Gold News

Dear Reader
Are you prepared for the next major rise?

For those of you who have been following Gold you will have seen a massive rise in the last month, followed by a dip. Those paying particular attention though will have noticed that the rise was bigger than the dip. So we are still climbing! Its never a straight line, if only.

Watching the BBC news today, the business section actually has the Gold price now listed alongside the FTSE for investors. Better late than never. If that isnt a sign of the growing popularity of Gold, I don’t know what is. Moneyweek has had several articles on Gold this month, the last of which clearly stated if you havent bought already, to be buying now!

With Korea and Ireland both causing massive stirs in the market the gold price is set to rocket once more on the back of uncertainty. Have you bought in time? If not, why not?

The price is still good today and you will see further rises this year and next so its time to secure your financial future.