Gold Fraud

As one of the fastest growing Gold companies in Europe and the Worlds largest Gold fraud /scam resource we get 10+ offers a DAY. We’ve had every gold scam tried on us time and time again. We have lists of 1000’s of fraudulent companies and individuals, we couldn’t hope to list them all here.

The service we provide is to act as a secure intermediary between buyers and sellers, to transact your deal safely negates all these risks and brings our wealth of knowledge into your deal. The small charge for our services outweighs the risk a thousand times over.

  • We will do a preliminary $99 check on any company or person to determine if they are listed on any of the fraud databases. Just send us the relevant information and you can pay via Paypal using our email address. Contact us now with the information.
  • Should you wish to proceed , then this can be followed by a $999 report. Which will then check out the authenticity of the deal, the validity of any paperwork, do a background check on those involved and ensure your procedures are following safe guidelines.
  • Should they pass these checks then you can proceed to our buyers or sellers pages.

5 Most common types of fraud:

1) The most common is sellers asking you to pay upfront costs. This can be shipping which can be many 1000’s of dollars. You are unlikely to receive your parcel and don’t expect to find much Gold in it if you do. Asking for a ticket to escort the Gold to you (aka free holiday) or asking for a letter of introduction to the business. If a seller wishes to escort the Gold product and needs a letter for customs. Basically using your company to support their visa application, so unless you want to be dragged into a case for illegal immigration, do NOT send the letter.

2) A lot of the larger deals will ask YOU to send proofs. Names of buyers, proof of funds, passport copies etc. Do NOT send anything to anyone who you aren’t 100% sure of. These proofs are then used to run scams in your name, especially passports!

3) More detailed scams will ask for a buyer to create a payment / financial  instrument. Some form of bank MT103, SBLC, BG or escrowed funds. These funds are not to be paid out until completion of the deal, giving the buyer security. These CAN be monetised or used as proof of funds to go out and purchase Gold to sell to the buyer. A rapidly growing scam. This can even be done with an MT799.

4) Fake Documentation! With so many gold offers around scammers reuse documentation, photo shopping signatures from one to another, changing dates, etc.

5) The inheritance scam seems to becoming more popular. Example: My father died and left me 40 kilos and I just need so many dollars to release it. These are often backed up by equally corrupt lawyers or advocates in Africa. A variation on this theme is the girlfriend or boyfriend befriending you and then promising to come visit / marry and just needs a few thousand dollars to release gold to sell to cover their trip. Then a bit more and a bit more, etc.

There are many variations on the scams listed and of course every one will claim that they are the real thing and have had problems with fake buyers before and dont want to get caught again.

We have established that for every deal we see 99.9% of ALL deals are fraudulent. Can you afford to lose 999 out of every 1000 deals you do?

FOR SELLERS : There is as high a percentage of fake buyers out there as fake sellers. Buyers using trumped up companies and documents pretending to be large multi billion dollar conglomerates when in truth its a dealer looking to flip the deal using his range of contacts in social networking sites.

The ways to avoid these scams are to thoroughly do your research, ignore anything on a social network site. Check the longevitiy of the company, size, website, directors, previous dealings in the industry, etc. Or alternatively get us to do it for you.

Most common scams

A non exhaustive list of the main culprits / scams we get time and time again. Look for variation on the names, its still the same people, trust our vast experience.

  • Thailand Gold – often associated with the Royal Family, sometimes exported to Hong Kong already in ‘secure warehouse’ with HSBC, entices people in with good discounts.
  • Gaddafi Gold / Libyan Gold – normally with a story of life or death, sometimes oil too
  • Gold from Cameroon. CEMAC buyers permit. Does not exist!
  • Robert Cohen – QVR Industries Corp or BVI Jones Wyatt, I get more complaints about this man than anyone, now believed to be hiding in Ireland
  • Abraham Luzzi, Gulf Gate General Trading LLC, Dubai. Now deported to Uganda, very bad scammer.
  • Optim Gold, Kampala, Uganda (now Southern Minerals) – Many complaints about fake SKRs, to disappearing shipments
  • Genco Africa Logistics, Nairobi, Fake Shipping company with offices in airport, fake updating web tracking page.
  • Adamawa Investments Ltd, Adam Mugga, Kampala, Uganda. Fake websites, gold always gets “lost” in transit.
  • Ngoe & Associates Legal Consultants, Chemines Ltd, Haco clearance and Forwarders, Ordiamex Mining, Olipro Trading Co ltd, Veolia, Patrick Tusiime, Blue Sky Express and Inter Cargo, Delacore and Acro Metals in Tanzania, Nashon Jeffrey Otieno, Hi Speed Freight Services, Afromines, Globalshipexfl, Relix Minerals, Global Shipex, Savannah Logistics, Dotline Pacific.
  • Jason Richardson, Foundry Thirty-Three Limited.


