USD$ 28,000….his passport number is OPO222986… transferred to his company account and also a personal account of this person JOE MARSHAL ONGAMO

  16. Please be warned for some scammers from Freetown Sierra Leone..

    Robert Cole – Freetown Sierra Leone (Gold & Diamonds Scam)
    Ibrahim. P. Koroma – Freetown Sierra Leone (Gold & Diamonds Scam)
    Mohamed Tarawally – Freetown Sierra Leone (Gold & Diamonds Scam)
    George Allieu – Freetown Sierra Leone (Gold & Diamonds Scam)

    Website :
    email : /

    These guys used to scam people using another company called Precious Stones Investment (SL) LTd. After scamming a lot of foreigners they got exposed so they simply started Breaking Water Mineral SL Ltd. and start all over scamming people.

    Stay away from them !

  17. I got scammed in Kenya. I have lost 80000USD paying tax, insurance, government fee, transportation, ownership certificate and agent. The was by Mr. Tegani (Kenyan) owner of Silk Route Cargo Nairobi +254 786 164 734 and the scammer was Mr David Bujiku Sakila (Tenzanian) +255 718 701 414 claims owner of Kundelungu mines LLC, son of ex-defense minister of Tanzania. Mr. Victor onyango (Kenyan national)+254 778 372 772 or +254 789 623 902. I had to leave the country as they threatened my life.

    1. Ths idiot David Bujiku also scammed us he has a long chain of people he works with. We were introduced to a muslim leader(a sheikh) as part of the ring we trusted him and lost 65000dollars

      1. Googling the address of another supposed company called NDJ GOLD EXPLORATION COMPANY LIMITED, I see it has the same exact address as KUNDELUNGUMINE with David Bujiku leading it. I have a 24 kg offer from them in Dar Es Salaam, I knew something ws off, has anyone heard about NDJ company?

  18. I read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to make such a wonderful informative web site.

  19. A list of Scammers from Nairobi Kenya & Kampala Uganda :
    A. Ricy Otenio claims to run a shipping company and will promise to bring you gold to your country.
    B. Sheila Namahe : she is a lawyer of some sorts , will show a posh office and state that family is connected to the president . She is tied up with all the major scams . Generally seen in the company of a Muslim man called Najeeb / Yusaf
    C. Muhumuza Nyamutare : A well Known scammer know to dupe Dubai and East European businessmen.

  20. Please stay away from George Allieu operating in Freetown Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry. George Allieu claims to be seller / broker for Gold Bars , Gold dust , diamonds , but this person is a scam. The miners and exporters he will introduce are part of this scam. After paying money for the product and documents he will find excuses to get more money from you.

    His intention is never to get your Gold or Diamonds out of the country. His intention is to scam you. Please stay away from this person.

  21. Sheikh Aboubakar khalid Haji a fraud who pretends to be a religious leader (a sheikh) to gain trust from buyers. He uses alias names like Mr.Mohamed and his company name is Transtrading and shipping company ltd. His phone number +255655632424 operating in Tanzania. He will show you pictures of him and the Tanzania muslim council leaders and high government officials like ministers.

  22. Darry Dore
    Passport number O00356816
    Mobile whatsapp +23795320760
    Diamond and Gold scammer operating from Cameroon, Mali and Guniea. He is a master scamster. He will first say he deals CIF, then asks for visa, then ticket and and then advance. All videos he shares are of fake gold and diamonds which he doesnt own. Defrauded us of 7,000 usd

  23. Another fraud star in Uganda called Bahati jailes owning a fake gold company. This company is called MABASHA AFRICA LOGITICS. They keep on taking peoples money yet they are gold fraudstars. Anyone who will deal with this company or bahati jailes in person is doing so at his/ her own risk. its a fake company

      1. These people change their numbers more regularly than they change company names. If the company names the same it is a fraud. Guaranteed.

    1. I can confirm Jailes Bahati is a mega fraudster, he scammed us of a significant amount of money. Mabasha Logistics is a fraud company, they switched our Gold and we arrived at the destination with iron in our locked boxes instead of Gold. Do not engage with them, they seem to enjoy some protection from Police and Customs officials, it looks like they are part of a well organized crime organization. We were told to not even bother to take them to court or Police, they will get released immediately

    2. Currently he is under arrest in kampala Uganda,if u want to open a case against him let me know and connect you to the CID officer in charge of his file.He has conned mob people

      1. Hi, yes i would love to be in contact with the CID officer in charge, and put a case against him, how can i get his details

  24. Marina Rubia Rocha Dias José Pedro Dutras Jorge Pereira Florentino
    Are fake gold sellers they ask for logistics and weird made up fake fees to fund ilegal operations out of São Paulo Brasil , and Minas Gerais .
    Cooperative pra cuidar they rip off old folks in nursing homes as well .

  25. AMAC Gold & Diamonds Ltd /Herbinvest Limited – Cameroon scammer.

    Represented by James Reonanje aka James Leonanje along with many other aliases possibly the one previously known as Juan Mata.

    + 237 673646716

    I have been tailing this one for a few months by pretending to be interested in closing a deal. He offered up to 48,000KG Gold per year!

    He has many joker brokers believing his claims due to their own greed to close a deal. None have done their own due diligence and are being led along by this scammer. Beware anyone offering you deals with this one.

  26. Another fake seller of gold operating in Nairobi Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and DRC Congo:
    AFRIMETALLICS Exports and Cargo Company LTD
    Kilimani, Nairobi,
    Contact: Nelson Ofula +254 204408124 +254 724812788
    They claim theyve Gold from Congo without documents. Theyll ask you to fly to Africa to inspect their Gold and to help them with payment for the taxes. They tell you that you get collateral that will be stored in a safe and you will never have access to it because they let a fake customs official sign off with you.

  27. Hi everyone,

    Please be weary of Elly Kalekwa, his a Congolese based between Uganda and Kenya. He works with several people to take money from you under the pretext that they move gold via the UN.

    They even store the gold in boxes at the Entebbe base and than claim to have smuggled it to Kenya for better control where they request more money. Common amounts are $130k for a UN jet and $1.5m for the UN to give clearance.

    His so called attorney is a Tony Hanington in Uganda and clearing agent is Emmanuel of Hereus Smelting agency Ltd.

    The agent in Kenya is called Zeddy who sits at Swiss port next to the office of Brinks.

    Anyone that has been a victim can partner with me to help bring them to justice.

    His also the owner of Sofa Paka foot ball club in Nairobi.

  28. My client was promised by one Semakula Bashir director of Dynamic consortium Uganda to deliver 22kgs.He deals with a Lady in the bank where he claims to keep the gold. My client paid 70,000$ but up to now he keeps changing stories of how the other broker wants money and ministry still asking for documents that he is working on.
    I do not know if there’s something that can be done maybe block his company. We have all documents.
    Thank you

  29. Gold Scammers in Tanzania

    People involved:
    Bennson Abdallah Mzee
    Erick Lemashoni
    Myriam Uliana
    Lucianode Souza Lopes

    Company: Tee Te Co Ltd.

    The Scam:
    Luciano and Myriam offers the service to go to Tanzania, and they are mandate for Tee Te Co Ltd., they send several documents and ask for USD 10,000.00 as deposit to pay taxes and flight ticket to go to your refinery deliver the gold, wait for report essay and then send payment to Tee Te. What happens next, they say they need to go to Kenya because they can not leave Tanzania with gold anymore, and start asking for money to pay taxes (USD 77,000.00) in Kenya to leave to your refinery.

  30. Dar er Salam Tanzania there are two Italian bastard named Gabriele Petrone and Anna Barone with fake security company named MG8 in reality they are working for criminal organization situated in Romania and Dubai ( Jonathan Marquis) be careful they have a criminal case open in high court in Tanzania.

  31. Nicholas kagiri tanzanian guy living in south africa. African mining brokers works with scammers in Tanzania who give you fake documentation then demand money for shipping.

  32. Another gold scammer from Nairobi Kenya advertising on Facebook. This guy claims he will sell you gold.. $25.000 per KG. Really ? And yes, people still believe these fake Facebook profiles and are even travelling to Africa to get scammed.

    Fake profile name: Peter Alison
    Location: Nairobi Kenya | Kampala Uganda | Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
    Product: Diamonds, Gold Nuggets, Gold Bars, Copper Cathode

    1. Attention!!!
      Vladimir Ivasiev +1512…….. as a buyer of gold bars is a real scammer!!!
      he is present self as CEO Atlantic Protein and as representative by Vermilion investment company.

      Hollmec Mining Limited Zambia name Charles SCAM company.

  33. Horn Gold Dealers in Nairobi Kenya is a scam. These people recently changed their name and are posting a lot of gold related pcitures on Facebook asking potential and “serious” buyers to come to Nairobi Kenya. Horn Gold Dealers are the same people behind Nairobi Gold Refinery (KMGR) and they will never ship out Gold to their potential buyers. Even the collateral they will offer their potential buyers will either be fake or useless because they will always use one of their own “customs officials” to sign off for all documents.

    The nice cars, nice watches, nice clothes and even the office.. Yes, loks very good but it’s just to make you feel comfortable so you will pay. Just stay away from these scammers.

    1. I am busy with a transaction now and the ministry of mines website is
      do you know the official website address? I’m trying to do my DD on company and documents.

  34. Scammers operating under the name Kenyan Metropolitan Gold Refinery (KMGR) are already exposed and listed as a scam. Since these scammers found out that they are exposed they now operate under a new name: Nairobi Gold Refinery. and Kenya Gold Refinery So watch out because it is the same group of scammers behind this website.
    Website : Location : Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

    Adresse: Kaloum, Marché Niger, non loin de UBA, Conakry
    Phone: (+224) 624 39 68 40 (+224) 662 12 25 14 (+224) 620 84 66 83
    The guy called Dore Darryl and another guy named T CHOUKOUMBOMFE/JEA.
    Really appreciate Zen gold staff providing suggestions in the process. we only lose limited fund.

    represented by Mr. Amaro Edson da SIlva

    This people are fraud they sign nice contratcs show pictures of the gold but in the end is always the same story they ask money in advance and they do not provide or delivery any gold !!!

    Rui Barroso
    Amaro Edson da Silva
    Victor Manglioni

    AVOID any deal with this company and this persons….

  37. Dear Sirs

    Someone is running fake website of GGDO/PMT, scamming serious investors for country… even when i tried to communicate via website i got below contact information, then i visited Sierra Leone for business , He came to see me as GGDO official in my hotel, but i understood he was not sierra leonean as he was not speaking local language with anyone, possible ghanaian or nigerian.

    I request all officials please control scam / 419 so that country can grow in right direction.

