Gold Fraud

As one of the fastest growing Gold companies in Europe and the Worlds largest Gold fraud /scam resource we get 10+ offers a DAY. We’ve had every gold scam tried on us time and time again. We have lists of 1000’s of fraudulent companies and individuals, we couldn’t hope to list them all here.

The service we provide is to act as a secure intermediary between buyers and sellers, to transact your deal safely negates all these risks and brings our wealth of knowledge into your deal. The small charge for our services outweighs the risk a thousand times over.

  • We will do a preliminary $99 check on any company or person to determine if they are listed on any of the fraud databases. Just send us the relevant information and you can pay via Paypal using our email address. Contact us now with the information.
  • Should you wish to proceed , then this can be followed by a $999 report. Which will then check out the authenticity of the deal, the validity of any paperwork, do a background check on those involved and ensure your procedures are following safe guidelines.
  • Should they pass these checks then you can proceed to our buyers or sellers pages.

5 Most common types of fraud:

1) The most common is sellers asking you to pay upfront costs. This can be shipping which can be many 1000’s of dollars. You are unlikely to receive your parcel and don’t expect to find much Gold in it if you do. Asking for a ticket to escort the Gold to you (aka free holiday) or asking for a letter of introduction to the business. If a seller wishes to escort the Gold product and needs a letter for customs. Basically using your company to support their visa application, so unless you want to be dragged into a case for illegal immigration, do NOT send the letter.

2) A lot of the larger deals will ask YOU to send proofs. Names of buyers, proof of funds, passport copies etc. Do NOT send anything to anyone who you aren’t 100% sure of. These proofs are then used to run scams in your name, especially passports!

3) More detailed scams will ask for a buyer to create a payment / financial  instrument. Some form of bank MT103, SBLC, BG or escrowed funds. These funds are not to be paid out until completion of the deal, giving the buyer security. These CAN be monetised or used as proof of funds to go out and purchase Gold to sell to the buyer. A rapidly growing scam. This can even be done with an MT799.

4) Fake Documentation! With so many gold offers around scammers reuse documentation, photo shopping signatures from one to another, changing dates, etc.

5) The inheritance scam seems to becoming more popular. Example: My father died and left me 40 kilos and I just need so many dollars to release it. These are often backed up by equally corrupt lawyers or advocates in Africa. A variation on this theme is the girlfriend or boyfriend befriending you and then promising to come visit / marry and just needs a few thousand dollars to release gold to sell to cover their trip. Then a bit more and a bit more, etc.

There are many variations on the scams listed and of course every one will claim that they are the real thing and have had problems with fake buyers before and dont want to get caught again.

We have established that for every deal we see 99.9% of ALL deals are fraudulent. Can you afford to lose 999 out of every 1000 deals you do?

FOR SELLERS : There is as high a percentage of fake buyers out there as fake sellers. Buyers using trumped up companies and documents pretending to be large multi billion dollar conglomerates when in truth its a dealer looking to flip the deal using his range of contacts in social networking sites.

The ways to avoid these scams are to thoroughly do your research, ignore anything on a social network site. Check the longevitiy of the company, size, website, directors, previous dealings in the industry, etc. Or alternatively get us to do it for you.

Most common scams

A non exhaustive list of the main culprits / scams we get time and time again. Look for variation on the names, its still the same people, trust our vast experience.

  • Thailand Gold – often associated with the Royal Family, sometimes exported to Hong Kong already in ‘secure warehouse’ with HSBC, entices people in with good discounts.
  • Gaddafi Gold / Libyan Gold – normally with a story of life or death, sometimes oil too
  • Gold from Cameroon. CEMAC buyers permit. Does not exist!
  • Robert Cohen – QVR Industries Corp or BVI Jones Wyatt, I get more complaints about this man than anyone, now believed to be hiding in Ireland
  • Abraham Luzzi, Gulf Gate General Trading LLC, Dubai. Now deported to Uganda, very bad scammer.
  • Optim Gold, Kampala, Uganda (now Southern Minerals) – Many complaints about fake SKRs, to disappearing shipments
  • Genco Africa Logistics, Nairobi, Fake Shipping company with offices in airport, fake updating web tracking page.
  • Adamawa Investments Ltd, Adam Mugga, Kampala, Uganda. Fake websites, gold always gets “lost” in transit.
  • Ngoe & Associates Legal Consultants, Chemines Ltd, Haco clearance and Forwarders, Ordiamex Mining, Olipro Trading Co ltd, Veolia, Patrick Tusiime, Blue Sky Express and Inter Cargo, Delacore and Acro Metals in Tanzania, Nashon Jeffrey Otieno, Hi Speed Freight Services, Afromines, Globalshipexfl, Relix Minerals, Global Shipex, Savannah Logistics, Dotline Pacific.
  • Jason Richardson, Foundry Thirty-Three Limited.


