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Buy Gold & Sell Gold


Buying and Selling Gold can be a highly lucrative business with high returns on investment. There are many forms in which you can do this on the market using paper gold, ETFs, GLDs, etc but our speciality is focused on private off market international physical gold transactions.

This predominantly consists of purchasing gold dore from Africa and selling it to Western, Middle Eastern and Asian clients.

With over 10 years of experience in this business we are best placed to be able to offer a range of lucrative business opportunities to both Gold Buyers and Gold Sellers.

As pointed out above, this business gives very high returns on investment and it is therefore not without risk. If it was, then everyone would do it and there would be little profit to be made. Our expertise lies in the many years of experience of successful completion of gold transactions, which brings with it a wealth of knowledge in an ever changing market where laws, procedures and pricing can change on a daily basis.

With over 99.9% of all deals being fraudulent in nature, or having terms which would make the deal impossible to complete the market is looked upon with disdain and there are 1000's of stories online of staggering financial losses from both sellers and buyers. In fact we receive emails on a daily basis from people all over the world who've lost out on a deal and want our help to come in and resurrect it. Whilst it is occasionally possible to turn a deal around, it is far easier if it is structured correctly from the beginning.

The services our company offer are detailed below, there is no set rules as each and every contract is different, just as is each and every client.



Buyers tend to be separated into two categories, those looking for bank to bank transactions of bullion and those looking to import dore gold. Let me elaborate on these two points in detail below.

Firstly bank to bank transactions for gold. These are almost exclusively for bullion gold (ie, less than 5 year old, refined 999.9 gold). As banks do not transact in dore (unrefined gold), nor do banks have the facilities to guarantee its purity if they did, any offers of dore gold bank to bank are fraudulent. These bank to bank transactions are quite rare, mainly due to two factors. Firstly UBS, Deutsche Bank and others have cornered the market on these transactions and secondly these transactions start at around $400 million and go up into the billions and trillions. We do occasionally get offers but these are very high volume, low margin transactions which require detailed KYC checks and POFs. If you are interested you can contact us using the link.

Secondly and more commonly are buyers wishing to buy dore gold. This predominantly comes from Africa and ranges in purity from 92% upwards to 98% depending upon where it came from. Prices also vary significantly depending upon its country of origin, purity, quantity and the terms and procedures of sale. With our knowledge we already know what figures would be reasonable under what circumstances. Most gold at the moment comes from Eastern Africa and quantities will vary from 100kgs up to 1000kgs. If this is of interest to you, spot transactions and longer term contracts can be negotiated, please click on the Procedures link below for more information.

For more detailed information please go to our Buyers Page first and then from there you can read more on our Procedural Page, or contact us.



Our company receives around 10 offers a day from sellers based all over the world looking to find reputable buyers. Having been in the business for over 10 years we know what will and wont work for our extensive list of buyers and what the associated costs and pricing are to each party. There are 2 main options available.

Firstly for unverified sellers with no proven history of trading our simplest option is to use our Escrow Service. More detailed information can be found by clicking the link below. This allows sellers and buyers to interact in a completely safe environment with no risk to either party. It does mean that the seller is required to pay the upfront fees of transportation and taxes but gives the security of a guaranteed payment with a better final sale price with no potential to lose to an unscrupulous buyer.

Secondly for sellers that are able to provide proofs of transactional history, company accounts and verifiable paperwork we can arrange for a buyer (or representative) to meet you on the ground. We can then arrange with the buyer for payment of some of the upfront costs against collateral, with final payment upon assay at a reputable LBMA refinery.

NEW OPTION: We have now partnered with a Mining Equipment Distributor and can make payment in the form of Conveyors, Articulated Trucks, Excavators, Dozers, Screening Plants, Crushers, Generators, Diggers, Shovels, etc, etc, shipped FOB to your chosen sea port with full warranties, technical support, training and parts packages supplied. This is proving extremely popular, pleas contact us for more information.


For more detailed information please go to our Sellers Page first an then from there you can get more detailed information on our Escrow Page, or contact us.


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