    GGDO fake official information:
    Hamid Yaya

    Registry Domain ID: 1973316885_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2017-11-08T18:11:02Z
    Creation Date: 2015-10-30T03:16:59Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-10-30T03:16:59Z
    Registrar:, Inc.

  38. I have been in this business since 2010, lived in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and often visited Tanzania and Congo, Zambia to ascertain validity of claims of supplying gold, copper, coltan etc. Prior to this, I lived in UK and USA for almost 12 yrs.

    One thing I’ve discovered, is that despite Africa being a wealthy continent, 99% of all transactions or offers being presented are elaborate schemes.

    All that said and done, my advise to any interested party venturing in this industry:-
    1. Never pay for anything before hand
    2. Always go to a mine directly, or a verified outfit, for any business in this industry. And even then, due your due diligence! This site is a great start
    3. Unless a would be seller offers to bring product to you at zero cost from you, do not be tempted to send any bank instrument to seller. Like the author of this website has repeater pointed out, they can use this to still make as it can be monetised or somehow sold elsewhere. Seen this happen many times
    4. Do not make trips to these locations without having proved prior that seller is legit. Otherwise you risk kidnap, unjust imprisonment etc
    5. If by luck you get a credible source, still start out with small minimal amounts, then build up. Even if you have chunks of money, test the waters first, and go on from there. Good sources, though very hard to get, do exist.
    6. There’s potential small, medium sized, legitimate outfits/mines and concessions that require partnerships in terms of equipment. This is a great way to venture into this industry too, through the right channels.
    7. Do not fall for sites that also claim to track your shipment. These fraudsters have fake sites that will supposedly track shipments in real time. This is either air, or package full of worthless garbage.
    8. Avoid sharing your personal and company details to anyone without prior confirmation that they are a legit source. This info can easily be used to defraud other poor victims, thereby tarnishing you and your company’s reputation.
    9. Last but not least, some victims end up spending additional amounts of money to local policing authorities, often times to no avail. I wouldn’t waste my time to be honest, unless one hired their own internationally recognised investigators.

  39. Unique Transport Services London/Accra office. Scott Wilson and Eva Young. Has anyone run across this pair? Unique is scam I believe. Anyone else run into this?

  40. Beware of Mohamed Sesay and Ibrahim Conteh from Sierra Leone. They deal in Diamonds, Gold Dust and Nuggets.

    Name of the seller: Mohamed Sesay, Sierra Leone, DOB: 19 Sept 1980, Tel no: +232 30 713035

    Name of the shipper/agent: Ibrahim Conteh, Address: 144 Bai Bureh Road, Wellington, Freetown Sierra Leone, Nationality: Sierra Leone, DOB: 26 January 1982, Tel no: +232 802 22047, +232 77555 397, +232 30 88 98 13, Company name: DG Deustche General Trading Co Limited, email:
    Address: 24 Bryne Lane, off Aberdeen Ferry Road, Freetown

  41. Ground Mineral Trading Company CEO Michael Cole in Uganda Kampala is just another Gold and Diamonds scam

    Michael Cole is a con artist and a scammer and he will tell you to come fly over to Kampala and see his goods. Before travelling we agreed to export a small trial of 5 kgs handcarry. Since most of the sellers work with shady exporters we wanted to reduce the risk. We agreed to pay for taxes for some tested collateral. Before we left Dubai Michael Cole agreed with 5 kgs handcarry trial BUT… when we arrived in Kampala the story as well as his attitude changed.

    This time they told us that the 5 kg could not be separated from a 250 kg consignment and they told us to go for the entire 250 kg immediately. When we said this was not as agreed they became extremely hostile. Luckily we had a Plan B and picked up business with another seller we already made agreements with before we left the Dubai.

    Gold Seller: Michael Cole
    Ground Mineral Trading Company
    Phone: +256-702911665

  42. The following individual is a scam and one should stay away from him:

    Roland Mundeke Kasongo from Congo claims to sell gold nuggets and gold bars. He will tell you he will need your money for tax payments (the well known scam story of 419 advance fee fraud).

    Currently operating in Nairobi Kenya as well as Kampala Uganda and Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
    This person is not operating alone but is backed up by an international syndicate of scammers.

    Companies used in Nairobi Kenya:

    Shabunda Mining
    Horn of Afrika
    Paul Kobia & Associates

    When you meetthis guy you better turn his offer down because he is a scammer

  43. Mg8 Tanzania , Gabriele Petrone , Annamaria Barone , 2 scammer using a FAKE security company in Tanzania , and sweet talk people to go over to Tanzania , to be scam , they will suck you dry , and when you stop paying them , they will send in scammer buddy to set you up with some fake gold and using their immigration buddy to extorte you more money stay away from those scammer

  44. Hello, Thanks for the great information.

    A seller has offered to send the gold CIF. He asks for a non-transferable inactive SBLC. He would give us a PBG in return and only then the SBLC would be active. The banks are world class.

    For some reason I am sure they are scammers. But I dont understand how are they gaining from this?

    1. The same reason as always. The SBLC is still saleable at a % of it’s value once issued and therefore monetisable as it can be used as a form of fiat currency in the markets. The personal guarantee however will never be claimable. All you’re doing is funding organised crime and giving your name as a target to be circulated for others (also saleable if they know you’re gullible enough)

  45. Did somebody have experience with this Company ????
    I get a Airwaybill from this Company with a tracking number. They want to deliver from Entebbe/Uganda over Nairobi to Dubai Gold .
    Need to know if this Company is real / Trust or are they Scammer who make only the website and cheat People.

    1. A known scam company. ALL cargo companies offering gold shipments are scams as sellers will always find a buyer before shipping, there’s hundreds of buyers on the ground willing to pay if it was real.

    2. Transky cargo are scammers…
      434, Rue 232 Aflao-Gakli BP. 5248 –
      Tel: +228 93 48 43 71
      Fax: +228 90 87 31 78
      Fake passports/ Asking for Airline Tickets and money do not trust them have domain site / outlook emails and gmail address – People movers just scamming.

  46. Lesley Leonard Kolf is a European Gold Scammer. Originally from the Netherlands but currently operating from Antwerp, Belgium. Travels to Tanzania and neighbor countries and invite his “buyers”. He will let you test the product, pay taxes and show you documents but you will never receive the gold. Just another scammer..

    Stay away from him !

  47. 1. MWAMI RADJABU (Congo)living Kenya
    2. JIMMY BELAWU (Congo) living South Africa
    3. GENERAL SALIM (Congo) living kinshasa

    They claim to be REBEL group LEADERS from the DRC and have real GOLD which the can’t sell because they are exporting ILLEGAL with NO  Paperwork.

  48. Beware of this guy, another Gold scammer in Australia. Evergreen Investment Group Pty Ltd / Motherone Pty Ltd / Nurturing Care Allan Lam and Kate ,Katherine, Scam, Fraud, Falsify Documents,

  49. PP mining.

    By Peter and Paul Warren

    Sales manager by the name of

    Kenneth Carriere (with passport photocopy)

    Assisted by Alex Pedro

    All a scam – classic need money for flights right at the end of the deal…

  50. Eric from New mining SA
    Big scammer. Lived with my friend to establish rapport and trust and then this was followed through with a classy money upfront gold scam. Deplorable particularly because of the lengths that he went to to develop the confidence before the scam.


  52. I received a scam from Mr. ANTONIO MAURIZIO MARTINA in Tanzania around 35.000,00 usd with his company MAMO PRECIOUS STONE in Dar Es Salam è in Congo … careful is professional scammer .


      Company : ASV Import and Export Limited
      Address : Plot 149, Chang’ombe, dar es salaam dar es salaam 91841 Tanzania
      Phone : 255787675977 255689333307
      Contact : Muruganantham Veeraiyan

  53. I receive a scammer about gold trading from this company Sky Commodities in Dubai and from Quebec (Canada). These Canadian group of person stolen me 500.000,00 Usd .
    Be careful these people the owner name is JONATHAN MARQUIS and his friend REGGIE.

    1. good day enzo, i have also been scammed by jonathan marquis out of over 400,000$ , do you have any last information on his wherabouts, contact etc ? we should get in touch and work on this together

  54. We saved ourselves a lot of Money and heartache by having certificates checked by the government in SL. I would give you the name and number of the contact but have moved house and they seem to be in deep storage somewhere. But you can get the relevant contact details via the embassies.
    One crook who came highly recommended is John Turay – works out of Nigeria and SL. He claims to be a lawyer/barrister. Hilariously, one certificate was stamped with ‘this is not a scam’. He has contacts with a guy called Phillip Esse. One thing scammers do is suck you into getting approval from the tribe – major red flag

  55. The fraud agent is Dennis Sathieseelan Nair who very convincingly dupes Innocent Investors into paying for all expenses and taxes for a shipment to Dubai. The Supplier in Tanzania is Musa Rahim and Musa Mswaki from a company called MJI International and Sea land Destiny.

    1. Hey Cherl Pillay, my team was also scammed by this same fraudster Dennis Nair in 2016. He was using Rockwell resources co. limited from tanzania

  56. Hello can someone help me confirm these Companies
    1. North-25 Minerals company limited.(Tanzania)
    2. R. Mineral Exploration and Services(Guinea Conakry)
    3. DT Exporter (SL) Ltd
    Thank you

    1. North 25 seems to be a scam. We we’re negotiating a deal with them until yesterday and they just disappeared and took our money as well!

  57. Scammers:
    Edward Roy Macauley – Freetown Sierra Leone
    Mobile and Whatsapp: +232 76106582 or +232 77404215
    John Kamara – Freetown Sierra Leone
    Mobile and Whatsapp: +232 30483163
    Ibrahim Kamara – Freetown sierra Leone and Nairobi Kenya
    Mobile and WhatsApp: +232 88032859

    Mabontho Mining Company , Sierra Leone
    9 Bumbuna Highway, Tonkolili District, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Roy Mac Investment, Sierra Leone
    22 Aberdeen Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    DTB International Limited, Sierra Leone
    29 Nelson Lane, Tengbeh Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone

    Please stay away from these people/companies !

  58. Hi Barnaby:

    We were ripped off, big-time, by Goldivanti Mining (Goldivanti LLP). Some guy named Jean Louis. In Tanzania. I real bunch of low-life SCAMMERS. They use several websites, including and I was wondering if anyone else had been ripped off by this bunch of degenerates. Tell your people to RUN AWAY FROM THIS GROUP!!

  59. Unfortunately I have to report some new Gold scammers to the site:

    Aziz Ben Musafiri from Kenya and he is operating in Kampala Uganda Nairobi Kenya as well as Tanzania
    Hans Dieter Wagner is a German national but currently living in Nairobi Kenya
    Albert Yale is from Kenya operating from Nairobi Kenya most of the time
    Roland Jojo Olembe is from Kenya and acting as the customs official he is operating from Nairobi Kenya

    Most of the time they will probably use one of the following companies to scam you so please be extremely careful !!