Apr 2016: ZENITHGOLDS this website is claiming to be associated with us. It is NOT! Theres no registered company and its website is in Panama, its just a scam, don’t fall for it.
May 2017: pretending to be us advertising an IPO for a cryptocurrency, do not be fooled a total scam out of China.
October 2017: or .com is a fake company offering SBLC issuance and pretending to be the World Gold Council. Mr Terence Heymann is the director of the World Gold Council, a very reputable organisation and has nothing to do with sending these emails.

331 thoughts on “Gold Fraud”

  1. Unique Transport Services London/Accra office. Scott Wilson and Eva Young. Has anyone run across this pair? Unique is scam I believe. Anyone else run into this?

  2. Beware of Mohamed Sesay and Ibrahim Conteh from Sierra Leone. They deal in Diamonds, Gold Dust and Nuggets.

    Name of the seller: Mohamed Sesay, Sierra Leone, DOB: 19 Sept 1980, Tel no: +232 30 713035

    Name of the shipper/agent: Ibrahim Conteh, Address: 144 Bai Bureh Road, Wellington, Freetown Sierra Leone, Nationality: Sierra Leone, DOB: 26 January 1982, Tel no: +232 802 22047, +232 77555 397, +232 30 88 98 13, Company name: DG Deustche General Trading Co Limited, email:
    Address: 24 Bryne Lane, off Aberdeen Ferry Road, Freetown

  3. Ground Mineral Trading Company CEO Michael Cole in Uganda Kampala is just another Gold and Diamonds scam

    Michael Cole is a con artist and a scammer and he will tell you to come fly over to Kampala and see his goods. Before travelling we agreed to export a small trial of 5 kgs handcarry. Since most of the sellers work with shady exporters we wanted to reduce the risk. We agreed to pay for taxes for some tested collateral. Before we left Dubai Michael Cole agreed with 5 kgs handcarry trial BUT… when we arrived in Kampala the story as well as his attitude changed.

    This time they told us that the 5 kg could not be separated from a 250 kg consignment and they told us to go for the entire 250 kg immediately. When we said this was not as agreed they became extremely hostile. Luckily we had a Plan B and picked up business with another seller we already made agreements with before we left the Dubai.

    Gold Seller: Michael Cole
    Ground Mineral Trading Company
    Phone: +256-702911665

  4. The following individual is a scam and one should stay away from him:

    Roland Mundeke Kasongo from Congo claims to sell gold nuggets and gold bars. He will tell you he will need your money for tax payments (the well known scam story of 419 advance fee fraud).

    Currently operating in Nairobi Kenya as well as Kampala Uganda and Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
    This person is not operating alone but is backed up by an international syndicate of scammers.

    Companies used in Nairobi Kenya:

    Shabunda Mining
    Horn of Afrika
    Paul Kobia & Associates

    When you meetthis guy you better turn his offer down because he is a scammer

  5. Mg8 Tanzania , Gabriele Petrone , Annamaria Barone , 2 scammer using a FAKE security company in Tanzania , and sweet talk people to go over to Tanzania , to be scam , they will suck you dry , and when you stop paying them , they will send in scammer buddy to set you up with some fake gold and using their immigration buddy to extorte you more money stay away from those scammer

  6. Hello, Thanks for the great information.

    A seller has offered to send the gold CIF. He asks for a non-transferable inactive SBLC. He would give us a PBG in return and only then the SBLC would be active. The banks are world class.