Apr 2016: ZENITHGOLDS this website is claiming to be associated with us. It is NOT! Theres no registered company and its website is in Panama, its just a scam, don’t fall for it.
May 2017: pretending to be us advertising an IPO for a cryptocurrency, do not be fooled a total scam out of China.
October 2017: or .com is a fake company offering SBLC issuance and pretending to be the World Gold Council. Mr Terence Heymann is the director of the World Gold Council, a very reputable organisation and has nothing to do with sending these emails.

331 thoughts on “Gold Fraud”

  1. Sheikh Aboubakar khalid Haji a fraud who pretends to be a religious leader (a sheikh) to gain trust from buyers. He uses alias names like Mr.Mohamed and his company name is Transtrading and shipping company ltd. His phone number +255655632424 operating in Tanzania. He will show you pictures of him and the Tanzania muslim council leaders and high government officials like ministers.

  2. Darry Dore
    Passport number O00356816
    Mobile whatsapp +23795320760
    Diamond and Gold scammer operating from Cameroon, Mali and Guniea. He is a master scamster. He will first say he deals CIF, then asks for visa, then ticket and and then advance. All videos he shares are of fake gold and diamonds which he doesnt own. Defrauded us of 7,000 usd

  3. Another fraud star in Uganda called Bahati jailes owning a fake gold company. This company is called MABASHA AFRICA LOGITICS. They keep on taking peoples money yet they are gold fraudstars. Anyone who will deal with this company or bahati jailes in person is doing so at his/ her own risk. its a fake company

      1. These people change their numbers more regularly than they change company names. If the company names the same it is a fraud. Guaranteed.

    1. I can confirm Jailes Bahati is a mega fraudster, he scammed us of a significant amount of money. Mabasha Logistics is a fraud company, they switched our Gold and we arrived at the destination with iron in our locked boxes instead of Gold. Do not engage with them, they seem to enjoy some protection from Police and Customs officials, it looks like they are part of a well organized crime organization. We were told to not even bother to take them to court or Police, they will get released immediately

  4. Marina Rubia Rocha Dias José Pedro Dutras Jorge Pereira Florentino
    Are fake gold sellers they ask for logistics and weird made up fake fees to fund ilegal operations out of São Paulo Brasil , and Minas Gerais .
    Cooperative pra cuidar they rip off old folks in nursing homes as well .

  5. AMAC Gold & Diamonds Ltd /Herbinvest Limited – Cameroon scammer.

    Represented by James Reonanje aka James Leonanje along with many other aliases possibly the one previously known as Juan Mata.

    + 237 673646716

    I have been tailing this one for a few months by pretending to be interested in closing a deal. He offered up to 48,000KG Gold per year!

    He has many joker brokers believing his claims due to their own greed to close a deal. None have done their own due diligence and are being led along by this scammer. Beware anyone offering you deals with this one.

  6. Another fake seller of gold operating in Nairobi Kenya, Kampala Uganda, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and DRC Congo:
    AFRIMETALLICS Exports and Cargo Company LTD
    Kilimani, Nairobi,
    Contact: Nelson Ofula +254 204408124 +254 724812788
    They claim theyve Gold from Congo without documents. Theyll ask you to fly to Africa to inspect their Gold and to help them with payment for the taxes. They tell you that you get collateral that will be stored in a safe and you will never have access to it because they let a fake customs official sign off with you.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Please be weary of Elly Kalekwa, his a Congolese based between Uganda and Kenya. He works with several people to take money from you under the pretext that they move gold via the UN.

    They even store the gold in boxes at the Entebbe base and than claim to have smuggled it to Kenya for better control where they request more money. Common amounts are $130k for a UN jet and $1.5m for the UN to give clearance.

    His so called attorney is a Tony Hanington in Uganda and clearing agent is Emmanuel of Hereus Smelting agency Ltd.

    The agent in Kenya is called Zeddy who sits at Swiss port next to the office of Brinks.

    Anyone that has been a victim can partner with me to help bring them to justice.

    His also the owner of Sofa Paka foot ball club in Nairobi.

  8. My client was promised by one Semakula Bashir director of Dynamic consortium Uganda to deliver 22kgs.He deals with a Lady in the bank where he claims to keep the gold. My client paid 70,000$ but up to now he keeps changing stories of how the other broker wants money and ministry still asking for documents that he is working on.
    I do not know if there’s something that can be done maybe block his company. We have all documents.
    Thank you

  9. Gold Scammers in Tanzania

    People involved:
    Bennson Abdallah Mzee
    Erick Lemashoni
    Myriam Uliana
    Lucianode Souza Lopes

    Company: Tee Te Co Ltd.

    The Scam:
    Luciano and Myriam offers the service to go to Tanzania, and they are mandate for Tee Te Co Ltd., they send several documents and ask for USD 10,000.00 as deposit to pay taxes and flight ticket to go to your refinery deliver the gold, wait for report essay and then send payment to Tee Te. What happens next, they say they need to go to Kenya because they can not leave Tanzania with gold anymore, and start asking for money to pay taxes (USD 77,000.00) in Kenya to leave to your refinery.