    Umoja Express Logistics operates in Kampala Uganda as well as Nairobi Kenya

    Sky Blue Cargo Logistics

    Gulf First Cargo Logistics

    Kenya Metropolitan Gold Refinery LTD – KMGR operates in Nairobi Kenya

    1. Another scammer to add in Kampala, Uganda:

      Mabasha Africa Logistics:

      Run by someone whose name/alias is Jailes Bahati. Uses several other front companies. A dangerous person, claiming to be an agent/exporter but producing fake export documents and ready to use violence.

  60. Isaac works in cahoot with Another swindler Xavier Onyango who owns Olipro Trading co ltd, surprisingly both Olipro and JenRich are not registered in Kenya or any EAC state, they only appear on MINEINFO under stickers Olp#3456 and JNRCH#6527 respectively Xavier is a right hands man of Kenyan oligarch Paul Kobia

  61. Isaac Omondi is a Kenyan conman operating a briefcase company JenRich metals he tried to con me $6000, luckily I only sent $100 before I realized he is a con his phone no +254705161726

  62. Dotline Pacific in Sierra Leone, Gambia, Guinea, West Africa or ECOWAS is fraudulent. They claim to be a logistics company but they are a front to steal fees for gold/ diamonds shipments etc. They ask you for shipping fees and taxes etc but never deliver. Do not trust them with your product or money.
    Please be aware and stay away.

    1. I know this company Dotline Pacific, seems to be leggit but their activity is 100000% fraudulent, i was scammed too by this guy, it looks there’re are police and secret service guys behind him, be aware and take care.

      1. Dotline Pacific on it’s name Dotline Logistics Ltd Freetown, Sierra Leone
        23 Forte Street, Eastern Area, +23230583006, Richard Bangura mobile and whatsup +23279050451, Bank account 540110130026124, UBA Bank , Freetown ,Swift code UNAFSLFR.

        Richard Bangura is one of his fake name used for scamming people, see more details on this link:

        The real deal with diamonds in Freetown it takes place only at GGDO, no other places, offices, hotels or whatever.

  63. Mr Emmanule OR Emmanuel Lande Tshabalala from T K C HOLDINGS {PTY} LTD in South Africa is a fake gold and diamond scammer. He told me he would travel to deliver gold on consignment and I only needed to buy an airplane ticket for him. He sent me fake visa/ passport/ pictures of gold and papers. Then he asked for money for his plane ticket even though we agreed prior that I would purchase it for him. Suddenly he said that he also needed money to ship the gold because it was more expensive than he thought. All his documents were forged. Please be aware and do not deal with him. His full details are below.

    Contact: Mr. Emmanule .
    Mobile Number: +27- 836793485
    Telephone : +27- 635223308
    Email :

    1. 100% Correct, this group works with exactly the same companies I have listed on this site before and I will do it again. They will NEVER give you the real AWB because they know they will scam you. Instead they will give you a fake AWBB which is useless and can only be used on their fake website to “track” you cargo (it’s a complete joke)..

      1) Shabunda Mining operating in Congo, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya
      2) Gulf First Cargo Logistics in Nairobi Kenya
      3) Umoja Express Logistics in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya
      4) Sky Blue Cargo Logistics in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya
      5) Kenyan Metropolitan Gold Refinery also known as KMGR in Nairobi Kenya

      Same people, same cartel, stay away from them..

  64. Scammer alert Uganda. Goes by the name Jacob number +256759066281 working in cahoots with Uganda clearing agents pretending they have Gold for sale. They will show you fake nuggets and then ask for custom clearance money. Avoid like the plague!!

    1. Watch out for DrYusuf Qassim !! Claims to have 200MT in Dubai. Scanner!! Unbelievable sets of lies and game!! Keeps changing offices in Dubai. Last seen in Fairmont hotel Office. The moment you ask for proof of product, he disappears. Says he is in hospital !! We lost two months chasing this guy and his stupid games!! He says he has Canadian passport but you will find profiles on the internet saying he is Eypgtian !!

  65. NAMAHE SHEILA,has office and serana hotel kampala,acts as innocent lawyer but she is part of many scums,dont be dooped

  66. Anybody know Abraham Luzzi of SSEBO International Group (U) Limited, Kampala?
    He is offering gold in an Italian Bank…..
    This screams at me that it’s a scam……
    Website been suspended….Facbook page non existant….etc….

      1. CWAG SARL. Guinea Conakry and Côte d’Ivoire.
        Mr Felicien Assogba
        Director General of Cooperative West Africa Gold(CWAG-SARL)
        Commune de Kaloum, Conakry BP: 4305
        Assistance Kaba Souleymane
        Kone Meita
        Kouakou Stephanie Amoim Christelle
        Mr Edward. Sesay … and others

    1. Abraham Luzzi was working for Gulf Gate General Trading LLC in Dubai, he is a fraud.
      He just spent 9 months in a UAE prison and then deported for scamming many people for gold, acts as a clearing agent, the usual common scam, works with all the DRC, Tanazanian and Ugandan scammer network.
      He calls himself ‘Mr. Economy’ home in Uganda and the naive locals actually believe him, shame they can’t use google to see how many people he has scammed. STAY AWAY.

    2. Abraham Luzzi is a very well known gold scammer from Uganda & has been involved in many gold scams in Dubai and Uganda, he was most recently spending time in prison in Dubai for his latest scam, fraudulent cheques & defrauding people on gold that he never has. This guy is a criminal, you can check with Dubai police why he was in prison and then deported.
      He will act as the clearing agent for any fake gold and demand payment to get it released. Dont waste your time with him, or trying to trade gold in Uganda, as they welcomed him back with open arms to continue the same scams, the police, customs and other government officials are all in the same scam game in that country.

  67. Dubai Gold Trust Limited (DGT) purports to be an investment trading company following regulations of the Dubai International Financial Center holding an official international gold trading licence registered under No. 228517. Note that Reg# 228517 is the registration # for DGT, Kampala, Uganda. DGT, managing director Capt. Mohsen Raouf and represented by Bjorn Neeven/Progressive Development Fze, Sharjah, UAE are in partnership with Isaac Ramadhan who is listed at as an African gold scammer for selling 3kg of brass as gold. Isaac Ramadhan operates out of Burundi and Congo DRC. Beware if you contract with either of these companies or individuals there is a very high risk that you will not get the gold bullion you contract for and you will surely lose your money.

  68. First of all – thanks for a exl site!!!!

    Any bad reports known in Uganda;
    1) Veolia Ltd
    2) Kilomoto mines
    3) Person by: Andrew Wataka
    4) Different offer from person named Moses Musoke

  69. Dear All,

    Wondering if you had experience working with the guy from Uganda named Bashir Semakula. He is presented as a owner of a East African GoldSmith LTD.

    He is offering Gold.
    Any experience please

  70. Micasa Freight and Consultant. This company work together with Nile Refinery in UGANDA, they are both scammers, they would ask for 3% for tax and tell the buyer that they would deliver to Dubai within 24 Hrs, They would later call the Buyer and demand an additional 3% for more document after paying that the would claim the gold is at customs and need 5% more and on and on, Samanta is their Agent she would change her name from time to time

  71. Joseph Ssemanda and Robert Mcuncuzi in Kampala are gold scammers. They ask for what u might consider small amounds of money like $500 or $1000, claiming that they need the money to pay for lodging costs for the gold owners while they themselves take a bus to bring the gold to u. Very dangerous people

  72. Can anyone give me a positive response on AA Minerals in Ghana as a legit exporter with a real license to export metals.

    1. Yes AA Minerals is a well known refinery in Ghana, just make sure you do the deal with AA, not someone claiming to work with them or for them. Do it yourself on the ground within the refinery and no money upfront.

  73. SCAM WARNING: We were in contract with this group, FALEA GOLD SARL/ FALEA GOLD MINERS, represented by Bathily Keita and their “miners rep” Baba Sacko. Everything was going well until they wanted money sent for plane ticket, and then insurance, and then travel money and they typical of when denied to send them further funds, they disappeared. We are reporting them to authorities for intentional fraud.

    Date: 12/06/2017                                                     

  74. A DRC man named Medard Keke Ilunga (real name but uses many fakes like Jacques), drives a silver Mercedes Benz registration number IL Keke GP, lives in Sandton, South Africa. He’ll tell you he needs money to release his gold/diamonds from customs, it’s a scam.

  75. Unfortunately I have to list 3 people to this site for scamming buyers in Gold and Diamond transactions. Please be careful for the 3 indivuals listed below.

    Morris Mangala – Diamonds and Gold Seller
    Operating from Kampala Uganda and Nairobi Kenya

    Timothy Mathews – Gold Bars and Diamonds seller
    Operating from Nairobi Kenya / Sierra Leone / Liberia
    Skype: timothy.mattews

  76. Hi friends,
    Please suggest me I am going to Mali next week for meeting Association of Malian gold miners , Bamako, Mali.
    They approached me I’m going to to buy 2kg initially.
    Any one know this company ?
    His name is Salif.

  77. Hi,
    anyone was dealing with Sea Land Destiny Ltd in Tanzania???

    Sales person: Mr. Charles Kimanga

    Is this company real and genuine???

    Mr. Joseph Boateng Abedi of JOSEBOAT VENTURES LTD in Ghana and Mr. Kwame Ofei CEO of ITALTEC! Italtec is a registered company in Ghana!! These people are still in business and hiding like little schoolgirls when people ask them for answers about their fraudulent business. Even after providing proof with audio and a signed contract by Kwame Ofei the CEO of ITALTEC himself(!) he still denies fraud! Stay clear of these two. They’re a menace

  79. We have been dealing with afrikgd in bomako Mali, we have paid about 20000 USD but every time the gold in is some place and they say the insurance expired and non criminal certificate expired and so on. Is this company fake.

  80. The company OCEAN LINK GROUP OF MINING LIMITED from Accra, Ghana represented by CHARLES KOJO or KUDJO (e-mail>, tel: +233 245 644 918; WhatsApp: +233 245644 918) and company The GHANA GOLD AGENTS represented by EDWIN CAMPBELL BANDANAA (e-mail>; tel: +233 240 030 579) are scammers, fraudsters, and cheaters, never ever deal or do any business with them. Spread the words all over the internet and put them on the black list everywhere. They robbed me and threatened to never come in Ghana again. I have all documents and evidences for their scam and fraud. I have contacted Ghana police but they do nothing.

  81. Does anyone know horn of africa Ltd

    Offer colatral against taxes .anyone that can advise if you had that experience with this group urgently need reply

  82. This is really a good site, very helpful.

    Do you know a company name Mineral base agency in Uganda ?
    They asked to sign SBLC and M760 and government taxes.