    For some reason I am sure they are scammers. But I dont understand how are they gaining from this?

    1. The same reason as always. The SBLC is still saleable at a % of it’s value once issued and therefore monetisable as it can be used as a form of fiat currency in the markets. The personal guarantee however will never be claimable. All you’re doing is funding organised crime and giving your name as a target to be circulated for others (also saleable if they know you’re gullible enough)

  7. Did somebody have experience with this Company ????
    I get a Airwaybill from this Company with a tracking number. They want to deliver from Entebbe/Uganda over Nairobi to Dubai Gold .
    Need to know if this Company is real / Trust or are they Scammer who make only the website and cheat People.

    1. A known scam company. ALL cargo companies offering gold shipments are scams as sellers will always find a buyer before shipping, there’s hundreds of buyers on the ground willing to pay if it was real.

    2. Transky cargo are scammers…
      434, Rue 232 Aflao-Gakli BP. 5248 –
      Tel: +228 93 48 43 71
      Fax: +228 90 87 31 78
      Fake passports/ Asking for Airline Tickets and money do not trust them have domain site / outlook emails and gmail address – People movers just scamming.

  8. Lesley Leonard Kolf is a European Gold Scammer. Originally from the Netherlands but currently operating from Antwerp, Belgium. Travels to Tanzania and neighbor countries and invite his “buyers”. He will let you test the product, pay taxes and show you documents but you will never receive the gold. Just another scammer..

    Stay away from him !

  9. 1. MWAMI RADJABU (Congo)living Kenya
    2. JIMMY BELAWU (Congo) living South Africa
    3. GENERAL SALIM (Congo) living kinshasa

    They claim to be REBEL group LEADERS from the DRC and have real GOLD which the can’t sell because they are exporting ILLEGAL with NO  Paperwork.

  10. Beware of this guy, another Gold scammer in Australia. Evergreen Investment Group Pty Ltd / Motherone Pty Ltd / Nurturing Care Allan Lam and Kate ,Katherine, Scam, Fraud, Falsify Documents,

  11. PP mining.

    By Peter and Paul Warren

    Sales manager by the name of

    Kenneth Carriere (with passport photocopy)

    Assisted by Alex Pedro

    All a scam – classic need money for flights right at the end of the deal…

  12. Eric from New mining SA
    Big scammer. Lived with my friend to establish rapport and trust and then this was followed through with a classy money upfront gold scam. Deplorable particularly because of the lengths that he went to to develop the confidence before the scam.


  14. I received a scam from Mr. ANTONIO MAURIZIO MARTINA in Tanzania around 35.000,00 usd with his company MAMO PRECIOUS STONE in Dar Es Salam è in Congo … careful is professional scammer .


      Company : ASV Import and Export Limited
      Address : Plot 149, Chang’ombe, dar es salaam dar es salaam 91841 Tanzania
      Phone : 255787675977 255689333307
      Contact : Muruganantham Veeraiyan

  15. I receive a scammer about gold trading from this company Sky Commodities in Dubai and from Quebec (Canada). These Canadian group of person stolen me 500.000,00 Usd .
    Be careful these people the owner name is JONATHAN MARQUIS and his friend REGGIE.

  16. We saved ourselves a lot of Money and heartache by having certificates checked by the government in SL. I would give you the name and number of the contact but have moved house and they seem to be in deep storage somewhere. But you can get the relevant contact details via the embassies.
    One crook who came highly recommended is John Turay – works out of Nigeria and SL. He claims to be a lawyer/barrister. Hilariously, one certificate was stamped with ‘this is not a scam’. He has contacts with a guy called Phillip Esse. One thing scammers do is suck you into getting approval from the tribe – major red flag

  17. The fraud agent is Dennis Sathieseelan Nair who very convincingly dupes Innocent Investors into paying for all expenses and taxes for a shipment to Dubai. The Supplier in Tanzania is Musa Rahim and Musa Mswaki from a company called MJI International and Sea land Destiny.

