Gold Sets New Record Did You Act In Time

Dear Reader

For those of you wise enough to invest already Im sure you have a
big grin on your face! For those of you who havent .....read on...

Gold has just soared past its previous all time record and is
hitting new highs again today, golds spot price closed yesterday at

Also yesterday the US government announced their brilliant idea of
buying $75,000,000,000 of treasury bonds. To you and me thats
printing $75 billion of new money and throwing it into the system.

Sound comical? Sound sane? Well if you thought that was bad they
declared they were going to do it EVERY MONTH from now till June!

Upon which news Gold has soared to $1391.64 a grand total of
$54.54 in a day or an increase of over 4%, thats 1489% APR

If you werent sure before you should be by now! Speak soon.

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