    Any information will be a great help.
    Tks in advance.

      1. Agent claims that the UN clearance certificate is needed to authenticate that the nuggets were not sourced from a conflict region in Congo. Has anyone else ever had of such thing?

        1. If you’re getting UN cert from that you are sourcing from DRC with I assume full DRC origin and mineral licence docs. Good luck selling that if you ever get the docs (which you wont)

      2. Has anybody dealt with a certain Jacob Merlot in Uganda? The man is Congolese but operates from Kampala selling metal.

  83. Has anyone ever dealt with a company called Resotec Africa Group.. the contact is Mrs. Thandie Selele,

    we have been approached by her to supply metal to us. We deal on the west coast but are trying to get into supply from the east.

    1. Hi Charles, I do know Thandie and have met her face to face, but through her company Resotec Water, which is part of Resotec Africa Group. I didn’t know that she was into supplying metals. Something doesn’t sound right here. Her WhatsApp pic at one stage was a pic of her with the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. So just be very careful

  84. Barnaby,

    have you ever heard of a company called southern minerals out of Uganda? i have a mandate i am supposed to be meeting in Kenya in two weeks to arrange a handcarry for 50 kg ..

    1. Southern Minerals are the same as Optim Gold, new name for them as Optim Gold’s name is all over the web as scammers.
      Don’t waste your time with Farouk who runs it, he is well known Kampala criminal.

  85. Juma Kisekka Bagzie +256 754 507 332
    Kampala, Uganda.
    Notorious gold and diamond scammer and local mp for some village.
    The guy is bad news and linked to some very unsavoury dangerous people. He is the guy who makes introductions to supposed dealers, you get scammed. They keep the cream.

  86. to add to the names are scammers in east africa, Nairobi, kenia…NASHON BWANA & PHILLIP AROKO. They scam buyers by asking for documentation fees and government taxes but your gold will never leave that country because it is brass (fake). Take your money and run.

  87. Have you heard of a company called Aginico – Eagles Ltd of Guinea Conakry. Is it connected to Agnico the mining group?

  88. Sir, readers

    Is anyone familiar with a Mr Richmond or Royal Gold Investments or the Royal Shipping Company (all Ghana)?

    Many thanks in advance

  89. Hi every body ! I am going to Ghana next month to meet Aisibco LIMITED for a deal. Do you know this company ? Is it a serious one ? Thanks Bless

    1. A standard scam with all the hallmarks of a fraud. No history online, no website, no accounts, nothing. Yet several pages on “social media” websites (all written by themselves) which say its a huge company company with 18 years history and loads of employees and exports. 100% fake!

  90. I would like to know if you can give me information about a man named Patrick Mainard and Mr. Fernando Olvera who claims to be the representative in America of the company Pit Purines (I hope I have written well), pr that offer us gold, could help me

  91. Be careful with Stardust Gold Company Ricco Müller
    Is a manipulator For your interests In search of money
    The person who gave him Money lost him I can only advise not to give you money if you do not want to lose it.

  92. Hello, we have been contacted by a Seneya Nicholson Tel: +254738818881 from Nairobi Kenya he arranged for a visa for my partner who went there witnessed the gold, transactions and shipment . They even supplied a UN document with all the contracts and shipping papers EDV cargo is the shipping company in this deal, they are still contacting us asking for employment papers from our end so that they can act. We are down by 160 000 us dollars so far and they won’t supply us with the Master Airway bill to track the shipment that is supposedly stuck in Bahrain.

    1. EDV cargo are a fake transport company, fake website, tracking numbers, which are well known in tanzania, kenya, congo and uganda.
      A big conglomerate of scammers use them. The good will always be stuck in bahrain, nairobi or oman en route to places like Dubai, Sing or HK and they will want you to pay taxes to release them. Oldest scam in the book.

      Scammers will always use transport companies that no one has never heard of. Unless its G4S, Brinks and Transguard, dont bother as you will just be given fake docs and airway bills.

      Sadly my friend, you have been scammed. Hope you can recover some funds.

      1. EDV Cargo is fake!! The Seller work with the Company BLI Benchmark Logistik International (Jackson) together . They send you a fake tracking number from EDV Cargo and after that you see that the Goods are arrested because they have send it out without the NON CRIMANAL CERTIFICATE. ALL IS FAKE !!! The Sellers name is EMMANUEL SIKO MAHUSI! He is a cheater, with a fake Passport

    2. Inter Cargo Express Uganda are the EVD cargo equivalent in Uganda, they don’t exist, just a bogus website with generic content taken from other websites.

      Maendeleo Mining Limited & Optim Gold Ltd both in Kampala use this fake company.

      Beware of Patrick at Maendeleo & Farouk at Optim, both criminals who have been involved in gold scams for a while now.

  93. Does anyone have recent information on Robert Cohen of
    QVR Industries Corp. ?? His company is now Jones Wyatt Corp.

    Does anyone receive his newsletter ???

    1. Dear Mr. David,

      Stay far away from this person. This is a fraudulent offer, and he keeps sending them around with “updated” validety dates. The volume is always the same as well; 200MT

  94. John Tshibangu / John Tschibangu

    He works with Rugano Mining Limited, Kampala, Uganda.
    Its all an act, self proclaimed General, fact is they are a new firm, and he is a wanted criminal in Congo, a real nobody.
    They have been running diamond and gold scams, for a while now. Frauds.
    They have defrauded Hong Kong investors of $7 million.

    1. This guy is a total scumbag and pretends he wants to do good for the people of Congo, he is just a scam artist who is wanted by the local authorities in Congo, he is based in Kampala as he is given shelter there to operate his scams from high up the foodchain.
      You want him, he will be scamming in Kampala and is very easy to find as hes always staying in Musevenis hotels.

    2. I got caught up with this guy in nairobi. He was a second link in a fraud scam that started in Uganda. He represented himself as legitimate and trying to help me recover from the first Uganda based scam. He also had a man named Jean Morlon involved who is a French citizen but lives in Nairobi. The general told me he lived in Nairobi.

  95. mineral base agency ltd Ugandan company is linked to a Kenya company Global Aviation Africa ltd are 100% scammers. new companies owned by saidy, connected to Dubai gold scam. these companies are 100% scammers and they will never deliver gold to you. They keep asking for LC and have a way of discounting letter of credit and money will vanish from your account without trace. be careful

  96. Has anyone had dealings with azmil mineral company out of sierra leone? have had an offer and I have been burnt once out of there but I know there can be deals done..

    the name connected to it is hamid jalloh

  97. I have been offered, what seems to be, a good gold deal, but I have asked for POP and all I have received are pics.

    What kind of POP should they send me so I can be sure they have real gold and not just some other metal or wood painted in gold?

    Thank you for the advise.

    1. There is no safe POP that can be exchanged as even if they do send you real verifiable POP it still doesn’t mean you’ll get that product. No real gold transaction can be done on paper.

  98. Hi all
    Please do not trust the compagny GENET AIR CARGO for buying gold.
    they will try to steal you, this compagny is head by Patrcik Obama.
    Be careful they pretend to have gold but they have nothing, this is a scam!


  100. Abraham Luzzi @ Gulf Gate General Trading LLC in Dubai

    Abraham Luzzi is a Ugandan fraud / conman who works with Congolese & Ugandan scammers.

    He will pretend he is the clearing agent in Dubai (no goods are even sent) and he will require a few thousand dollars to clear them, you wont ever see your money or goods.
    He has been part of many elaborate scams that take place out of Dubai but he acts like he’s a gold clearing agent and wants paying.
    Pretty poor acting. Do not deal with this man or company. The Authorities will be on his case very soon. Standard Ugandan gold scammer.
    I found 2 videos of him online, standard borrowed gold nuggets to show you and you never receive them as they aren’t theirs.

    1. I would like to state that 2 years ago because we emigrated to another country I sold my company Gulf gate general trading in Dubai with more than 10 years excellent background and Abraham Luzzi came as a buyer and with a fake cheque he bought my company and we put the company in his name without knowing that he had no balance on his account! Until today we are suffering for this sale to this man! At the same time he acted as a big business man from Uganda and had Gold on the way to Dubai, he then took from me $75000 for this cargo and I never saw any Gold! We had a court case and finally he planned to run away from UAE by using a fake passport on December 13th 2016, police catch him in the airport and now he is in Dubai Jail. Please if any one was cheated by him go to Dubai police and find him there, I and my family are suffering a lot during this 2 years from this man and he used my company for cheating of others as he did with us.

    2. Abraham Luzzi had a plan to runaway with a fake passport from Abu Dhabi airport because has several police cases in Dubai, he was arrested and was 8 Months in Dubai jail and finally was deported to Uganda on 24 July, he has civil cases with us still. Please pay attention this man with new name (Mr Economy) countinued his work and he is supported by Ex model, Alicia Debby Sempaka in Uganda .
      Gulf Gate general trading company was my company and he stealing my company license with 2 cheque without balance! And show one coltan cargo in Jabal Ali then we found was Sand! And took money bring Gold but never deliver to us!

  101. 100% scammers
    Kundelungu Mines (T) Limited is a private registered company based in Tanzania that specialises in the sale of gold dore bars, uncut rough diamonds, colta and, copper cathodes.. he company’s important details are as follows:

    Registered Office: Plot No. 147, Mikocheni Area, Migombani Street,
    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Post Office Box: P.O. Box 95650 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Telephone No.: +255 718 701 414

  102. Laurent.

    You mean Patrick Dushime, he is the same guy who scams for Maendeleo Mining Limited and Inter Cargo Express Uganda

    Neither are legitimate and i advise anyone to stay away.

    As the guy above says stay away from all gold in Uganda.

    1. Patrick Dushime @ Maendeleo Mining one of the top 5 scammers in Uganda.
      Everything about this guy is fraudulent.
      He recently ripped off some Chinese guys for $2.5 mio.

  103. Our company has just been scammed with 178 000 USD in Uganda by a bunch of crooks in a sophisticated scam.
    The scammers are :
    -Optim Gold and his CEO Farouk KISUZE
    -Inter Cargo Express Uganda and his CEO Patrick TUSIIME
    -Alfonse Kafi Saolona, the chief of the crooks, who have swiss passport and ID and pretended to be married with a swiss woman whom he integrated into the fraud,
    -Dodo Lekulaba, supposed “right hand” of Alfonse Kafi.
    -Mata Pepo, who claims to be “the owner” of a 700 kilos stock of gold in Uganda
    -His lawyer Mrs Sheila Namahe, from Maxim Advocates, who gave Optim Gold our money
    -The “claimed” businessman Cellou Diallo, who recruits clients for the scam.

