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Zen Gold ATM



GOLD to go® have developed the world’s first gold vending machine.

The Gold ATM vending machine is an unmanned point of sale. It offers an extraordinary opportunity to purchase gold bars and coins of assured quality with the ease-of-use of a vending machine. Prices are updated in real-time. The Gold ATM vending machine is burglar-proof and tamper-resistant. It has an excellent, simple user interface, which makes it very easy to handle.

This opportunity differs from normal savings and investments and offers an exclusive addition to your investment portfolio. A truly amazing gold investment without the drawbacks of personally handling physical gold. You will not find this on offer from any financial adviser.

We  have agreed placement rights within some of the UKs most lucrative and exclusive areas to optimise returns. A Gold investment without any associated risks. Investing money has never been so profitable and Gold investment brings the greatest returns.

If you are interested in this opportunity please use the contact page to arrange a meeting. We will be glad to talk you through this exclusive investment opportunity.


The software application of the GOLD to go® ATM’s are controlled by an internal PC (w/ UPS). The PC is connected to the german system-network via secure VPN tunnel. Data connection is conducted via LAN . The gold vending machines have the following functions:



Technical specifications

Zen Gold ATM