Poor Mans Gold

Dear Reader

Poor Mans Gold (or Silver to the rest of you). From some of my previous reports you will have noticed my particular interest in Silver due to the fact its predicted to proportionally increase in value much more than Gold.

Being labelled “Gold” Dealers, Silver tends to take a back burner sometimes, especially in the news or in my reports, but this is all set to change if you read the excerpt from the CPM below. (CPM is a well respected commodities research group)

THE PRICE of physical Silver Bullion is set “to remain at historically high levels over the next ten years,” according to the new long-term outlook from New York-based metals consultancy the CPM Group.

Strong Silver Investment demand is now “the single most important factor in influencing” the Silver Price, says CPM in its 224-page study, underpinning a decade of high prices ahead.

“Investors who view silver as a safe haven asset are expected to continue buying large amounts…over the next couple of years as uncertainty regarding global economic growth, financial market instability, and volatility in major currency markets persists.

In particular, CPM Group says that silver use in China has likely risen some three-and-a-half times over since 2000, putting total global use by weight “roughly twice as large as had been suggested by commentators in the Western market.