    If you aver meet any of these people run away ! They are also involved in diamonds scams. They operate in Uganda whereas they are all from DRC.

    1. Optim Gold are well known scammers, as is Farouk Kisuze all over Kampala.

      Optim Gold & Maendeleo Mining Limited are known to use Inter Cargo Express Uganda (fake company and fake website just copied off the net).

      Also Rugano Mining Limited are just as nasty gold scammers.

      The Ugandans call claim the know generals. All scammers.

      Anyone with half a brain will stay clear of Kenya, Uganda and Congo for gold trading. There is a reason why they have this reputation that nothing ever leaves the country, because its true!

      1. A Ukranian / American who goes by the name of Andrew (white boy) sometimes poses as a U.N official along with a specific HAM CLAIZER MUSOKE of UGANDA (on the run in Ghana currently)
        They produce FALSE URA / TAX / EXPORT PERMITS ETC and even swop goods of clients and work with police on false arrests etc

  104. An individual called Isse Muhindo with Ugandan number of +256 750 343302 is a fraud. A sweet talker who messed me up big time. He is Congolese. Beware

    1. They are a frauds. Along with the following scammer companies in Uganda:

      Optim Gold
      Chemines Limited
      Rugano Mining
      Golden mining agency ltd
      Minerals Exodus International Limited

      Stay away from Uganda, Congo and Tanzania, 99.9% of deals are scams. These countries are rotten to the core with scammers.

      1. Maendeleo Mining 100% scam artists.
        Tom above is correct in his comments above.
        Uganda is a waste of time to do business in, everyone is a thief, and all those companies he has listed are well known gold scammers. Save yourself any time and money and don’t bother visiting that hell hole.

      2. I have been fighting to obtain 250 kg of gold purchased from Golden Mining Agency for a year now. They supposedly provided bad documents so the UN in Nairobi held it up, I paid a fine to the UN and it is now stopped in Nairobi because it was part of a larger shipment entering Uganda, so cannot be shipped as a single shipment according to the Kenya Revenue Authority without paying more taxes to Kenya. I have had an attorney involved and am trying to obtain information on the shipment insurance I purchased, but Golden Mining will now not answer any of my emails or phone calls. I started on this thinking these guys were incompetent, but now think they are criminals.

        1. Based on my experiences to date, the people I believe are involved in the gold scam being perpetrated on me are:

          Elly Kalekwa, DRC citizen
          Simon Kalule of Capital Investments Uganda, Uganda citizen
          Simon Abraham of Golden Mining Agency, Ltd, Uganda citizen
          David Balondemu, David Balonemu & Associates, advocates, Uganda citizen
          Paul Kobia, Custom Cargo Handlers, Kenya citizen
          General John Kibangu Irunga, DRC citizen

          1. I was scammed by Paul Kobia, owner of Custom Cargo Handlers, Ltd in Nairobi. He was paid for cargo insurance, documents air freight and export taxes, but never shipped the promised cargo. He got his wife involved as an excuse for not shipping the cargo, then hid in the hospital to prevent me confronting him during my last trip to Nairobi trying to get the dore shipped. I recently read on another website that he is a big time scammer “oligarch” and protected by Kenya officials. Don’t believe anything he tells you. He is a liar.

  105. I’m in contact with some mine in Cameroon and they request CEMAC.
    I did a contact with Ministry of Mines, talked with Mr. Jean that confirmed the need issue a CEMAC to deal with the registered mines through Ministry contracts, etc. Do u think that Ministry are involved in this scamms?
    Check in

  106. Ikombe Jackson Kabadi
    This man is a scammer and resort to threats and harassment when you dont comply. He WAS partner to my partner and is in Tanzania or Kenya. He has made my parterns life hell buy contacting her entire family and contact list from the laptop and phone he stole from her. If you have any info on this person please let me know.

  107. Beware with this company, provides fake documentation and refuse to ID themselves. They have been reported already to the FBI. MT760 Fraud.

    Company: Alpha Articanal Timber Local Miners
    Country: Cameroon/Mexico
    Agents: Pierre Matom, Serge Surmount, Miguel Angel Viveros
    Guadalupe Jaramillo Duarte

  108. I’ve been in contact with a company called Genet Air Cargo about gold in Nairobi Kenya. Even I’ve checked their website genera-group which by the contacts in websites I’ve reached also in whatsapp. In website and everything they seem all legit on selling gold. Can someone please tell me if I should proceed with them about the sample payment?

    1. Why would you buy gold from an air freight company? They have not got the gold licence to export nor the mineral licence to sell. Only use a reputable long established licenced gold dealer.

      1. Well they have got the mineral dealers license from mines and geological department, and have sent me a copy of it. I mean out of many scammers they can do it at least right?

        1. Its not just about that one, theres several more they need and even then its not enough. Have they sent you verifiable past performance, have you secure collateral, were customs present on signing the document? Theres over a 1000 licences issued in Kenya and only maybe 10 of them have any clue what they are doing. One mistake and youll lose your money its not worth the risk with a company that I can find no record or mineral licence for.

  109. You guys are doing well with the information. It will help a lot. My concern is with the Ghanaians in these deals. We hear stories of similar cases in the news.Most of them uses black African power (juju) to charm prospective clients.I will be glad if zengold to make an article of that sort to also open viewers eyes on it.some gold are spiritual gold ,they don’t travel beyond boarders.

  110. Do any one ever made use of Cradke logistics in SL to transport Au.
    I realy have a problem – exept to handcarry small qry’s – to move product savely from SL. My previos exp was that Malaicca Express drop a delivery on its way to Spain in Antwerpen. After been paid as req, needed anouther $24k to sort their “line agent” who made the “mistake”. They reacon after provide 95% of the paid service, they DID do their part. Any idee of a realiabille transporter company who have a ….. pride to deliver.

    1. When Im in Africa I only ever use an agent on the ground with a mineral and / or export licence. The shipping I do through any reputable airline from customs to customs. That way its held in bond securely for the whole journey. Any reputable buyer should have their own armoured transport and licence to collect out of customs at their end. Theres really no need for a separate shipping agent and most Ive come across are crooks making money for doing nothing.

  111. Please we are negotiating with a cameroun base seller as antrus mining Limited as CEO of the firm as stated in contract is Mr. Carol Kenny . Please is seller genuine or a fraud ? the require SBLC /BG on a CIF after assay at buyers refinery payment . His deal has 15% off LBMA ..

    1. If you raise an SBLC or BG for ANY unverified seller in Africa be prepared to lose a lot of money and your bank account. Its just not done. Plus the banks compliance office will require details which will mean this cannot be raised, so dont waste your time.

  112. COBRAZ Ltd/ COBRAZ SARL is a scam company

    (registered in Bangui RCCM number: 0228 / CCIMA / 2001B, Avenue B.BOGANDA 607BG BP, Tel: +, represented by Charles Maximilian BOGANDA YANGONGO
    +33 6 74 50 91 19
    Central African Republic passport number: D00001291

    Charles Maximilian BOGANDA or Max Boganda is a scammer based in Paris, but leads a double life with another woman/family in the Central African Republic.
    He will just take your money and make excuses like; the deposit for gold, the tax rates have suddenly changed, its on a flight, its tied up in the ministry, the usual African conman lies.

    He will tell you he is related to the president who died back in the 50ies, he will also tell you he a special envoy to the Vatican etc, more lies. Currently there are legal proceedings by multiple parties against this crook and he will be brought to justice and serve time.

    1. yes…Max Boganda, Charles Boganda or Charles Maximilian Boganda is a very famous scammer in gold & diamonds.
      Any scam to be done in CAR, he is the man giving that place a terrible reputation. He has scammed plenty of people, I am amazed he is still a free man, total con artist.
      I have no doubt he will be rotting away in prison at some point soon.

      Im sure the Vatican wont want anything to do with this scumbag if they knew how many honest people he has scammed.

    RC Numero: RAKTI – 2013 – B187 du 16/8/2013
    Adresse: Kati, quartier Kalabancoro Plateau, Rue 127, Porte 902 – Republique du Mali

    1. Whilst I know there is gold in Hong Kong, if the offer refers to Thai Gold, HSBC Hong Kong, or private warehouses storing it, Ill guarantee its a fake. As the chinese are currently one of the biggest buyers on the planet if there was any gold for sale it would sell to them immediately, so I doubt youll see any legitimate offers out of HK.

      1. So anything in HSBC HK and private warehouse all fake? 🙁
        But they do POF & POP via Bank to Bank Swift then TTM. It shows that they very good at scamming

        1. Yes they are all fake, with fake HSBC documents, I had someone put in jail in Ghana this morning for a similar fraud. They monetise the POF and use them to purchase commodities in your name, dont do it!

  114. Is it necessary when buying gold from Cameroon to get a CEMAC BUYER PERMIT?

    If so, how can i do it with no scams or issues?

    Thank you

  115. Hi, pls is there any information on petrom mining company and Rugano mining limited in Uganda? Are they for real? Thanks

    1. rugano mining are scammers. stay away. they are involved with some bad people. they claim to have ties up with the president, but thats just to make you feel comfortable.
      DO NOT ENGAGE IN BUSINESS WITH THEM, as they will take your money, pay zero taxes and then leave you high & dry.

      1. Do you have any idea on the whereabouts of Sam Or Samson ELESA from Rugano Mining Ltd. We would like to speak to him please.

        1. sam from ruganos number is +256 756 922 889
          the owners number is + 256 756 453 597

          rugano are bad news. proper scammers. hearing so many horror stories about them, as someone mentioned above, they are real dangerous gangsters beware!!

    2. petrom mining company and Rugano mining limited in Uganda are huge criminals.
      The guy who owns it its the Presidents son in law, and he can literally get away with murder because his wife is head of internal security. They are very dangerous people and have been known to kidnap people who make too much noise after they have been scammed.
      Stay well away.

  116. Hi ,

    I have been approached by a group of Kenyan businessmen who have shown me alot of gold and claim to be working with a minister in the country. They have offered to sell the gold to me at $30000 per kilo and they claim to have 1,6 tons of gold. They say they are willing to travel with part of the gold to Dubai and get paid for whatever quantity they take once it has been tested over there. Has anyone been victim of this scam as I am trying to anticipate what can go wrong here and if I should go through with this or pullout now.