  18. Hello can someone help me confirm these Companies
    1. North-25 Minerals company limited.(Tanzania)
    2. R. Mineral Exploration and Services(Guinea Conakry)
    3. DT Exporter (SL) Ltd
    Thank you

    1. North 25 seems to be a scam. We we’re negotiating a deal with them until yesterday and they just disappeared and took our money as well!

  19. Scammers:
    Edward Roy Macauley – Freetown Sierra Leone
    Mobile and Whatsapp: +232 76106582 or +232 77404215
    John Kamara – Freetown Sierra Leone
    Mobile and Whatsapp: +232 30483163
    Ibrahim Kamara – Freetown sierra Leone and Nairobi Kenya
    Mobile and WhatsApp: +232 88032859

    Mabontho Mining Company , Sierra Leone
    9 Bumbuna Highway, Tonkolili District, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Roy Mac Investment, Sierra Leone
    22 Aberdeen Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    DTB International Limited, Sierra Leone
    29 Nelson Lane, Tengbeh Town, Freetown, Sierra Leone

    Please stay away from these people/companies !

  20. Hi Barnaby:

    We were ripped off, big-time, by Goldivanti Mining (Goldivanti LLP). Some guy named Jean Louis. In Tanzania. I real bunch of low-life SCAMMERS. They use several websites, including and I was wondering if anyone else had been ripped off by this bunch of degenerates. Tell your people to RUN AWAY FROM THIS GROUP!!

  21. Unfortunately I have to report some new Gold scammers to the site:

    Aziz Ben Musafiri from Kenya and he is operating in Kampala Uganda Nairobi Kenya as well as Tanzania
    Hans Dieter Wagner is a German national but currently living in Nairobi Kenya
    Albert Yale is from Kenya operating from Nairobi Kenya most of the time
    Roland Jojo Olembe is from Kenya and acting as the customs official he is operating from Nairobi Kenya

    Most of the time they will probably use one of the following companies to scam you so please be extremely careful !!

    Umoja Express Logistics operates in Kampala Uganda as well as Nairobi Kenya

    Sky Blue Cargo Logistics

    Gulf First Cargo Logistics

    Kenya Metropolitan Gold Refinery LTD – KMGR operates in Nairobi Kenya

    1. Another scammer to add in Kampala, Uganda:

      Mabasha Africa Logistics:

      Run by someone whose name/alias is Jailes Bahati. Uses several other front companies. A dangerous person, claiming to be an agent/exporter but producing fake export documents and ready to use violence.

  22. Isaac works in cahoot with Another swindler Xavier Onyango who owns Olipro Trading co ltd, surprisingly both Olipro and JenRich are not registered in Kenya or any EAC state, they only appear on MINEINFO under stickers Olp#3456 and JNRCH#6527 respectively Xavier is a right hands man of Kenyan oligarch Paul Kobia

  23. Isaac Omondi is a Kenyan conman operating a briefcase company JenRich metals he tried to con me $6000, luckily I only sent $100 before I realized he is a con his phone no +254705161726

  24. Dotline Pacific in Sierra Leone, Gambia, Guinea, West Africa or ECOWAS is fraudulent. They claim to be a logistics company but they are a front to steal fees for gold/ diamonds shipments etc. They ask you for shipping fees and taxes etc but never deliver. Do not trust them with your product or money.
    Please be aware and stay away.

    1. I know this company Dotline Pacific, seems to be leggit but their activity is 100000% fraudulent, i was scammed too by this guy, it looks there’re are police and secret service guys behind him, be aware and take care.

      1. Dotline Pacific on it’s name Dotline Logistics Ltd Freetown, Sierra Leone
        23 Forte Street, Eastern Area, +23230583006, Richard Bangura mobile and whatsup +23279050451, Bank account 540110130026124, UBA Bank , Freetown ,Swift code UNAFSLFR.

        Richard Bangura is one of his fake name used for scamming people, see more details on this link:

        The real deal with diamonds in Freetown it takes place only at GGDO, no other places, offices, hotels or whatever.

