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Welcome To Zen Gold

Welcome to Zen Gold and allow us to introduce our Gold Distribution and Gold ATM Vending company. Growth, profitability, honesty and integrity, these are the core principles used to position Zen Gold into a market leading Precious Metals Distribution Company. We also offer our investors a scrutinised selection of the finest products available from coloured diamonds to Stockinger Safes to store them in.

Zen Gold has a growing distributor investor network based on investment in precious metals and we enjoy a number one position in sales, sector domination and name recognition of our sector niche. We offer the opportunity for potential Gold investors in London and the UK to become Gold dealers by delivering physical Gold and Silver Coins or Bullion to private and corporate clients through our Gold Dealer program. Zen Gold’s key objectives and primary goals are to obtain investors and partners who can help provide the continued growth of Zen Gold while providing a safe investment for our clients with unparalleled returns.

We guarantee availability and an unbeatable price advantage to potential Gold investors in London and the UK, especially on smaller gold and silver bars or coins, see our Product page. Compare our prices with those of other physical Gold Dealers in London and the UK suppliers and you will see for yourself.

Zen Gold have been working together with large Gold and Silver Bullion refineries since 2007. During which time we have gathered valuable, wide-ranging experience in the global Gold and Silver business. Our target clientele are potential Gold Dealers in London and the UK to supply private and corporate customers, with whom we aim to build lasting business relations by maintaining a policy of low pricing.

Our company continues to expand with a wide range of new products being bought to market. Including the new Zen Gold Partners Business Opportunity, a Gold backed Monthly Savings Plan. We also have a wide variety of products for savers, investors and those looking for an opportunity to work from home to earn an extra income.

Also see our new Guides section. A wealth of information on a variety of precious metal subjects, including coloured diamonds and investments. Covering everything from Gold prices and Silver prices to Gold buying guides. This library of information continues to expand and we always welcome comments and suggestions on new articles to add.

Our latest offering for our high net worth individuals is our Carbon Credits investment. Minimum investment of £100,000. Click HERE for more details.

Zen Gold