    1. Just wait for the inevitable point in the deal where they need you to pay for something to help them get it moving and to show your commitment. Once you’ve wasted your precious time on it you’ll see it as a small investment in the grand scheme. Then there will be another unforseen cost and so on and so on. Very common scam. I’m in Nairobi now and see it each day

  117. Does anyone have experience with the services of Tayscore Tanzania?
    They are basically intermediaries in the Mining Sector in East Africa. They offer risk management solutions and guidance through your transactions in EA. They do due diligence on your business partners, verification of product, documents etc. They do not take advance money but a commission after the deal was closed successfully. Seems legit to me but you can never know in this business.
    They have local and international consultants working for them. Any bad experiences with those guys? Will be greatly appreciated as I am planning to use them for my transaction next week. is the website.
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Please don’t. You are trusting your entire deal in a company that’s not registered and hasn’t even been in existence a year. You need to use a company that’s been been around for at least a decade. Anything less than this and the company would not have enough experience to know what to look for to spot a scam or know all the laws applicable. I know it seems like a cost saving up front, but trust me when I say that this is not an industry you want to skimp on, get it right first time or don’t do it. I appreciate its a large cost to hire an expert but just read all the reviews online and you’ll see how worthwhile it is.

  118. realy ?? so it can be a scam olso ??
    y understand that a saler not go send gold whitout guarante to be pay , because no one refinery gif guarantees, but sblc, bg, lc, ?? what is than the best secure guarantee ??

  119. hallo , y have a saler that ask MT799 blockfund .
    payment tt after assay test destnation ..
    can this be moneytise ???

  120. Pls need urgent information- do any body deald with Malaika Express in SL with sucsess or alternative results to transport AU?

  121. Hello,

    I am dealing with Trans century Global Ltd in Kenya in c/o – Jene Cleve Marve. He gave all documents to me including SKR and I cross checked SKR with GIK security company and found it correct. He asked me to take buyer permit first and he is dealing with all other expenses on his own which are included in the price of gold. ALso, I am supposed to pay the money to him after receiving gold nuggets. He has sent the assay report from ministry of mines Kenya which talks about purity of gold and quantity supervised. Please help me to know whether should I proceed with this deal?

  122. Well. Thanks for the eplanation about zenith golds. How do we do now?? Because more than 50 thousands people in malaysia were make their investment in zenith golds. Im afraid i will loss my money. Because im also one of them.

  123. Hi is apex trading group company genuine. The director is from states. Their main branch is in uganda. They normally deal with AGR refinerry claiming it to be world recognised.

  124. I recently came across what seems a plausible offer from Optim Gold in Uganda On investigation from a very authoritative highly placed person in Kampala, the advice is to run a mile from these guys. They have hired a swanky property in the best part of Kampala nicely kitted out, a professionally well put website running around in expensive cars etc.
    They are running around with offer made to the “Kouri” group to legitimise their scams.

    1. yeah there is a very bent low level politician called juma kisekka making introductions for these guys.
      stay well clear of all of these crooks. all scammers.

    2. Farok @ Optim Gold in Uganda +256 702 745 094 always involved in a gold scam.
      He is the head of the snake.
      Nasty little scammer.

  125. Thank you for this informative site, it seems a bit to late for me as I gave money for taxes and carrier. The company name was Adex Mining Inc. of Tanzania and the owners name was Juma Shaboni Jr. and he is a frudster and hAS TAKEN OVER 100,000. form me…..Warn anyone that this man is a crook!
    …..e. mcdougall

    1. Sorry to hear that Eugene. I’ve approved your comment for the website so no one else need suffer at their hands. Always best to hire the services of an expert in the field for deals like this (such as ourselves). It may seem very costly up front but the difference between a loss of all your funds versus the large profits available make it a no brainer.

  126. Dear Sir,
    Can you please tell us then what is the proper and correct way to make an successful deal with African countries specially with East African countries in Gold bars. I do have an trade unit in Dubai where we are trading in Gold Bar’s.

    1. There’s no set way for a successful deal as each seller and buyer will have different preferred methods but there are 100s of incorrect ways. Every time I have seen a successful deal completed it is because the buyer used a reputable expert to oversee the deal with them. A signed contract in Africa tends to be treated more as an agreement to do business than as a fixed set of rules, therefore someone must oversee the procedure from start to finish and must have the knowledge to sort out the inevitable daily changes that will take place.

  127. Hello ,

    I would like you to help me know if this company exist LIVIDUS METALS COMPANY LTD claims to be selling good too here in Tanzania.


  128. Hi mr. Milbourn, I need your advice:

    do you know Dianesis Ltd (registered in Dubai) and Diaurum SARL(in Burkina Faso)?


  129. Hi Barnaby, please assist

    I have just received an offer from Western Mining Limited in Ghana with the website represented by Mr Kojo Bonsu. Their procedures looks good except the financial instruments Non Operative SBLC MT760 to Seller’s bank they require and the seller financier bank will send 2%PB to Buyer bank and Buyer bank will make his SBLC or BG operative. Is this the legit way to do it. They dont request any money upfront.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Stay far away from Mr. Kojo Bonsu from Western Mining. Mr. Milbourn is totally correct. We have also first hand experience with Bonsu after being asked to conduct a due diligence.

    1. Same page brother shogun Africa is the same scammer I am now dealing with.
      Their Boss is called
      Jared Otieno
      Beautiful office in 5th avenue Nairobi
      We are waiting for a 50kg CIF Dubai which we were told to be in Oman UAE border with no evidenent and no good explanations, stupidly they are asking for more after we paid for a lump sum of the so called royal taxes 105,000 USD.

  130. Known Scammers in East Africa:
    1. Noble Minerals Tanzania
    2. Lividus Metals Tanzania
    5. Crystal mining – Crown Logistics – Vincent Mtui – Teddy Mukandila
    6. Sominco Bunia SPRL – Crown Logistics – Vincent Mtui – Alexis Ruphin Lumande – Prince Mobutho Seseseko
    7. Time for Africa – Ernest Charles Magesa
    8. Lividus Metals Company – David Kazadi
    10. Trust Africa Investment Limited – Mr Kakulu K William
    12. Lake Security Company Limited – Michael Ngudungu and William Siende
    13. Bunia Mines : Mr Ntumba Francois
    14. Carriere Mines Kenya
    15. Peter Patrick Obama – Alego Kilimanjaro Co. Ltd.

    1. Noble Metals and Minerals are known Gold and Copper Scammers indeed. Mr. Edwin Joshua and Mr. Simon Palm Shoo as well as their associates in Narobi Mr. Steve Mogo or Steven Mbogo are known for their deceiving activities. Run away when you hear these names !!

    2. Edwin John Joshua is the responsible manager for Noble Metals and Minerals in Dar Es Salaam and what they to prepare for any Gold or Copper Cathode deal is invite you to Dar Es Salaam.

      Edwin John Joshua aka Richard Joshua
      Gold and Copper Cathode Scammer based in Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania
      CEO at Noble Metals and Minerals in Dar Es Salaam
      Email :
      Website :

      Simon Palm Shoo
      Scammer Associate and righthand man for Scam expert Edwin John Joshua for Noble Metals and Minerals

      Steve Mbogo also known as Steve Mbogo Ndwiga or Steve Ndegwa
      Gold and Copper Cathode Scam associate for Edwin Joshua based in Nairobi , Kenya
      Company: This guy is using several companies but one of them is Future Flow Enterprises in Nairobi , Kenya

      Noble Metals and Minerals will often use EAS Tanzania LTD based in Dar Es Salaam for their fake documets and Airway Bills.

    3. Katanga Import and Export is another company used by Edwin John Joshua to scam people who are looking for Gold or Copper Cathodes. Same as their other company, Noble Metals and Minerals, they operate from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania as well as Nairobi, Kenya. Basic rule: # 1 – Never pay any money upfront # 2 – If they will offer you collateral it will be brass. Just don’t fall in their trap !

    4. also

      Muru Platnum Company Limited, Dar es Salaam a lady called Dominique Slewinsky

      Bitmak Company SPRL, Dar es Salaam (Congolese scammers) represented by Jean Paul Civuila Ilunga/Elonga (spells it both ways), Eric Mbombo, Elonga Poupou Mbombo, Abraham Luzzi (their scammer in Dubai at Gulf Gate General Trading LLC) & Hashim Rungwe


  131. Please assist I would like to verify authenticity for Kirigi Mines in Nome Alaska, CEO Harry Gilbert Olsen. The website registered in SA has been removed 30th June 2016 when I started investigating. I have given money and have been told the goods is at customs waiting tax clearance $78 and certificate of incumbency $10,8 payment before it will be released to refinery in Dubai. It’s been over 5 months at customs can they hold goods that long.

  132. Attention: Cameroon Gold Scam/Fraud Alert: All requests from this person is fraud. He will lure you as if he is professional gold seller and real business man. But all communications from this person and mail and phone numbers are all FAKE. Please be careful. I lost my money. Mr. Prince Ben Zwinkels ( Co-CEO ) Company: Yamber Local Miners Add: B.P 450,Yokadoma-Cameroon,Bertua Tel: +237 6510-699-31 / Mobile: +237 680-67-6929 Skype I’D : yamberlocalminers Email:

  133. Gold consignments aren’t held at customs without reason. They would always be released to the registered consignee or beneficial owner. There’s no way to check unless you are one of these people and listed on the customs form.

  134. Is it true that there are no gold refineries in Kenya. If not which ones are the most reputable and contact details.

    1. Sort of. There are no LBMA registered refineries in Kenya, only one in fact in Africa at all. Though there are many small privately owned refineries in most African countries.

  135. Hi Barney,

    Ever heard of Yamber Local Miners in Cameroon, Chap by the name of Mr. Prince Ben Zwinkels. We were progressing on a 500 kg / month annual deal with him and the CEMAC Permit was placed before us. Ug!

    1. No never heard of them. Having recently been in contact with high government officials from Cameroon I can assure you of 2 things, there isnt that amount of gold coming out of Cameroon and theres no CEMAC permit. So you know they are definitely running a scam.

  136. I have been in touch with a lady in Ghana saying she has gold left to her and asked me to help apparently she was studying to be a doctor there I helped paid for her passport and visa and on the day to travel she needed 4k to get out of the country. I have had two barristers saying she need licences of change of names, to sell then now one to get to bring back to the united kingdom I have already sent a lot so can you say if it is right or is it a scam.

    1. I’m afraid it’s a very well used scam. I’ve seen several variations on the same theme. There’s always an excuse why they need a bit more. It’s highly doubtful your lady is even who she says she is, the last one I traced on behalf of someone turned out to be a Nigeria man.

  137. Dear Sir. I was working many years in the Petroleum Comapnies. And like you know the most important in this business is YOUR HONEST NAME.

    I read in yours commnet one question abaout IWC Oils & Refinery LLC, and this company want to make business with me, you know something about this enterprise.