  25. Mr Emmanule OR Emmanuel Lande Tshabalala from T K C HOLDINGS {PTY} LTD in South Africa is a fake gold and diamond scammer. He told me he would travel to deliver gold on consignment and I only needed to buy an airplane ticket for him. He sent me fake visa/ passport/ pictures of gold and papers. Then he asked for money for his plane ticket even though we agreed prior that I would purchase it for him. Suddenly he said that he also needed money to ship the gold because it was more expensive than he thought. All his documents were forged. Please be aware and do not deal with him. His full details are below.

    Contact: Mr. Emmanule .
    Mobile Number: +27- 836793485
    Telephone : +27- 635223308
    Email :

    1. 100% Correct, this group works with exactly the same companies I have listed on this site before and I will do it again. They will NEVER give you the real AWB because they know they will scam you. Instead they will give you a fake AWBB which is useless and can only be used on their fake website to “track” you cargo (it’s a complete joke)..

      1) Shabunda Mining operating in Congo, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya
      2) Gulf First Cargo Logistics in Nairobi Kenya
      3) Umoja Express Logistics in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya
      4) Sky Blue Cargo Logistics in Kampala, Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya
      5) Kenyan Metropolitan Gold Refinery also known as KMGR in Nairobi Kenya

      Same people, same cartel, stay away from them..

  26. Scammer alert Uganda. Goes by the name Jacob number +256759066281 working in cahoots with Uganda clearing agents pretending they have Gold for sale. They will show you fake nuggets and then ask for custom clearance money. Avoid like the plague!!

    1. Watch out for DrYusuf Qassim !! Claims to have 200MT in Dubai. Scanner!! Unbelievable sets of lies and game!! Keeps changing offices in Dubai. Last seen in Fairmont hotel Office. The moment you ask for proof of product, he disappears. Says he is in hospital !! We lost two months chasing this guy and his stupid games!! He says he has Canadian passport but you will find profiles on the internet saying he is Eypgtian !!

  27. Anybody know Abraham Luzzi of SSEBO International Group (U) Limited, Kampala?
    He is offering gold in an Italian Bank…..
    This screams at me that it’s a scam……
    Website been suspended….Facbook page non existant….etc….

      1. CWAG SARL. Guinea Conakry and Côte d’Ivoire.
        Mr Felicien Assogba
        Director General of Cooperative West Africa Gold(CWAG-SARL)
        Commune de Kaloum, Conakry BP: 4305
        Assistance Kaba Souleymane
        Kone Meita
        Kouakou Stephanie Amoim Christelle
        Mr Edward. Sesay … and others

    1. Abraham Luzzi was working for Gulf Gate General Trading LLC in Dubai, he is a fraud.
      He just spent 9 months in a UAE prison and then deported for scamming many people for gold, acts as a clearing agent, the usual common scam, works with all the DRC, Tanazanian and Ugandan scammer network.
      He calls himself ‘Mr. Economy’ home in Uganda and the naive locals actually believe him, shame they can’t use google to see how many people he has scammed. STAY AWAY.

    2. Abraham Luzzi is a very well known gold scammer from Uganda & has been involved in many gold scams in Dubai and Uganda, he was most recently spending time in prison in Dubai for his latest scam, fraudulent cheques & defrauding people on gold that he never has. This guy is a criminal, you can check with Dubai police why he was in prison and then deported.
      He will act as the clearing agent for any fake gold and demand payment to get it released. Dont waste your time with him, or trying to trade gold in Uganda, as they welcomed him back with open arms to continue the same scams, the police, customs and other government officials are all in the same scam game in that country.

  28. Dubai Gold Trust Limited (DGT) purports to be an investment trading company following regulations of the Dubai International Financial Center holding an official international gold trading licence registered under No. 228517. Note that Reg# 228517 is the registration # for DGT, Kampala, Uganda. DGT, managing director Capt. Mohsen Raouf and represented by Bjorn Neeven/Progressive Development Fze, Sharjah, UAE are in partnership with Isaac Ramadhan who is listed at as an African gold scammer for selling 3kg of brass as gold. Isaac Ramadhan operates out of Burundi and Congo DRC. Beware if you contract with either of these companies or individuals there is a very high risk that you will not get the gold bullion you contract for and you will surely lose your money.

