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Welcome to Zen Gold and allow us to introduce ourselves. Originally having started out in life as a Gold Distribution company and Gold ATM Vending company, Zen Gold has grown into a market leading Precious Metals Company. Zen Gold has now become a recognised name in the industry, known for combatting fraud and bringing a glimmer of light into a difficult market. With a growing network covering many continents and countries we are able to bring a safe and secure service to our clients seeking to buy or sell gold in private transactions.

gold atm company

We offer the opportunity for potential Gold investors or gold sellers to work in a market free from fraud and corruption alongside seasoned experts in the field to ensure a safe and secure transaction. Zen Gold’s key objectives and primary goals are to obtain more investors and partners who can help provide the continued growth of Zen Gold while providing a safe investment for our clients with unparalleled returns.

Our products page, once a sales outlet has now evolved to allow smaller investors to compare our prices with those of other physical Gold Dealers in the UK to assess the value of their deal. See the Products page.

Zen Gold has been working together with large Gold and Silver Bullion refineries since 2007. During which time we have gathered valuable, wide-ranging experience in the global Gold and Silver business. Our Fraud page is now one of the most recognised sites for combatting precious metals fraud and allows users to check the authenticity of a deal before committing precious time and resources.

Our company continues to expand with a wide range of new products being bought to market. We have a variety of resources available on our website, free for all to use to assist them in the ever growing, lucrative market of precious metals trading.

Also see our Testimonials page to see what our clients think about our service.

About Me

Barny Milbourn

My name is Barnaby Milbourn and I am the owner of Zen Gold. I originally studied Geology and Geotechnical Engineering and have a Diploma, Degree and a Masters in these subjects. My full title is Barnaby Peter Milbourn HND DipCSM BEng (Hons) ACSM MSc ProfGradIMMM FGS MIOD MAIFCI Cert IFCI so I really do have an understanding of the background behind Gold, its production and value.

My interest in Gold as a marketable product began in 2007 when I started to study economics, the banking system and law. The economy as we knew it was changing and things didn’t seem to make sense and showed a bleak outlook for the future. Learning how the markets worked, what factors influenced prices and why gave me a new perspective and understanding. The culmination of all that knowledge foresaw a coming steep rise in commodity prices, specifically Gold due to its monetary connections in an unstable economy.

Whilst a more lucrative avenue for myself would have been to buy scrap Gold, as so many companies have, this would have meant profiting from other peoples lack of knowledge and misfortune and wouldn’t have inspired me to put my heart and soul into expanding the company. Whereas being able to teach people about Gold and its relationship to the economy and wealth works two fold. I get a sense of wellbeing knowing that I am assisting others to secure their long term future AND the client gets the knowledge to profit in a recession and gets to increase their wealth in a secure way!


This mindset has led the company from a small online shop, through a series of savings and investment plans in precious metals to its current incarnation. I continue to occasionally speak at public events on the value of precious metals and regularly talk to new (and old) investors about their next big deal. I spend much of my time travelling through Africa or Dubai on behalf of clients. I hope I can help you in the near future.