Committing Fraud

This post NEEDED writing, to be honest I could have written an essay but Ill make this as short as possible. Every Day on LinkedIn and through our website we are seeing countless Gold offers being advertised. Most of the time we’ve seen the same offers already from the same people. (Almost) without exception these offers are fraudulent. Most of the time its easily provable as the figures, percentages, locations or prices don’t add up, yet still people argue with us about its legitimacy. When you are arguing with the worlds largest online Gold Fraud website and a qualified Gold Fraud officer with over a decade of experience and having seen and checked well over 10,000 deals. Think Again! We gain nothing from a fake offer, our only remit is to stamp out fraud by helping others not to fall for it. We get reports of over a million dollars each week being lost to these scams. ALSO and I think quite importantly you should consider the fact that posting the idiotic fake offer you’ve just received by email is a criminal offence. You are committing fraud across international boundaries. Why do you think the seller themselves didn’t sell it, a big company like ours is easy to find, why do you think they aren’t selling it for more money locally to the many on ground purchasers (like us)??? These guys aren’t stupid, in fact I work with a lot of very shrewd Africans every day. Wake up people and stop letting your greed outweigh your intelligence.