Gold at 96.4% less. You have to wonder?

Dear Reader,

Sometimes you have to query the logic of decisions and the motives behind them. Hopefully I have adequately assessed this particular conundrum.

Reading my previous reports you will know of the happenings on Gold in the USA. Most recently (late March) Governor Gary Herbert of Utah signed a law to allow designated Gold and Silver coinage as legal tender in the state.

Firstly that’s fairly odd as the law already existed, so now there’s 2 laws saying the same thing.

Secondly as both Utah and Federal law now stand, anyone can use the American Eagle as legal tender at its face value. Which is $50. Unfortunately to buy the coin it is over $1430 as its an ounce of gold.

Hopefully you can now see my dilemma in understanding the logic of this law.

BUT ………and a very important BUT this is…….

The motive behind the scenes is the key to this. Firstly it points out the discrepancy between the value of the dollar and the coins which were issued as legal tender. Clearly illustrating that the dollar has lost more than 96% of its value since the issuing of the coin.

Secondly it shows the distrust of the federal reserve and its monetary policy of continued expansion.

So… what has this got to do with you?

From previous reports you will have noticed that the British government is following the EXACT same lines of monetary expansion which is devaluing the money in your pocket. . How long do you think it will be before we follow suit? With some brave souls demanding a legalised form of Gold and Silver currency.

A time frame I cannot give you, but I can predict the change in price when that happens. Last years meteoric rise of 30% will seem like a footnote comparatively. My suggestion is to buy now as a short term increase is imminent and all long term predictions are up. Dont miss the boat, its one of only a few going in the right direction.