Fairmined & Fairtrade Gold

Dear Reader,

Many of you will have seen the program on Channel 4 – Dispatches “The Real Price Of Gold”. If you were following my twitter @zengoldcom or my newsletter you will have known in advance that this was coming.

For the rest of you with news reports, newspaper articles, buses around london and other media sources you would have to be blind to have missed it in one form or another.

It is unfortunate that it takes a programme such as this to highlight the mining practices followed in some parts of the world. Its unfortunate that an organisation like Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold needs to exist to bring to light such practices.

As a geologist and Gold dealer myself I have visited many gold mines in my time, though none even came close to the disgraceful working practices shown in the programme. I was aware that these practices existed as I have attended lectures by the Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold association and pledged my support.

This initially led me to give my support to the foundation and set up my own webpage for this organisation, asking others to show their support to this cause. The webpage has been live since April but as yet I have seen little support from people in aid of this cause.


So in light of recent events I though it was time to bring it back to the front of peoples attention and ask for you to support this worthwhile cause to bring about a change in working practices in some mines.

I will continue to keep abreast of such subjects and report to you any developments. In the meantime Zen Gold will continue to source as much recycled Gold from suppliers as we can and use our weight in the business to continue to apply pressure to bring about change.