  10. Dar er Salam Tanzania there are two Italian bastard named Gabriele Petrone and Anna Barone with fake security company named MG8 in reality they are working for criminal organization situated in Romania and Dubai ( Jonathan Marquis) be careful they have a criminal case open in high court in Tanzania.

  11. Nicholas kagiri tanzanian guy living in south africa. African mining brokers works with scammers in Tanzania who give you fake documentation then demand money for shipping.

  12. Another gold scammer from Nairobi Kenya advertising on Facebook. This guy claims he will sell you gold.. $25.000 per KG. Really ? And yes, people still believe these fake Facebook profiles and are even travelling to Africa to get scammed.

    Fake profile name: Peter Alison
    Location: Nairobi Kenya | Kampala Uganda | Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
    Product: Diamonds, Gold Nuggets, Gold Bars, Copper Cathode

    1. Attention!!!
      Vladimir Ivasiev +1512…….. as a buyer of gold bars is a real scammer!!!
      he is present self as CEO Atlantic Protein and as representative by Vermilion investment company.

      Hollmec Mining Limited Zambia name Charles SCAM company.

  13. Horn Gold Dealers in Nairobi Kenya is a scam. These people recently changed their name and are posting a lot of gold related pcitures on Facebook asking potential and “serious” buyers to come to Nairobi Kenya. Horn Gold Dealers are the same people behind Nairobi Gold Refinery (KMGR) and they will never ship out Gold to their potential buyers. Even the collateral they will offer their potential buyers will either be fake or useless because they will always use one of their own “customs officials” to sign off for all documents.

    The nice cars, nice watches, nice clothes and even the office.. Yes, loks very good but it’s just to make you feel comfortable so you will pay. Just stay away from these scammers.

  14. Scammers operating under the name Kenyan Metropolitan Gold Refinery (KMGR) are already exposed and listed as a scam. Since these scammers found out that they are exposed they now operate under a new name: Nairobi Gold Refinery. and Kenya Gold Refinery So watch out because it is the same group of scammers behind this website.
    Website : Location : Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

    Adresse: Kaloum, Marché Niger, non loin de UBA, Conakry
    Phone: (+224) 624 39 68 40 (+224) 662 12 25 14 (+224) 620 84 66 83
    The guy called Dore Darryl and another guy named T CHOUKOUMBOMFE/JEA.
    Really appreciate Zen gold staff providing suggestions in the process. we only lose limited fund.

    represented by Mr. Amaro Edson da SIlva

    This people are fraud they sign nice contratcs show pictures of the gold but in the end is always the same story they ask money in advance and they do not provide or delivery any gold !!!

    Rui Barroso
    Amaro Edson da Silva
    Victor Manglioni

    AVOID any deal with this company and this persons….

  17. Dear Sirs

    Someone is running fake website of GGDO/PMT, scamming serious investors for country… even when i tried to communicate via website i got below contact information, then i visited Sierra Leone for business , He came to see me as GGDO official in my hotel, but i understood he was not sierra leonean as he was not speaking local language with anyone, possible ghanaian or nigerian.

    I request all officials please control scam / 419 so that country can grow in right direction.

    GGDO fake official information:
    Hamid Yaya

    Registry Domain ID: 1973316885_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2017-11-08T18:11:02Z
    Creation Date: 2015-10-30T03:16:59Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-10-30T03:16:59Z
    Registrar:, Inc.

  18. I have been in this business since 2010, lived in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and often visited Tanzania and Congo, Zambia to ascertain validity of claims of supplying gold, copper, coltan etc. Prior to this, I lived in UK and USA for almost 12 yrs.

    One thing I’ve discovered, is that despite Africa being a wealthy continent, 99% of all transactions or offers being presented are elaborate schemes.

    All that said and done, my advise to any interested party venturing in this industry:-
    1. Never pay for anything before hand
    2. Always go to a mine directly, or a verified outfit, for any business in this industry. And even then, due your due diligence! This site is a great start
    3. Unless a would be seller offers to bring product to you at zero cost from you, do not be tempted to send any bank instrument to seller. Like the author of this website has repeater pointed out, they can use this to still make as it can be monetised or somehow sold elsewhere. Seen this happen many times
    4. Do not make trips to these locations without having proved prior that seller is legit. Otherwise you risk kidnap, unjust imprisonment etc
    5. If by luck you get a credible source, still start out with small minimal amounts, then build up. Even if you have chunks of money, test the waters first, and go on from there. Good sources, though very hard to get, do exist.
    6. There’s potential small, medium sized, legitimate outfits/mines and concessions that require partnerships in terms of equipment. This is a great way to venture into this industry too, through the right channels.
    7. Do not fall for sites that also claim to track your shipment. These fraudsters have fake sites that will supposedly track shipments in real time. This is either air, or package full of worthless garbage.
    8. Avoid sharing your personal and company details to anyone without prior confirmation that they are a legit source. This info can easily be used to defraud other poor victims, thereby tarnishing you and your company’s reputation.
    9. Last but not least, some victims end up spending additional amounts of money to local policing authorities, often times to no avail. I wouldn’t waste my time to be honest, unless one hired their own internationally recognised investigators.

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