  29. First of all – thanks for a exl site!!!!

    Any bad reports known in Uganda;
    1) Veolia Ltd
    2) Kilomoto mines
    3) Person by: Andrew Wataka
    4) Different offer from person named Moses Musoke

  30. Dear All,

    Wondering if you had experience working with the guy from Uganda named Bashir Semakula. He is presented as a owner of a East African GoldSmith LTD.

    He is offering Gold.
    Any experience please

  31. Micasa Freight and Consultant. This company work together with Nile Refinery in UGANDA, they are both scammers, they would ask for 3% for tax and tell the buyer that they would deliver to Dubai within 24 Hrs, They would later call the Buyer and demand an additional 3% for more document after paying that the would claim the gold is at customs and need 5% more and on and on, Samanta is their Agent she would change her name from time to time

  32. Joseph Ssemanda and Robert Mcuncuzi in Kampala are gold scammers. They ask for what u might consider small amounds of money like $500 or $1000, claiming that they need the money to pay for lodging costs for the gold owners while they themselves take a bus to bring the gold to u. Very dangerous people

  33. Can anyone give me a positive response on AA Minerals in Ghana as a legit exporter with a real license to export metals.

    1. Yes AA Minerals is a well known refinery in Ghana, just make sure you do the deal with AA, not someone claiming to work with them or for them. Do it yourself on the ground within the refinery and no money upfront.

  34. SCAM WARNING: We were in contract with this group, FALEA GOLD SARL/ FALEA GOLD MINERS, represented by Bathily Keita and their “miners rep” Baba Sacko. Everything was going well until they wanted money sent for plane ticket, and then insurance, and then travel money and they typical of when denied to send them further funds, they disappeared. We are reporting them to authorities for intentional fraud.

    Date: 12/06/2017                                                     

  35. A DRC man named Medard Keke Ilunga (real name but uses many fakes like Jacques), drives a silver Mercedes Benz registration number IL Keke GP, lives in Sandton, South Africa. He’ll tell you he needs money to release his gold/diamonds from customs, it’s a scam.

  36. Unfortunately I have to list 3 people to this site for scamming buyers in Gold and Diamond transactions. Please be careful for the 3 indivuals listed below.

    Morris Mangala – Diamonds and Gold Seller
    Operating from Kampala Uganda and Nairobi Kenya

    Timothy Mathews – Gold Bars and Diamonds seller
    Operating from Nairobi Kenya / Sierra Leone / Liberia
    Skype: timothy.mattews

  37. Hi friends,
    Please suggest me I am going to Mali next week for meeting Association of Malian gold miners , Bamako, Mali.
    They approached me I’m going to to buy 2kg initially.
    Any one know this company ?
    His name is Salif.

  38. Hi,
    anyone was dealing with Sea Land Destiny Ltd in Tanzania???

    Sales person: Mr. Charles Kimanga

    Is this company real and genuine???

    Mr. Joseph Boateng Abedi of JOSEBOAT VENTURES LTD in Ghana and Mr. Kwame Ofei CEO of ITALTEC! Italtec is a registered company in Ghana!! These people are still in business and hiding like little schoolgirls when people ask them for answers about their fraudulent business. Even after providing proof with audio and a signed contract by Kwame Ofei the CEO of ITALTEC himself(!) he still denies fraud! Stay clear of these two. They’re a menace

  40. We have been dealing with afrikgd in bomako Mali, we have paid about 20000 USD but every time the gold in is some place and they say the insurance expired and non criminal certificate expired and so on. Is this company fake.

  41. The company OCEAN LINK GROUP OF MINING LIMITED from Accra, Ghana represented by CHARLES KOJO or KUDJO (e-mail>, tel: +233 245 644 918; WhatsApp: +233 245644 918) and company The GHANA GOLD AGENTS represented by EDWIN CAMPBELL BANDANAA (e-mail>; tel: +233 240 030 579) are scammers, fraudsters, and cheaters, never ever deal or do any business with them. Spread the words all over the internet and put them on the black list everywhere. They robbed me and threatened to never come in Ghana again. I have all documents and evidences for their scam and fraud. I have contacted Ghana police but they do nothing.

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