Gold Is Not In A Bubble

Dear Reader

Gold is NOT in a bubble,
Let's look at the history of bubbles, shall we?
many have most of the following in common:

  1. Everyone is talking about it
  2. Everyone owns it or wants to own it
  3. Prices are rising beyond any normal trajectory
  4. "Flipping" it is a sure way to make a profit
  5. Everyone believes you can't go wrong with it

All of this applied to the great tulip bubble, the
dot.com/dot.bomb stock period, and most recently housing ( Think
Buy to Let here). How much of this applies to gold at present?

  1. Everyone is NOT talking about it
  2. Very few people actually own it, and not that many seem to
  3. want to buy it thinking the price is too high
  4. The price action and trajectory of gold is pretty sane and
  5. ordinary
  6. There are no "flippers" in the market like with IPO's and
  7. houses
  8. Most people still deride it as a useless metal

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