Fraud Services

A lot of our work lately has been fraud related. Assessing potential deals for clients. Invariably these turn out to be fraudulent as are 99.9% of all deals. Any client wishing to secure a gold deal would be better off hiring our ‘on ground’ services in Africa dealing direct with sellers rather than waiting for the next scam email. Save yourself the headache let the professionals do what they do best.

Christmas is a coming

The recent rise in gold price has bought a lot of interest to the gold markets. Most predictions for the coming year are for a rise in the price. Though we have a number of offers currently being processed in our sector there is often a slow down as Christmas approaches. With a number of projects already pencilled in for 2019 it looks to be a busy year. Contact us soon if you’d like to know more.

US Trade War

The tit for tat trade war started by the US has had major economic repercussions. Investors are dropping risky assets and markets are falling. Gold has therefore dropped in USD but this will be short-lived followed by a sharp price increase to compensate for the market volatility. If you’re thinking of investing in gold do it NOW!

Fraud Checking

A lot of our work lately has been combatting fraud, jailing scammers and attempting to retrieve lost money for clients. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have enough money to do a gold deal you’ve enough money to pay the $99 to have the personal and company names of those you’re working with checked out AND should you wish to proceed we can check all the paperwork, do verifications, give advice and do a full report for $999. Not even the cost of 25grams of gold!