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Welcome To Zen Gold

Welcome to Zen Gold and allow us to introduce ourselves.

Zfaviconen Gold have been working together with numerous Buyers, Sellers and Refineries since 2007. During which time we have gathered valuable, wide-ranging experience in the global Gold and Silver business.

Our main focus is private international physical gold sales, where as a trained fraud officer Barnaby Milbourn assesses and qualifies upwards of 50 offers a week.

Zen Gold can act as a Buyer, Seller or even just as an intermediary within a transaction and we have expanded to offer many services to our clients.

Buyers can now access our Gold Buyers Page and Buyers Procedures Pages from the menus above or by clicking the links provided.

Sellers can also access their own resources via our Gold Sellers Page. Or alternatively use one of our other services like the Gold Escrow or the NEW Mining Machinery Service (more to come soon, contact us now for details).

Our main focus has always been to try and stamp out fraud in the industry and over the last 10 years our Zen Gold Fraud page has become an internationally recognised resource to look for the most common scams, new frauds being perpetrated in the industry and the names of fraudulent sellers, buyers and companies.

Zen Gold no longer sells to the public but you can use our real time updating price pages as a guide to what you should be paying, see our Product page. Compare our prices with those of other physical Gold Dealers in London and the UK.

Also see our Guides section. A wealth of information on a variety of precious metal subjects, including coloured diamonds and investments. Covering everything from Gold prices and Silver prices to Gold buying guides.



We are receiving more offers than ever before and regularly get asked to assess deals for third parties. Here is a quick test you can do yourself to assess the reality of a deal in less than a minute.

Answer the 4 questions below:

  1. Do you personally know the seller?
  2. Are you a multi millionaire?
  3. Do you work in finance on a gold desk or similar?
  4. Do you work in the gold or mining industry?


If you have not answered YES to at least one of the above, your deal is fake. Ask yourself why would anyone send you an offer when there really are people who match this criteria above? The answer is because people who match the criteria wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for the scam email you've just been sent. Sorry.

Zen Gold