    Tnaks in advance

    July 21, 2013 2:46 am
    Tony Tran
    We came across a buyer Marco Aparicio of IWC Group but found his name on Sienna International Group website’s blacklist. Have you come across this buyer for being a “non-performer”

    1. Whilst we have connected buyers and sellers previously on oil deals it is not our forte and we have not come across IWC before. Clearly if they are listed on a blacklist already I would try and directly approach the person who blacklisted them as well as the company themselves to see their response. After this is you were still unsure I would get a background check done on the company to see their trading history, account records etc.

  138. Have you heard of this company Mohamed Roysandera
    C/o. Vuyufambom Beneditta
    P.O BOX 471, Bertoua, CAMEROON
    35 Road West street Eastern Region,
    Tel: 00237-693309909
    Fax: 00237-233654607
    Skype: mohad.roysandera there fco and certificates looked professional.. Only one problem they say you must get a Cemac permit.

  139. Has anybody heard of this company in Tanzania? Company name is Chanya Metals Minerals Co,Ltd our CEO is called SUD FREDRICK KAMUGISHA. They want us to come to tanzania check the gold and go and melt it and then pay for the taxes.

    1. Another of the 1000s of registered companies “approved” to export gold. No history, set up less than a year ago and with the same standard terms as everybody else in the business trying to defraud you. We get 10 offers like this a day, any gold scam website will tell you the obvious answer to this.

    2. hello Rudi
      Chanya Metals Minerals Co, Ltd is not a trusted company. I am from Tanzania and i know trusted companies here.
      email me XXXXXXX for more details

  140. Has any one ever dealt with Adex mining company in Tanzania. Are they legitimate in any way. Got a contact of one Juma as one of the directors and that they can supply gold at $26000 per kilo

  141. Has anyone had a run in with Emmanuel Smith — claims he and his partner have gold held by British Customs due fines and they require 25K for release?
    His partner is named Mark Evans. Mr Smith lives in London. Mr Evans lives in Florida.

    1. The only reason it would be held in customs is if they tried to illegally smuggle it in without paying taxes, so that doesn’t bode very well to start with. If you do pay for release from customs there’s no recourse you’ll see the gold after you’ve paid all their taxes. I would be almost certain this is a scam. If you want to confirm it, theres 2 things you can do. (1) Ask them which customs office it is held in (ie, Heathrow) and ring them direct with the consignment number to check. (I bet they wont give you the consignment number) (2) Do a bit of maths, you know that taxes are 20% and Im assuming you know how much gold is supposedly held. So if gold per kilo is about £28,350 tax is £5,670 per kilo. Therefore if they are asking £25,000 then you know its approximately 4.5-5kgs held . Does that correspond with what they told you? If not walk away now and list them online as scammers.

  142. We are about to gold from a company in cameroon Fecam local miners.The company has been checked out by a lawyer in cameroon. It has been checked with ministry of mines and Chamber of Commece.
    However, Fecam is asking for Money for Cemac Permit .
    The lawyer fully endoses this requirement . Please advise if this is a scam

    1. This is 100% a scam, there is no such thing as a CEMAC permit, the whole operation including the website is one giant fraud. Which also means that you know that each person youve spoken to in verifying the company is also a fraud.

  143. Has anyone come across the scammer in Uganda by the names
    Of Taban Amin. He and his team reside in Munyonyo and pose to more
    Than 300kg of gold. News has it that they scammed a company in USA
    Of about $900,000 and recently scammed buyers of $40,000.
    Please be warned do not do any business with this man. He will invite
    You to his home show you a lot of gold in kilos and even take you to
    Their offices which are heavely gurded by soldiers. But this gold will never
    Leave uganda.
    He will make you believe that he will provide security from the moment
    you set foot in uganda and give you escort to the airport. Please dont be

  144. Have you come across this company called Delicore Metal Company Ltd in Tanzania and Pixel Metal & Minerals

    1. Whilst both are easy to find on the web, neither are companies we would do business with and would advise you not to either. The first only just came into existence, so for all intents and purposes is only a shell with no history. The second is already listed on gold fraud websites elsewhere. Both fall into the category of ideal companies to run a fraud.

    2. Delicore cooperated with “Express Cargo Freight” in Tanzania, a fictive company, which registered their website just to cheat buyers of gold. The website is offline meanwhile. Delicore was the key for the frauds.

    1. Mr Barnaby Milbourn…are you sure ZenithGold is from Panama.. i have learned that zenithgold i registered in The Companies House of can check through the Companies’ House website..

      1. Im 100% sure that ZenithGold is registered offshore as a shell company. The Zenithgold in the UK is a small housing letting agency that was established a while ago. Nobody should still be falling for this MLM scam.

  145. I just join investment 10k USD under
    They claimed Zen gold one of their company.. Is it true?

    1. Mr. Willy Matata Ponyo from claims he gets his Gold from DRC to Tanzania.

      Company used in DRC (Congo):

      Societe Miniere Agricole Est Foreste SPRL (SMAF)
      Skype: http://www.societeminiere
      Phone: +243 994 997 701

      In Tanzania Willy Ponyo uses the following companies to “export” the product:

      1) Wirelink Minerals in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
      2) MMT Mining Agency Co. in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
      3) Acro Mining Co LTD in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
      4) WIMA International Import & Export in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

      Again, be very careful. This a group of companies from the same Willy Ponyo and associates and these people will spend months to build a so called trust relationship with their potential “buyers” until you transfer some funds.

      1. Willy Sebi Matata Ponyo found out he is listed on this site and now he is using a new tactic. He is now using Trivest Metal Resources in Kampala Uganda for his scam activities.

        Scam associate and mastermind – Mr. Willy Sebi Matata Ponyo
        Scam associate – Mr. Jon Hyok
        Scam associate – Mr. Belesi Christ

        Scam Website :
        Scam email adress :

        They will always ask you to pay something upfront. Just don’t do it ! Do not pay anything upfront because they are ordinary scammers.

        1. i am dealing with a chap who says he wants to sell 10kgs.he has not asked for any up front money for any reason.i am supposed to go this coming we july 6th .if he is dishonest what is his scam


          1. Once you are there he will just ask you to pay the fees for transport, like royalties, taxes, paperwork, export certificates, etc, etc, etc, with nothing going to the seller. Once you have spent all this money on travel and accommodation it will seem like a small price to pay as you will have seen the gold, but once you’ve paid for its export I wouldn’t expect to see it again afterwards. Its a very common scam and theres hundreds of different methods to relieve you of the gold once paid or just to get you to pay extra fees once you’ve started.

      2. MMT is together with groupming right? So MMT is a scam?

        have you heard of TMR, Noble metals & chanya metals?

        1. It is so easy to set up a company that you will find that all these companies will be less than a year old with no history. Most owned by the same scammers that change their name every time they do a deal and commit fraud. It is not worth losing your money, you must only use trusted suppliers and a trusted team.

  146. Hi Folks. Heard of a Dynamic Consortium Ltd in Uganda with a Director a one Bashir Semakula? Working in cohoots with Customs Mineral Logisctics International – Director Eddy? They pose with real gold but seem to play games with networks in Dubai where the Gold never leaves but goes on to other buyers after extorting money from buyer to cater for Taxes and Government Royalties. Has anyone crossed these in Uganda?


    1. GK hi, I have come across this guy Eddy from Custom Mineral Logistics – he scammed us using real gold. Never got to the bottom of it and lost the money. Do you have the address of his office in Kampala?

  147. People should be careful about a company called Line One Cargo,it operates with a big indiana scammer called Anil Shah and some bunch of Congolese who use fake passports! ,here are their mobile numbers 0786868201

    1. Is it the same indian scammer Riaz Hirji!?,they are highly connected. ..they will show you gold which will never leave the country. …be warned about this bullion vultures

  148. Hi every gold buyers / representatives / agents,
    This is very sorry to note that, be careful about :
    Germain Favel and Rowena Sabia are the gold faked seller, t
    1: The Faker guy name : Germain Favel, Cadian, passport number : GC870289,
    His Canada call number : + 1 778 233 4986, HK number : 9421 0956
    His company name : Germain Favel Specialized Services
    Tel : + 1 778 233 4988
    Fax :+ 1 604 281 4989
    email :

    2: His faker partner :
    Rowena Sabian
    Her HK Mobile : + 852 9623 7523

    They are made the faked documents, and faked dealing,

    Be careful for these 2 fakers.

    1. Hi, I just been approached by the same company in Uganda and they want 5% upfront to cover royalty (aka export tax). I have asked for previous BL or AWB, certificate of incorporation, export license. Only have some nice videos of 1kg dori bars in bags and on a table, with some big guy telling me the gold is here and waiting for me to fly into Kampala. Any more feedback on Golden Mining Agency and someone called Richard ?

      1. You would have to be mad to take on this deal. As Ive said many times before the gold may exist but if you pay money upfront for anything dont expect to ever see it. 100s of people are recieving the same offer every day and it only takes one fool and theyve made their money.

  149. Ghana seller conned my $6,000. I know their
    1. web site –
    2. name – Frank and Sampson
    3. address, car plate, family and all information

    I have reported ghan police, cid by another ghana friend, but cid and police want money to catch frauders????
    I can not send money any more and they said they then can not catch them..
    What is this country?????????????????
    Anyone knows what I can do for catch them?

    1. I wouldnt bother even trying to catch them. At least youve posted online to stop others falling into their trap. As always no money up front or you will lose it. Can you imagine the cost of going to court in Ghana and trying to prove they conned you? Far more than $6000 and the con artists know this.

  150. Hi
    I am dealing with a seller from cameroon. Company is evercare company ltd.
    The seller is bring the gold down to singapore , now he say in france charle de gaulle airport. The france authorities asking for a waiver request which will cost usd$7,500 for it. The sellers claims he don’t have enough funds for it and ask my buyer to send them. Buyer say no.upfront payment whatsoever.
    Is there such a thing?

  151. BIG GOLD SCAMMER Mr.Allain tel: +237 6512 677 69 from EVERY CARE COMPANY LTD told me they have gold and i should pay 15000$ to ship the gold to our refinery in USA later on keep asking for 50000$ and 125000$ which was all paid to them and there are using one fake shipping company called AFRIC AFRIEGHT who promise to deliver but keeping on asking for more money,let no one fall like you will never get your money or gold.this is the fake shipping company
    contact person: anders dam jensen
    tel: +237 653 29 11 24


  152. Please add this to your collection of SCAMERS Intellia commodities Belgium and offices in the Uk .

    we gave this Jean Pierre Ponjaert two Letter of credit combined value of $5,000,000,00 for Copper cathodes for shipment to China.

    He sent us Fake shipping documents and some of the documents where stamped using a Magistrates Stamp from South Africa he has been made insolvent has a prison record for the same thing trying to extorte money from unsuspecting clients WHAT A THUG

  153. Carol Kenedy of Cameroon tried the Cemac permit scam on us. Luckily we went to the High Commissioner of Cameroon In South Africa. Should the deal went through we were prepared through our investors to invest over $1 for mining in that country. This was to happen in January 2015. Suffer the poor people of Cameroon.


