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Tag: Silver

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Poor Mans Gold

Dear Reader

Poor Mans Gold (or Silver to the rest of you). From some of my
previous reports you will have noticed my particular interest in
Silver due to the fact its predicted to proportionally increase in
value much more than Gold.


Being labelled "Gold" Dealers, Silver tends to take a back burner
sometimes, especially in the news or in my reports, but this is all
set to change if you read the excerpt from the CPM below. (CPM is a
well respected commodities research group)

THE PRICE of physical Silver Bullion is set "to remain at
historically high levels over the next ten years," according to the
new long-term outlook from New York-based metals consultancy the
CPM Group.

Strong Silver Investment demand is now "the single most important
factor in influencing" the Silver Price, says CPM in its 224-page
study, underpinning a decade of high prices ahead.

"Investors who view silver as a safe haven asset are expected to
continue buying large amounts...over the next couple of years as
uncertainty regarding global economic growth, financial market
instability, and volatility in major currency markets persists.

In particular, CPM Group says that silver use in China has likely
risen some three-and-a-half times over since 2000, putting total
global use by weight "roughly twice as large as had been suggested
by commentators in the Western market.


Gold And Silver Millionaire Seminar

Dear Reader

For all those interested in precious metals, investors or onlookers, October 30th (thats this Saturday) is a day to learn more.

If you click on the link below :

you will arrive at an introduction page for a seminar held in Heathrow (London) this saturday.

There are several different experts talking on all aspects of gold investments and a chance to win Silver coins!

I personally know several people attending, including one of the speakers who is a well respected and knowledgable authority on all things Gold.

The talks run from 9am to 6pm and include a free lunch.

As though you needed further incentive, I will be there too! So it is an opportunity to put a voice to the little face you see in the corners of my emails.

If you wish to schedule a meeting with me that evening or have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me at or on 0843 289 4011

I hope to see you there.

Best wishes
Barnaby Milbourn
Co Founder


Gold At Gold And Silver Summit

Dear Reader

Yesterday I attended the annual Gold and Silver Summit held in
Victoria, London where some of the leading analysts of gold funds,
gold mining companies and private investors met. The consensus
across the board from the hedge fund managers to the geologists was
a Gold & Silver price rising for the next few years.

This was heralded by the announcment that the Gold price broke the
$1400 ceiling yesterday during the talks and then continued to

As I write this email it has reached $1420 a climb from $1322 on
October 27. Thats $98 in just over 12 days, or an APR of 225%.

Go and ask your bank for that interest rate on your money and if
they refuse, come back to me and tell me when and how youd like to

Dont delay act today! The opportunities available are listed at or you can contact me directly at