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We are always searching for new clients, just as each gold seller is different, so is each contract and each new buyer. Our job is to find the perfect match for you and start a long lasting profitable relationship.

If you are looking to purchase a one off "spot" deal or to obtain a rolling contract with a monthly supply then we have sellers that meet your requirements, please read on.

Firstly I would just like to point out that you will NOT get anyone to ship you gold free of charge on a CIF basis. It just doesn't happen. Its obvious really, why would a seller pay all the costs for taxes, insurance, shipping, paperwork, etc to sell to you at a discounted price? If he is going to pay all that up front himself, he will just sell to the refinery direct, who will pay more than you and have a better reputation and track record than you.

So... how do you do it? Well thats our job and we are very good at it. At the end of the day you have to pay for your gold or you arent going to get it. Your options are :

PROS : Cheapest method.

CONS: Incredibly dangerous, high risk of failure, long time scale, high kidnap risk (yes really! many examples)

PROS: Easiest method.

CONS: 100% risk of failure, monetisation and loss of your financial instrument

PROS : High rate of success, short timescale for return on investment.

CONS: Not the cheapest method.


We have invested millions trying many variations and have seen over 10,000 deals land on our desk over more than a decade in the business. This has enabled us to work out the most efficient and safest method of transacting that suits both our buyers and sellers. Our procedures are designed to minimise all risks on capital, time and third parties. They have been honed over many years and we now ONLY accept buyers and sellers who agree to our safe procedures. Our reputation is worth more to us than doing a deal for profit that we know is doomed for failure.

Please see our Buyers Procedure for a more detailed view of the rates to hire our company and the services we can offer you.



If you read above you will know that our procedures are specifically designed to meet the requirements of both the buyer and the seller whilst minimising the risks. Our procedures are structured in such a way that we are never exposed to a situation where we could lose more than 5% of the total value of the deal and in most circumstances we hold the upper hand in any situation as we have control over the product during the majority of the process and therefore are in positive equity.

Deals come and go on a weekly basis and vary from million dollar to billion dollar investments. A majority are rolling contracts spread over 1 or 2 years and have a high profitability meaning a return on investment within the first 3 months. Investment into these can start from as little as £150,000. Please contact us for the latest deals available.

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