    Of course this is a scam. Luckily I have seen through this and their fake documents by going through the Cameroon High Commission in London, firstly for my own DD.

    However, how does one actually buy gold from Cameroon (?) if indeed there is any to buy? Looking at their production the last few years they only seem to be producing at most 2000KG per annum this dating back in the early 2000’s.

    And of course the Scammers are all offering 500KG + Mr Jefri Lyonga Charles of Cam minning LTD and also Cam Mining PLC and so on being one of them and offering discounts if paid by western union because of course the banks there are so so slow to accept ones money and takes some 2 weeks for your money to actually hit their accounts! Oh Really – So how do they expect their TT payment to instant then after Refinery Assay.. Hmmmm… No point in pondering… I do have myself an extensive list of these Scammers and also all their numbers, emails, and names they pretend to be such as Ministers for “fake” interviews. Very happy to share this with all.
    Best Wishes.

    1. I’m in contact with some mine in Cameroon and they request CEMAC.
      I did a contact with Ministry of Mines, talked with Mr. Jean that confirmed the need issue a CEMAC to deal with the registered mines through Ministry contracts, etc. Do u think that Ministry are involved in this scamms?
      Check in

          1. If you look at the official government website it says they don’t have one, but you do not need it anyway as they do not check or verify real sellers so it’s no use to you.

  155. I know of these Kenyan-Steve Mbogo(alias Steve Ndegwa) who pretends to deal in Gold from his offices in wetlands in Nairobi, Kenya. This guy is a full a scamster, he cons foreigners almost weekly. The surprising thing is, he can do it right under the noses of authorities as he has friends in high places including very senior police officials.

    1. Steve Mbogo, also known as Steve Ndwiga, As gold scammer and gold thieves come, this guy should be put on every Gold blacklist. Steve Mbogo has a whole team with different roles, and even shows borrowed gold, pretending he has gold. Key is to not make any upfront payment whatsoever, you will never see your money again. A small time crook and con artist working out of a seedy Westlands office. Steve Mbogo pretends to dabble in politics, etc. but is really a cover for a small time gold Crook rolling in.borrowed fancy cars.

    2. Steve Mbogo (alias Steve Ndegwa alias Steve Ndwiga) is a serial scammer, con artist who seems to enjoy very high connections within the Kenyan Government. We are a group of South Asian businessmen who have lost over $1,000,000 dollars to him and his associates trying to do legitimate gold deals. All beware

      1. We have a contact with Mr. Steve Mbogo who is trying to sell us gold. I have tried to research him well and come up with so many contradictories about this man. Thank you for the heads up, as we will bo longer do business with him!

        1. Steve Mbogo and his crew are far far from untouchables. We were in contact with CID and he considered them as any other two bit scammer along with his side kick Babu Owino. Babu Owino heads up some student body and Steve Mbogo acts as the patron – a nice little front for their gold and copper scams. Only in Kenya can they constitute a political party SANU, two small time scammers in Nairobi, Kenya operating out of a seedy office in the Westlands…

      1. Steve Mbogo was able to get a fake passport and is now operating under the name William Njogo

        fake company is Deeds Company Limited. he has a real company Deeds international trading limited.

        Also using a fake customs agent who was recently arrested with him. James Munyua Kinyanjui. we went to use a lawyer as an intermediary and he recognized Steve from his fake passport photo.

  156. Dear All;
    Please be more attention on this man from Nigeria ;
    this man is among very large dangerous business scams in general and gold in particular.
    He took the names of real companies and presented as its commercial.
    has fake documents and passports and ask money advance or SBLC / BG transferable for sales this gurantie.

    name : JOHN DUDU

  157. Hello,

    I have been scam many times by so call Mr,Kenedy Carol in Cameroon ,he told me that gold will be sent to me but no gold is coming i keep on paying more more ,please i advise that you should have nothing to deal with him or else you are wasting your time and money.

  158. Hello,

    I have been in contact with one fruade people in Cameroon called Bamissing Local Miners
    who claims the have gold and i have lost more than 90,000USD to them and i have not receive any gold and the keep on asking for more please what i can do?

  159. Beware of a Liberian gold mining operation by the name of Phoenix Mining And Investments Inc run by Mr. Cassell Kuoh or his sales manager Collie Shakor. My company ICMCCo contracted with this animal Mr. Kuoh, who spent 4 months in NYC on our dime and actually brought a couple of shipments of Gold to NYC in dore form. The bars were good quality and assayed between 92 and 95%. After a couple of deliveries Mr. Kuoh then requested us to pay upfront on the next load (10kgs), which we then did and nothing was delivered after that expect fraudelent documents and lots of stories.

    They will soon see how NYC Karma works..

    1. cassell kuoh is nothing but a big crook he does not have a gold mine he and his two brothers done me out of 400.000usd he gave me only sand. but i am going to stop this crook. i would like to here from any one that had bad business with this man. we must put this man behind bars and stop him.
      please contact me on my email. his web site is all b*** s***.
      thanking you.
      m.f.kelly. london

      1. Hi.

        Cassell Kuoh was arrested on the 16th of November in the US for wire fraud totalling $3,6 million.
        His day of reckoning has finally arrived. We also wear the T-SHirt of Phoenix Mining. Spent many months on a deal ex Nairobi only to have $850 k wire fraud committed by him and his partner in US

  160. Hi,
    I have a seller named,”Local Mining Corporation group (Capam Company Ltd) being in service under the c/o Mr. CAROL KENEDY” from Cameroon.

    Is he and the company clean ?


    1. We dont do full checks for free but the company is in existence with Mr Kenedy working for them. I would suggest that if they (1) do not ask for an MT/BG/LC or similar (2) Dont require any money up front for taxes and (3) Arent asking for your bank/passport or other personal details, that you continue with the transaction.

  161. We came across a buyer Marco Aparicio of IWC Group but found his name on Sienna International Group website’s blacklist. Have you come across this buyer for being a “non-performer”?


    1. I have not come across this buyer but would comment as IWC Group has nothing to do with precious metals its unlikely they are real buyers. Ask for Proof of previous transactions and Proof of funds if working with an unverified buyer

  162. If a seller asking for conditional DLC & payment after delivery & assay report in Dubai Gold Refinery – can we treat them as good seller ?? Price is LBMA minus 6%. Is that reasonable price ???

    1. Not at all, it is most likely a fraudster as a DLC can be monetised or sold. Even if its just a broker trying to flip a deal, you will still lose the money to create a DLC and annoy your own bank when it inevitably fails. POP should always be provided before raising any banking instrument.

  163. Soem friends have been conned us$270 000 by a company in Tanzania named ” MONBLANC GOLD MINE COMPANY LIMITED ”

    What can we do …have you heard of this company who is owned by a certain SHABANI JUMA Jr.

    1. We have not come across them, but as stated over 99% of all African gold deals are fake. That includes most companies, as it is easy and cheap to set up a shell company and website. Once the money is transferred it is gone as they will close the company and vanish with your money.
      Next time use our company to check them and you will not be defrauded. I know many people who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone, it happens every week.

    2. Im a white African and have lived in most Gold producing countries or done business in them. ‘
      Tanzania = 99.99% is a scam as most gold from legitimate mines is pre -contracted. A large proportion of gold there is smuggled in from DRC
      Ghana = Scammers paradise. Lived there 2 years, not one deal.
      Mali = Lived there a year = only gold I got was from my own operation with artisinal miners.
      Guinea = Lived there 2 years and often travelled between there and Mali and Burkina Faso by road as there is gold to be bought on the road through the mining areas.
      Sierra Leone = only buy out in the villages, in Free Town, both diamond and gold is mostly scammers. Forget CIF. Only FOB
      DRC = CIF only with high level contacts but first go meet face to face
      Uganda = Most comes from DRC. Again, meet and greet, pay NOTHING and arrange CIF
      Cameroon = More scams than anything. FOB, WITH a government mining licence is best.
      Kenya = my home country. Most comes from DRC. CIF is possible, BUT with only particular suppliers. FOB, if you know the rules, get your own Customs Licence and work with the Ministry of Mines/Minerals.
      South Africa = FORGET IT. crooks from lawyers to judges to morons on the street. All BS.

        1. Mr. Daniel Rwelengera is running this company. He is a gold scammer. Please do not buy any gold from this person. He got his own office and mini refinery in the back but the problem is that if you pay him any money you will never get your gold exported. He will offer you collateral which will be kept by his attorney who is also blacklisted. NOT RELIABLE

      1. I met the following scam artists and I am warning the kind heart gold dealers to stay away from their smooth talks of devils.

        Bruno Otieno
        Jared Otieno
        Kevin Ogli
        Samir Mubarak

        I lost 150,000$ from these group and they are so stupid to ask for more money, Samir is already arrested and is about to payback
        The companies are BRV logistics, Shogun Africa Interprise
        They can fake documents and at the last minute design a lie of “it’s in Oman or Dubai custom to make you pay more, please don’t attempt to listen.

        1. A similar set of scams were applied to us by Shogun. One of the guys we dealt with was Nicholas Otiendo and some guy called Ian. They changed the contract without telling us and got us to sign as a formality. They created a fake shipper and sent fake documents. We asked for the gold to be sent direct to Dubai with the buyer and they managed to con our man on the ground to take a different flight. The gold went via Istanbul and oh what a surprise it got stuck there and more money was requested. Meanwhile our guy is in Dubai unable to do anything

      2. Hello, my name is Gabriel Gouveia. I live in Portugal and I have a company in Oman that buys gold and diamonds. I have a contact in Kenya for gold. Is it too complicated to go get kenya gold?

    3. dont deal with that company, and Juma Shabani Jr as we speak has been captured waiting to be charged for fraud and Money laundering

  164. We had bad experience with Aflo Metals and with Mike Amoasie. We want to do businness with Olipro Trading. Can you tell me what happend?

    1. We were able to prove that much of the information provided online was falsified, including proving a series of documents sent to us were all forgeries. You will most likely have received the same offer we got, well done for checking the blacklist before you wasted your own time and money!

      1. Karen Bridges poses as a mining expert that can buy directly from an Indonesian gold mine. She pretends to be in Jakarta and 7 hours to the mine. Fake photos of gold, fake shipping via and money sent to USA or Ghana banks. You can buy the gold and pay shipping but then they say we smuggle it into the USA behind customs. They are very good at setting up a fake name with photos of a Belgium girl that is Karen, however I believe it all comes from Indonesia or Ghana or both working together. They promise worth 5 million but sell for 3.2 million. Fake documents at each point in time. Very crafty.

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