US Trade War

The tit for tat trade war started by the US has had major economic repercussions. Investors are dropping risky assets and markets are falling. Gold has therefore dropped in USD but this will be short-lived followed by a sharp price increase to compensate for the market volatility. If you’re thinking of investing in gold do it NOW!

Fraud Checking

A lot of our work lately has been combatting fraud, jailing scammers and attempting to retrieve lost money for clients. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have enough money to do a gold deal you’ve enough money to pay the $99 to have the personal and company names of those you’re working with checked out AND should you wish to proceed we can check all the paperwork, do verifications, give advice and do a full report for $999. Not even the cost of 25grams of gold!


Thanks to all those who’ve written to me about the online and email attacks against myself and my company. Its an unfortunate and inevitable consequence of the job, with many fraudulent companies put out of business each week and several people going to jail over it each year, there was always going to be some backlash. Fortunately all those who work with me round the world are very supportive and it gives them a good excuse to call and do some new business!


We get around 10 offers a day from sellers at the moment. Please read the information on the website first before you send.
It’s all there for free to help everyone in this business to transact safely.
As always please be careful who you trust, check them out thoroughly first, how long has their website been around, do they have a history, etc.